How to create a free website with your own hands: instructions for beginners

In section "Internet business" has long set an article entitled "how to create a free website". There are a number of reasons. First serious business on the Internet is practically impossible without own website.

And this is true both for companies that want to open their representation on the Internet, and for webmasters who work exclusively on themselves. You can certainly make money trading the Forex market or receive interest from investments in the pamm-account, but now it's not about that.

This article will be a mini instruction from a to z will be painted with the process of creation of a site. Moreover, we consider several options, which will certainly help you better understand the process and how to create sites on the Internet.

Site Builder

It is worth noting that, in order to create different sites need a different level of knowledge in the field of Web development. Because the article is intended for beginners who have no idea about this question, let's start with the simple website builder.

Site Builder is a system, the same site where you first need to register. Then, in your profile, you will see a link to "create a site", clicking on which takes you to the site creation page or this page appears immediately after registration.

In most cases, Site Builder all the same. You will be offered to enter a site name, select the domain name, i.e. the name of the site, it usually looks like this: zdes_pridumannoe_vami_imja. nazvanie_sajta. Naturally only all previously written will be in

Next, you can choose one of the options in the system design, choose the features you need. It can be a social network, Forum, poll, news, articles, etc. p..

After completion, you will become available generated website where you can post articles, chat on the forums, etc. p..

Site designers:

  • Jukoz is one of the oldest services;
  • Taba is a service allowing you to create social networks;
  • MyLivePage is another service that allows you to create free site;
  • A5-also decent service;
  • is a young, but an interesting service.

And these services very much, it is enough to look for them in search engines. Specific differences in functionality between them no, here the choice is yours. Any more like that and use it.

Another of the advantages of such projects, in addition to simplicity is the absence of any material costs. Although, for a fee you can buy for your site some additional features, which are not included in basic functionality, but everything else is totally free.

But where there are pros and cons, there is always. One of the downsides, which is directly linked to the lack of maintenance fees is advertising this service on your website pages. For example, Jukoz hangs quite a large banner in the upper corner of your site. Disable you can, just, for a fee, to which I referred.

Content management system (CMS)

Now consider a more "adult" option to create a site. Is a CMS-content management system. Without going into details, the CMS ("the website") is the same as the designer of the site, only that you need to prepare.

There is a little more complicated. Most CMS, incidentally, which list and examples of their work can be found on the website or CMS Magazine, working on "paid" hosting.

Hosting (Engl. hosting) is a service for providing computing power for the physical location of information on the server, are constantly in a network (usually the Internet).

Your algorithm is slightly changed. First you need to choose a good hosting service. How do we write in one of the closest publications.

After selecting the hosting on it that logically should register and replenish the account. There are different ways to refill your account using electronic money, receipts, credit card or in specialized terminals. This depends primarily on what methods the selected hoster accepts payment.

In the Administration Panel hosting can be preset some kinds of CMS that you can install in the "one click". For this will be enough to choose the right "engine" and click on it. Further hoster alone will install the system and provide you with a login and password from admin area where you can manage your site structure and content.

If the chosen host of such service, or required CMS on this list is not, then you will need to install it yourself. To do this, you need a program with which you zakachaete CMS files to the server. This program is called an FTP client. Such programs a lot, I recommend to use FileZilla, a free and easy program.

In the Admin Panel you'll learn username and password to FTP, it usually coincides with the login and password to the admin area, but at times. Then in the program you enter these data and the option "host". Here you can enter the address of the site to which you want access or address, which gives you a hoster, in Control Panel, this point must be specified.

After connecting to a server, you will see one or more folders with addresses of your websites or website if you have one yet. Then you go into that folder, there may immediately is the files and folders that site visitors can see, but maybe there is another folder, something like "public_html" which already is "visible" files.

If so, upload files to our "engine", which is written in the instructions, it's either all CMS files that you have downloaded the files from the folder "upload".

Not superfluous will open the instruction to "engine", usually this file is called "readme.html" and read all the information. You might want to put a "right of access" to the folder or file. In the program FileZilla, this is done by clicking the right mouse button on the desired folder or file. What rights to which files are needed, it is written in the instructions.

When all the files are downloaded, permissions must be exhibited, go directly to the engine installation. Exactly how to do it, it will be written in the statement. In 99% of cases, you will simply enter your site in the address bar, go for it, and the engine alone will redirect you to the Setup page.

The process is simple, as when installing any program: click "next" and choose the options that you want. Since most modern engines run on the database (DB), you will need to create a DB in the hosting control panel.

To do this, the Control Panel, locate the appropriate button-"database", go back and create a new one. Then when you install you will need to enter the name of the database and the password for it. That's all, CMS installed, you now need to enter via FTP and delete the installation file-install.php

Now go to the administration panel you set the engine, adjust it to your needs, post articles, pictures …

What else do I need to know?

To work successfully with your sites, make changes, it is desirable to know the basics of HTML. To do this, I recommend reading at least the site and

You also need to know the basics of PHP. And, it helps to read the official guide and Forum order engine, in which you will make or have already made your site.

Another simple, but pretty effective Tip: don't be afraid to experiment! Create a website in a separate folder or subdomain, with the same engine running your main site and another DB and practice. Thus you learn HTML and PHP much faster.

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