Map of thoughts, or how to create a mind map

Mind map (Mind map) is a special type of recording in the form of a radiantnoj structure, i.e. a structure coming from the Center to the edges, gradually branching into smaller parts.

Why use mind maps?

The harder and bigger challenge facing us, the harder we intelligently plan its implementation. How to facilitate this task and make competent Visual plan? How not to release of some small but significant detail? Still appeal to the usual Notepad? However, recordings made by hand, it's easy to get lost. In addition, they maloinformativnye and voluminous.

A great alternative to serve as so-called mind maps (in English-the Mind Map). A compilation technique mind map is called majndmeppingom (mindmapping).

Mind maps is not new: in 70-ies of the last century they were used by the Japanese when modernized its economy.

In fact, mind maps is an ordinary relationship diagram representing a tree diagram. The tree trunk is the main goal, and branch-related ideas and tasks that you need to decide on the way to goal.

The idea of mind maps is to translate the information into a form suitable for the solution of the problem or issue. This idea is described in Tony Buzan is a British psychologist and author of the Organization's methodology of thinking using mind maps (mind maps, mental maps). You can handle a large amount of information relating to the work of the brain, he concluded: to work with the information to be effective, it must be placed in a tree structure, observing some rules. This uses the potential of both the left hemisphere of the brain (graphic signs and symbols) and right (colors, images, images).

Mind maps help structure the disparate thoughts and, like a fine mosaics, assemble a complete picture, which you can reach at a glance, without skipping any details.

Elementary example: our main objective is to successfully complete the first year of University. We divide into two subtasks: pass the winter session, summer session. These subtasks, in turn, are divided into even smaller.

An example of a more complex: the main task is to run the site. Write it in the middle of mind maps and select a graphic image associated with the selected theme. For example, the picture that emerges in our head at the thought of the presentation for the management of the company.

Continue to define and create the main branches of mind maps:

  • Purchase domain
  • Purchase hosting
  • Site content,
  • Development of the site.

The dorisovyvaem master record several branches in the form of smooth lines, departing from the Center to the edges of the sheet. On the branches are writing key words-the headings information related to the central theme. Keywords must not be more than two, to leave space for other information relevant to this section.

Next draw the second-tier branches. For example, detail branch development site, breaking the task into smaller ones:

  • Select a template
  • Creating a structure
  • Organization links
  • Function implementations.

Adhering to the principles of subsidiarity and coherence, adding new and new branches, expanding our mind map. And the result will be a detailed diagram of the launch site.

Create mind map like you can on paper using crayons, markers, bright pictures and using the computer. There are programs to help you create cards on the computer. One of them is MindMeister allows to visually imprint their ideas. Its services have already taken advantage of more than 4 million people. This program does not need to download and update, it offers access to its intelligence cards right in your browser. To work offline, you can download Freemind or ViewYourMind.

Mind maps better than linear text?

Unlike the linear text, information on mind map has a clear visual image. And, as you know, the information presented visually remembered better and kept longer than based memorization techniques-mnemonics.

In addition, linear text gives us an instant understanding of the main task. We must again and again to reread it, comprehend, identify the main, lay on the shelves of secondary. Such an unstructured approach is easy to miss something, confused, didn't make it. And it slows and lowers its quality.

Mind map also gives us a clear understanding that at some stage and in what priority do we have to do. Thus, this form of presentation of information has significant advantages over conventional writing text.

What are the tips for mind maps gives Tony Buzan?

  1. People, repair podnatorevshy umelets in creating mind maps, you may develop your own style, which is convenient to him personally, but in the absence of experience, it is better not to derogate from some rules, writes Tony Buzan.
  2. Words it is important to place exactly on the branches, rather than in triangles, squares, diamonds, etc. p. Branches must be alive, flexible, organic. Drawing mind maps in the form of a traditional scheme goes against the idea of majndmeppinga, because that complicates the slide view by keyword and makes scheme boring and monotonous.
  3. On each branch should write no more than one or two words. Each word evokes many associations, therefore increasing their number in this case would limit the freedom of thinking.
  4. The length of the line should match the length of the word. So it will be more economical.
  5. You need to write legibly, clearly and legibly.
  6. Vary the size of the letters and the thickness of the lines should be depending on the importance of keyword.
  7. For major branches you want to use different colors because it promotes structured perception.
  8. The central theme must select a picture. Drawings and symbols should be used as often as possible. Sometimes a mind map can consist of some drawings.
  9. We should organize the space on a worksheet does not contain unallocated space. At the same time, bad if branches will be too crowded. For a small mind maps, you can use an A4 sheet, for more-A3.
  10. Mapping you want to horizontally, rather than vertically-so it will be easier to recognize.

Wishing to learn more about the methodology of Tony Buzan's may read his book "the mind map Book: strong mentality.

How to create a mind map

Quite a lot of programs on the Internet and online services for creating mind maps. We offer you a list of services to majndmjeppinga, from which you will find something to their liking.



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