Sale of computer courses as business

Many students students and workers of different institution attend computer courses. They are required to obtain the basic skills or knowledge. On such lessons, training specific skills. As a result, such courses are quite popular among consumers.


If an entrepreneur has decided to create a similar business, then it must register it. But there are some pitfalls. For example, in the case of advisory activities, business without a licence is issued. It is given only to those who designed the courses as educational services. And this gives a great advantage.

Having a license can be taught various professions associated with computers and technology:

Secretary of the PC. Developer, system administrator. It will attract potential clients. So much so that now the computer courses with training specializations than ever. With a license, you can participate in training programmes. Employment centres and labour exchanges have an interest in such courses. The visit paid by the State or the company. But leading only advisory courses, you can find a way of earning extra money. Various large companies try to reduce costs by improving staff skills. Therefore, they are not interested in long courses.

The owner enough courses to prepare and develop special seminars. They last no more than 1-2 days it is beneficial not only to the entrepreneur, but also company-customer can agree on the holding of seminars on an ongoing basis. Fields of study.

All computer courses designed to teach the basics and work at the computer.

Therefore, it is important to separate the two directions:

  1. is one basic (clients get basic knowledge and skills to work with the PC):
  2. — several professional (training programmes, individual specialties).

Initial costs

It is necessary to conduct computer courses in a specially equipped room. All standards and safety standards are the same as for the opening of the computer class. For over Al and you can put 6-5 computer tables with the equipment. For this fit computers Office option. Costs for the purchase of face tonic with leave about 3 thousand. c.u.

To work with with the audience will need special boards. You can replace the tripod with the widescreen album ($ 30). You should also buy a printer ($ 50-100). The IOC on it but printed educational material and methodical literature. They can make for a fee.


For customer training necessary to select highly qualified specialists. From them will depend on the quality of teaching computer courses at once become popular, if teachers will qualitatively lead training. It is necessary to give an advantage to those who are original and interesting to Editorialize. In the first 2 months of activity 1 can hire such worker wages at $400

The work schedule should be floating. Then there are computer courses must take place in morning, afternoon and evening. Teaching on weekends is required. But you can make it easier. When rebuilding a set of groups (after 2-3 months) you must ask each client on a convenient time to visit him. And then form groups with the same time.

Profit potential

This business pays off only after 6 months of operation. Profitability will be 150-180%.

It all depends on the fees for computer courses. And they should improve gradually.

In many ways, hurry this business depends on advertising company.

It is necessary to constantly attract new customers, increase rating courses.

Then good financial results will not keep you waiting.

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