What should be the logo in the modern conditions of business

Logo for modern business plays the role of a peculiar identification trait. On the picture, font, slogan, which are characteristic of a logo, we accurately guess quite specific manufacturer or company providing services or company in any other business. It promotes the company and produced its product on the market.

As it turns out, without the logo today cannot do and need to look for a designer capable of skillfully decorate the "face" of your business project? Don't hurry, there's not all that clearly.

When the logo is required

Specialists claim that the logo is, first and foremost, you need … already well-publicized this company millions. Remember now, any logos of firms you know. Sure, the answer is expected. Certainly in your memory etched markings such as McDonald's, or Apple, or maybe, Adidas, Puma and Nike. Means to ensure that the logo was recognizable, the company was very famous and took place in the list of the biggest and most successful. Then its icon will know at a glance.

So if your company is still far from such heights, take your time, because the creation of the logo, as a rule, it's not cheap. First be experience, expand "muscles", conquer consumer utverdites in its segment, and only then, with its considerable financial resources, can think about creating its distinctive character. However, if it so happened that his design does not require costly, why put off a useful thing for later? Make a logo already, because this will give solidity to your company.

1. The uniqueness of the

The logo must be associated with potential consumers only with your firm. If your sign in details or as a whole will resemble a distinctive from other companies, in the future, this can lead to all sorts of excesses, right up to the trials. And this, as you can imagine, can ruin and novice, and it held business.

2. Simplicity of design and execution

The logo must be easily understood, so it is necessary to avoid the complexities and vitievatostej. Everything is very easy. Experts recommend using simple geometric shapes: circle, triangle, square. Or capital letters, from which to begin your company name. If you need the logo without bloat easily apply and uniforms, and the diary, and a plastic bag, and an advertising banner.

3. The successful combination of paints

Nothing to add here. The only thing that should be noted is a form of still more important colors. Because, for example, in black and white newspaper and color logo will lose their colors.

4. Relationship with the activity of the company

If you, for example, a lover of weapons or flower beds, and construction business you're in, don't try to push the idea with guns or roses when creating a logo. The logo must provide at least a minimum of information about what is involved in your company.

Logo on the package

Many entrepreneurs do not understand, why spend the budget on packages with logo, because the goods they sold, you can wrap the normal package, which, of course, cheaper. However, in this case not worth saving the money. Your expenses will return with a vengeance. Judge for yourself: corporate package is a very effective outdoor advertising, which, according to specialists, would see an average of 300 people. And that 300 new clients! Branded bags long will serve the interests of your business, bringing new consumers to the same raise your status in their eyes.

Cars and their logos

These emblems know by heart even many male kids hooked on cars — so far only toy. Not to mention adults avtoljubiteljah. Commercial value of automobile logos cannot be overemphasized. They are designed to help consumers not to get lost in a sea of various car brands. You know, what do these unique icons?

Take, for example, such as the Audi brand. Everyone knows its emblem: chain of four links. Turns out, she symbolizes the merger in 1932 year four companies in one automobile concern.

Or recall the famous Mercedes badge, a symbol of wealth and success: Silver Star trehkonechnaja, placed in a thin ring. According to legend, this sign appeared in the eighties of the 19th century. They plant Director Deutz Gottlieb Daimler adorned his house while his wife, vowing that this star will shine over his company. And embodied their dreams in life.

Opel emblem is a thin silver lightning amid rings. Cars of this brand are moved with the speed of lightning, so the logo is quite justified.

Restaurants and their logos

Logos have appeared in the restaurant business for a very long time. You need the same was all kinds of "harchevnjam" position yourself as special institutions and attract customers. Thus arose the emblem of restaurants East and Mediterranean cuisine, various cafeterias, fast food establishments. Just look at the logo «Yakitoriya» or «yaponahata "to understand that here does not serve Ruddy pancakes with caviar or dumplings with sour cream, and fed the Japanese dishes of rice and raw fish.

Vegetarian restaurant as the emblem chosen image luxury Eggplant and the inscription over the vegetable. Than the Fed's Delicious life, becomes immediately clear, just look at its logo: a well-fed child riding on at least upitannom porosenke. And in fast food establishments called "Feed" you will be given a cup of tea and a bagel — these products a thinly veiled in the shapes of letters, of which collapsed the word "feed". But the most memorable logo, perhaps, cafe-bar «Mess»: above the title-two glasses of frothy beer.

Hopefully we've convinced you that the importance of the logo for promotion of the goods on the market. And, as you can see, this is not always required huge amounts of money. To the end, if you enjoyed drawing since childhood and developed in myself any artistic taste, try to come up with a logo for your business. Turn out original and inexpensive.

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