How to effectively promote (promote) online store

Online store have enormous advantages compared to conventional. No need to waste money on rent and complex logistics: all you need is a Web site, a warehouse and courier.

"I have close to Home Depot and express service runs on outsourcing, said the owner of Internet shop Denis Kazantsev. Delivery is carried out in 19 Russian cities.

Especially valuable plus is that you don't need to include the staff: I have only one full-time employee-myself. However, there are negative, very serious: If this shop is visible to the naked eye, the new online shop prospective buyer may not notice and after a year.

How do I make about you, your products and services? You can trade Chinese socks and you can be the proud developer of the innovative product, but if you're only proceeded to make large-scale advertising campaigns in any case you can't afford.

However, over the years, online shopping has developed a fairly broad arsenal of means of promotion, most of which is unobtrusive spam, use "sarafannogo radio" promotion through social networks, participate in affiliate programs-one way or another are available to entrepreneurs wanting to cheap and efficient promotion of their products and brand.

In addition, there is also the whole direction of optimization of a site under search engines (SEO)-but everything here is where mudrenee: the effectiveness of each of the optimization techniques are constantly changing due to the improvement of the search engines themselves.

Study shows Internet marketing agency World Synergy, use SEO small business can't: 62% of small business sites do not get on the first page of Google for one of your keywords. How to fix the situation?

Promote … Throw!

Paradox webshop promotion starts from the moment when you just started doing it. The fact of the matter is that when a site is already required to adapt its structure and content and under users, and search engines. The text should be optimized for search queries relating to your assortment, not only that which is already there, but what else is planned.

The challenge is to do so on request concerning your product, your site dropped out on the first page, preferably in the first three search results, which, according to research agency Slingshot SEO, accounted for more than one-third of all transitions. "On the basis of the range creates the future structure of the site and a semantic kernel-categories and labels of various products," explains Roman Yevgeny Klevtsov, ceo of Optimism.

Queries that you intend to optimize the site, must necessarily be selling: that is, not simply "pram", and "buy stroller" or "where to buy" baby carriage ". The information must be unique for all products-monotonous texts search engines reveal pretty quickly.

"For each product would be good to write an article. This improves not only the value of your site in terms of search engines, but also user loyalty. Potential buyers like to find in the pages of the portal is not just a brief description of the goods, but also advice that it is better to choose (titles like "what kind of stroller is suitable for a child with this weight").

They quickly agreed to buy what they need and will use your site in the future. The same set of quality articles or thematic Forum launches radio sarafannogo effect: for example, parents often communicate in forums dedicated to children's products, "said Yevgeny Klevtsov.

Small business demonstrates just monstrous illiteracy in Internet promotion: 51% of small businesses do not find time to even make the keywords in the title of the site, placing there either the company name or just phrases like "Welcome to our website!»

There are other details relating to the content of the site. For example, its layout shall in no case be table (that is, you cannot drive the keywords in the cell tag<table>This makes it difficult for search engines): a keyword search.</table> The latter is better placed in the header tags, or use a special semantic markup format search engines Google, Bing, Yahoo! and "Yandex" understand it since last year.

Something with my memory.

However, one cannot do content optimization. "It is of course necessary, but one you won't achieve anything," said Michail Injections, founder of sites-search engines Algorithms are improved, and today they where greater weight attached to external factors, such as how frequently other sites link to you and where you are moving users.

Mass external links to your site will help him to fly up to the top of search results, but where to take these external links? Old fun site owners-run on hundreds of forums, throwing there ads with links to his project, severely condemned by the moderators, but use dishonest ways-doorways, cloaking, doorway leads to instant ban your site.

"Whatever you do for website promotion is not spamming! -advises the owner of site-entertainment guide Las Vegas Svetlana Rubezhova (Toronto)-if earlier smart webmasters could hire for $20 "specialist" from India, who built would be 300 links to their website per month, now this method does not work! Search engines declared war ".

But poumnevshie Google robots and "Yandex" pay attention to other factors, such as how much time they spend on the site visitors, what is the "depth" to view it, that is, how many pages each user browses. This makes the site owners improve "human" characteristics of content to make it more interesting and post on the site as much as possible the pages on which visitors could walk.

With regard to external links, then create them is still possible, but not blunt method of spam. "When I ran your shop selling various accessories for the iPhone, I just went through all the forums, where hang out" duplicates functionality ", registered and joining the conversation, recommend a site where you can buy cheap good lotions, says Denis kazantsev.-Net was able to literally for a month with some forums to me came a hundred people a day. This is the best ways to promote online, but you should use it wisely.

However, to promote your brand and products, you can be and perfectly honest, for example, if you are proposing to the piece goods, which, moreover, do-it-yourselfer. "I advertised their author's chopping boards in forums where staff designers, artists, architects, says the site owner Alexander Sysoyev.

These people my products genuinely interesting, they can order what they want. " Say more: honest just has to be-it's already five years the bulk of Internet users sits not in forums and social networks, and work they have under his own name and with the help of a personal "boyfriends".

