Laser engraving inside glass — business

Laser engraving inside glass — business

One of the main conditions for successful business, especially for small businesses, is the low threshold of competition. That is, it is desirable to start in a niche in which competition is not too widespread, or come up with a variation of the service that would really differ from that of competitors in a positive way.

Such an idea, that is attractive enough for customers, but at the same time not yet widely spread, is laser engraving inside glass blocks.

Currently, in souvenir shops you can find glass key chains, with volumetric images inside, consisting of small bubbles. It can be absolutely any picture like zodiac signs or animals, basically anything. However, such a souvenir presupposes a strictly limited number of possible options for the manufacturer, if you want your gift to be really remembered, the best option will be some individual image in the crystal than a standardized version.

The device for laser engraving

The device for such a thread allows you to create many interesting things, such as wedding crystals for memory with large images from the same wedding photos, you can make unusual prizes for the winners of any competitions, it is easy to create decorations for the interior. Create with this machine you can do anything, even 3D logos of companies or make a volumetric photo of glass!
The process of creating an image is quite simple and takes only a few minutes. The cut itself does not have to do anything, a smart machine will do everything for a person, and the user only needs to learn how to use a fairly simple program that coordinates the laser machine and camera.
During the process of 3D-engraving, the surface of the product does not collapse, the laser passing through the surface creates inside the microcracks in the form of small silvery points, which give a three-dimensional image as a result.

To open a business on laser engraving you will need the following:

The room in which the engraving will be made, a large room is not required, only 8 square meters is needed, so that the site in some shopping and entertainment center is also suitable.
The most costly part of this business is the equipment that is necessary for the work, namely:

The laser machine (engraver) costs $ 30000;
3D camera, it is important quality, for this cost should be laid about 700,000 rubles, but if it is possible to get a quality product cheaper, it is wonderful;
Computer (any) — costs 35000r;
Furniture for the workshop and showcases for demonstrating examples of works will cost another 100,000 rubles.
Consumables will cost 30,000, because glass blanks, stands and stuff, although it is possible, you can get it all much cheaper.
The staff, after all TRC works without days off, on this you will need at least one changer, and better than two. It is natural to train them to handle the equipment in advance.
Advertising, if a workshop is rented in a shopping center is not in principle required, the place will recommend itself, because such buildings generate a large stream of people who are looking for something to buy, and of course a competently designed workshop will attract their attention. However, in principle it is possible to organize even within the same SEC the distribution of booklets, you can advertise in print media or on the Internet, on the same message boards. This will give an opportunity to work not only in the workshop, but also to execute orders remotely.

Thus, this type of business is supposed to be quite profitable, because the cost of such simple knickknacks at their penny initial cost is about 200-300 rubles (and even more), in principle you can not even spend your own raw materials, and if the customer wants on the already finished glass keychain to engrave, then it’s even better.

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