How and how much can you earn on the blog

Earn from blogging simply!? How and how much can you earn on the blog?

Many believe now permanent place of work a waste of time, some of them working from home gets an income higher than if he spent every day at work.

This gives a number of advantages. Gives the chance to you to plan your day and enjoy life.

The Internet, in turn, opens up limitless possibilities. One such opportunity-earn money on your own blog.

How cool to post on your page interesting for you topics, articles, texts, they attract an increasing number of Internet users and watch how to grow your income from it.

The founder of this theory of wages and successful it voplotitelem is American Steve Peacock. In his blog, he posted a large number of how-to articles on the topic: how to make money on the blog!

Very interesting and informative texts from a man who has indeed achieved success! Yet he believes that good results and an impressive earnings not everyone can achieve.

Not everyone is given to withstand a long stage of blog promotion. Not everyone knows how to beautifully and accurately express their thoughts and this blog itself doomed to failure.

But if you have a strong desire to earn, not leaving the House and you have at least basic knowledge of HTML, then this article is for you!

Primarily for beginning and formation of your blog you must have great desire, patience, because you will see the result immediately, perseverance towards the goal, because take a long and interesting to write about. Therefore only depends on you, what result you will get in the end!

Of course, before the formation of the blog you want to think about his subject and evaluate its features. The theme of the blog should be of interest to you in the first place, but must be chosen, taking into account the interests of the public, for whose account it is calculated.

If the topic is of interest to you, then you'll write the text behind the text and to enjoy their "work". But we should not pick up a large number of different subjects, as You will not be able to fill their regulars. It is better to choose one zhivotrepeshhushhuju theme which will soon give a circle of constant visitors, sharing with you the interest in this topic.

Now on the Internet there are a lot of Web services, on which any visitor can create your own blog and write there, but to earn money not worth choosing a free blog, they have a number of disadvantages and lack the capacity.

IE blog you better put on a good hosting which will be quoted higher than free his "brother". Domain choice also worth attention and use it to promote your blog. Than sozvuchnej with the topic it will be, the more will be seen by users and motivate them.

The next step is to choose a blog engine, it is better to choose a version of WordPress. After it is installed should upgrade to the design of your blog. Of course, it would be more dramatic to entrust this task to professionals.

Now your blog is ready for fun filled. Now you need to write interesting articles on your chosen topic and slowly but surely, to raise its attendance. After placing the first articles, ask your friends and relatives to visit your blog and appreciate your work. It is and will be your first customers and their opinions too will depend on the further development of the blog.

After attracting the blog circle of regular readers you can think about earnings. There are plenty of options for earning with your own blog. Choose, in your opinion, more productive and more!

Here are some of these options

1. Many bloggers earn money by means of posting on their blogs links and posts. To get such an opportunity you need to register at Dzhi2Dzhi and Blogune. On these pages you will find offers, for which you are willing to pay.

2. It is also possible to earn money and through affiliate programs. This is the sort of advertising on your blog. You earn through your blog visitors, who ordered any product in one of these affiliate programs.

3. Another kind of earnings available through contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is ads, which are reflected in your blog. You earn by switching your visitors links to this advertisement. By the way, we wrote about the earnings on Google AdSense contextual advertising in one of the previous articles.

4. You can also sell text links via automated systems. To do this, you must register in the systems of Sape and Xap or you will get the opportunity to earn, from posting on your blog advertising links. It may also be selling system eternal links-GoGetLinks.

Consequently, than your blog more filled than more in blog pages, the higher its characteristics, such as the TIC, PageRank, and the greater the possibility for good earnings.

5. You can also implement the direct sale of advertising on your blog by placing various banners and links to them. In this case, you directly contact the advertiser and make this kind of deal.

6. Also you can write articles on order, about a particular product, for which you want a description for promotional purposes. Earnings of bloggers performing such services to an average of $10 per 1000 characters such a text.

This is just the basic types of earnings, possible due to the blog. From the foregoing it follows that the most basic point serves as the increase in attendance at your blog and depends on your earnings.

If you do not rest on our laurels and constantly increase the attendance, then your earnings will grow in proportion to the regulars.

Of course, in the early stages, your earnings will be quite small. During this period, much attention should be given to your blog. Write interesting articles, work on improving attendance, and will soon receive the first results, and therefore the first earnings.

Interest appears to work on, work on improving the TIC and PR your blog, therefore, and on your earnings, which will grow depending on the quotations weblog. This is what should motivate you in the beginning. Write with pleasure and get a steady income! Good luck!

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