Fishing for large network

"The world tried to catch me in your net, but not caught," the great Ukrainian philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda. No wonder, because these networks have not yet been social: here is something they can catch anyone. The presence in social networks do not seem too helps to increase direct sales: only 40% of more than 1900 American marketers who participated in the study of the world's largest magazine devoted to social media Social Media Examiner, revealed a positive effect here.

But social networks are indispensable to increase the notoriety of the brand and product loyalty of target audience. In addition, their use increases and the value of your site to search engines that are currently attached to the links that are hosted in the U.S., a higher ranking than other things.

In some ways the social networks themselves have to promotion with them whatsoever: they are powerful Guide "sarafannogo radio". Sometimes due to this effect the user Network downright reluctant can become a businessman. For example, user "in contact" Sasha Ivanov, sells through this social network collection of children's clothing from the United States and Germany, never sought to engage in any business: sale of clothing is her hobby, but it Manager at an educational institution, where classical music is taught.

"For me it was an opportunity to buy cheaper than the store itself and her friends," said Ivanov. As a result, it still has no business plan, no predictions on the dynamics of sales, nor even a clear picture how much she earns, "I have seasonal sales, so it's hard to say how much per month. Goes-catalogue orders arrive. A second influx occurs when produced collection ".

Most social networks allows for tematical community is an important means of attracting the target audience. "In addition to the site we have a community in Facebook where we display photos of our houses, we publish news, jokes," says Anastasia Tomsk, the owner of the workshop "House in a box".

Together with her husband Anastasia makes dollhouses, with exceptional precision of repeating these: only 10 thousand rubles. It can copy in miniature housing authority or create your own fantasy House. Until a site has sold only four, but the site and there is nothing at all-since June this year, and time for each building takes a lot-a month and a half. But the last order for House made as much as curator of one of the stands of the Venice Biennale-2012.

Filter market!

So people started to really fly through the site, it must achieve a certain popularity. "The hardest thing is to earn the first money," says Denis Kazantsev-need to keep a track of what exactly is being sold, and constantly try to attract visitors. If you do it seriously, you can reach success quite quickly: a year ago I purchased the first batch of jepplovskih accessories total to 10 thousand rubles, and now my monthly net income is already 150 thousand rubles.

Initially you can use contextual advertising-AdWords, Yandex ". Direct, Begun because it is able to bring you the first sales, and it has an important psychological effect: most shop owners immediately hands are omitted if they do not see income. You can register and on trading floors: «Yandex. Market "Wikimart etc. p. "But we should not forget some important details," recalled Yevgeny Klevtsov.

Firstly, on "Yandex. Market" claimed not all product categories: for example, are well sold home appliances, electronics, tires, kid stuff, but not books, perfume, clothing or shoes. Secondly, you need to properly generate queries that you will search for users. I have to face grief-entrepreneurs who, intending to sell camcorders, ordered to "Yandex" dorogushhuju direct marketing campaign for the word "video" and receive huge traffic from users who scored in search engine queries like "award" or "video games".

It is clear that none of them did not buy anything. But if you want to specify a particular brand name camcorders, then a user who goes to you-with 50% probability of your potential buyer. Another thing is that he can go to first inquire about the price, as video or any specifications. And here everything depends on information and the convenience of your site.

It is significant that the number of virtual marketplaces in Russia is continually growing-demand is great enough. "About a year ago, the firm opened Internet hypermarket for owners of online stores, wishing to participate in the project," says Manager Ulyana Ivanova Russia's first Cashback-Marketa ClickAndPay.-now registered order 300 customers, about 50 of which are actively traded through our hypermarket, and the others sell goods only from time to time.

I'm not a cheapskate, I'm a partner …

Save the Internet-shop owner from the first shock, that he was entering the market, gain fame and gain an audience and allow different affiliate services such as Google Adsense or TradeTracker. They developed abroad and to our market came only recently. Their purpose is to acquaint among themselves the owners of Internet shops and those who are willing to advertise them.

"The business model is pretty simple: I write about what interesting things you can do in Las Vegas, what are the views, tours, festivals and concerts," says Rubezhova, a Google Adsense-when describing each show or tour I give a link to a website where you can buy tickets.

If the reader goes on it and book a tour or buy a ticket to a show, I get a small fee is 5-10%. Services operate on the principle of CPA: cost per action, pay per action. The advertiser pays for sovershivshujusja purchase, order, filling out questionnaires and other actions that are useful to him and which he chose in his personal Office.

So, how "Fame" for the owner of Internet shop a lot. "But we should not forget that the basis of competent marketing is a serious work with Analytics: you want to monitor the quantity and quality of conversions, see, what draws the attention of users," said Yevgeny Klevtsov Novel.

We use Google Analytics and "Yandex. Metric": each of these services has its pros and their combination gives the best effect. Reallocate advertising budget should at least once a month: close sources that give you nothing, and spend more on those that bring real buyers. If all neglected, the result will not be. "One friend of my wife, inspired by my success, I decided to open my own project.

Clearly see products on 300 thousand, commissioned programmers to draw site, and then gave the money autsorseram on his promotion. As a result of one sale for several months. We cannot all give do others need to go into all the details of the process, "says Kazantsev.

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