Who is a charismatic man and what is charisma

The word "charisma" comes from the ancient Greek "Harith" meaning "gift from God" or "divine mercy".

In the myths of ancient Greece charities ? daughter Almighty Zeus ? the goddess of joy, beauty and harmony, accompanying the beautiful Aphrodite. (In the myths of ancient Rome they same ? three graces.)

According to the esoteric, haryzmatyky ? people whose soul chide many times, so they are more perfect than the souls of other people.

What is the gift of God? People with them have extraordinary magnetic power ? they are so attractive to others that are often for them indisputable authority, Idol and have a big influence on them, sometimes regardless of the preached their beliefs.

Charisma is a spark in man, which money can't buy. It is the invisible energy with a visible effect, "so described charisma novelist Marianne Uilmson, which describes itself as a spiritual mentor of Hollywood stars.

Another American writer ? ? Robert Green in his book "the Act 24 of seduction" wrote that "charisma is a sort of mysterious force that causes from us rapt veneration. This seduction on a massive scale ".

In our everyday life, the word "charismatic" was widely used not so long ago, and in vain, because one can describe the person, that earlier we would have needed a dozen words. This charming and attractive, charming and alluring, fascinating and breathtaking, stunning and captivating, interesting and fantastic, and Dr.

Charismatic people are attracting much more than beautiful-written and beauties or "smart and clever" because they have a sparkle, spark, igniting others.

But charisma, charisma, charisma, charisma tempts you

"The most famous actress in the history"-so wrote about the French actress Sarah Bernhardt at the beginning of the last century. It was called "the divine Sarah", but she was not beautiful.

She didn't know motherly love because of her courtesan mother was constantly traveling and Sarah had to obey. She grew up in oppressive and depressing atmosphere, has become a closed and long could neither read nor write nor read. Moreover, it was not quite healthy, and the doctors said that her waiting for a fast death from tuberculosis.

Teenager Sarah hit the theatre Com?die Fran?aise ". "When the curtain went up, I felt that lose consciousness. and at this point, the curtain of my life, "she writes in the book" my double life. She became an actress, and almost immediately came to her incredible and unexpected to many artistic success. It explained the extraordinary charisma of Sarah Bernhardt, and she said that "in order to succeed, you want to be charming. Charm manifests itself in everything and nothing at the same time: in the outgoing energy from you, look, gait, stocky build, the sound of voices, graceful gestures. "

A mysterious French charm possessed and the famous Coco Chanel, which was not ideal facial features and forms, but was incredibly charming. She was orphaned early, grew up in the orphanage ? it seemed that good it can wait in the future? But she has no doubt that it will be wonderful.

Inner strength and self-confidence, magnetic glance black eye fascinated others. It became a fashionable designer and literally turned the fashion world. "We need to maintain our own uniqueness: movements, thoughts, actions," she said. Someone from journalists, used her interview, said that even in its 80 it was almost welcome.

The charismatic leader was Steve jobs, co-founder of Apple. ? He seemed one through the personal magnetism has caused a huge Corporation mechanism. It was the gift of persuasion, the ability to motivate staff and brilliant flair. He was the one who wanted to be and reach the same level as that of it. It is referred to as one of those people who changed the world for the better.

Interestingly, talking about the harizmatinom man, we mainly mean the positive personality, radiant light energy. But there are charismatic repulsive personality who has the traits of a leader.

For example, the same war criminal Hitler possessed the power of persuasion, which made believe their compatriots in the exclusivity of the Aryan race and its special mission, resulting in the deaths of 56 million people.

Everyone who knew him in his early years, never would have thought that it ? future leader of Germany. Poor, ignorant, with no friends and hates all humans suddenly became the idol of their fellow citizens.

How this could happen, what is this hypnotic power of one person, that could send the entire planet to hell? This issue is dedicated to a multitude of research historians and psychologists, including British historian Lawrence Riza "Dark charisma Hitler: make millions of people into the abyss" and the documentary "AIR FORCE Grim charisma of Adolf Hitler.

Can I become a charismatic?

Sociologists and psychologists still debate, charisma is an innate quality or acquired. Who lived in the 19th century ? XX centuries. the German sociologist Max Weber, who studied the questions of leadership and power, believed that charismatic personality possesses supernatural, superhuman and exceptional ability, not characteristic of ordinary people, which explains the divine origin.

Our contemporary American Olivia Fox Kabejn, studying leadership, in the book "Myths about charisma writes that charisma is not a gift, inherited genetically, and art, which you can learn. In another book, "Charisma. How to influence, persuade and inspire, "she shares the secrets of how to reveal the charisma. What for? "Charismatic people affect the world," she said.

Communicating with charismatic people and charging them with energy. Nice to be friends with them, work, they trust. Such people preferred employers. For example, working in sales, they sell several times more than their colleagues. They easily find investors, rather than take out a bank loan.

Thanks to the personal qualities of haryzmatyky moving quickly through the ranks and become the people making "weather" in this world.

Become charismatic

Wanting to be charismatic, you should pay attention to your appearance: orderly at the outset. Perhaps someone like charming sloven?, but such people are unlikely to gain much. This is most likely the ones who messy himself. Coco Chanel said that can even get used to disgrace, but to nerjashestvu ? ever! ". And: "you will not have a second chance to make a first impression".

The appearance is still beautiful, and the ability to hold on to correctly use "body language". All they know how to walk and talk, but how? Only a few are worthy of emulation, so make sure to enter the number. So much so that now everyone can find online educational courses to your liking.

And don't forget to follow the expression on his face. Even if we have no mood, remove mask concerns pridavlennosti life circumstances and put on a smile, radiate benevolence. "Smile more often and will reach out to you people, popular wisdom says.

Charismatic people ? an interesting and witty conversationalist. He always finds a topic of conversation with anyone. His judgments are original and nebanalny. But he did not rest their knowledge and crushes don't is chattering incessantly, giving a voice to others.

He is able to listen to that, unfortunately, given a little, so he often entrust their secrets. A very valuable quality, especially for those who can benefit from the information received.

Featuring the art of conversation, harizmatik knows how to put to itself the interlocutor: he calls it several times by name, inadvertently make a compliment, and now about him will say, ' Man, pleasant in all respects.

Empathy ? indispensable quality for charismatic. The ability to feel what is now another man, shows his emotions so as not to hurt him, sympathize for him, support him, rejoice together with it is the nature of the property is worth.

People lack this valuable quality of selfish, cherstvy and have a lot of enemies on their own. "Let's understand each other perfectly," wrote Bulat Okudzhava.

All charismatic people possess inner core. They only superficially may appear soft and compliant because the tolerant and able to control their emotions. Their inner strength and self-confidence do not give shoot them down with the path they chose for themselves. And it is this strength and attracts other people, infecting and their positive and believing that all planned work.

Haryzmatyky like themselves, they are not involved in slapping self-abasement and not spend time on fruitless regret ? they have no time for it. They know their worth and try to be in harmony with oneself and the world.

And if we so want to enter community charismatic personalities, or at least closer to his ideal, "" to hell with it all! And let's do it, "said Richard Branson, one of the representatives of magnetic personalities.


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