In order to achieve success in your own business, the entrepreneur is required to have a clear idea of what his businesses have a vision and goals, and what steps must be taken to achieve these goals. Therefore, the correct course when set up their own businesses will be drafting a marketing strategy that will strengthen the position of the new company.

Marketing strategies are usually a set of measures and actions, customer-oriented, which would create conditions for qualitative and quantitative growth of the enterprise. The result of the development strategy becomes a flexible plan to achieve the ultimate goal of the global company.

Flexible strategy allows managers to focus on the current state of affairs in the industry and make changes in the marketing strategy, building on the current state of affairs.

The marketing strategy should include those components that most closely reflect the essence of the work and the specific nature of this company. First of all, the strategy should reflect the overall aim and the ways to achieve it. You cannot ignore market research and forecast its development. After studying the market, you need to understand how the company will be competitive and what place in the market can take.

Every company has its own specificity, meaning, and purpose in business pursues different. Therefore, a variety of goals and objectives determines the variety of strategies created in organizations. For example, strategies for finding and reaching new markets or market development has already mastered. Or, if the company has already acquired some position, it should defend them, concentrating the necessary funding. Finally, some businesses can put at the forefront of sustainable development without the risks associated with the extension.

It is worth noting that each strategy in addition to destination shall be calculated for any time period. Strategies can be selected for a period of less than one year (short-term), from two to five years (medium-term) or five years (long-term).

Important when developing a strategy becomes determining the prospects of the company. Any business development plans were not to be true, if the leader does not give an answer to the question: what he wants to achieve, together with his enterprise. The important point will be the marketing audit. As a result, the objectives of which puts the head in front of their business must submit a few simple but very important requirements.

• Specificity. You need to competently determine their intentions in the business. It is not enough to simply state that the person is going to conquer all vertices. Need to know how to pose and solve specific tasks that will determine the path to the top.

• Consistency. All of your actions should be consistent with the logic, otherwise the company may go down the wrong path.

• reality. Always use real numbers when planning, this will help prioritize correctly when contentious decisions.

• time limit. Do not place yourself inadequate terms, after all, proper planning is based on the setting of the correct timing.

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