What are the benefits to business in feminization of the Internet

In 2011 year percentage female audience among users in the Russian segment of the Internet exceeded 50%. We can safely predict that if current rates of Internet will soon have a feminine face.

This is not only about social activism (women traditionally are more active in social networks and forums). The key is the phenomenal growth of the economic activity. This is partly a direct result of women to love shopping at all.

No man in the head will not come to buy a new pair of shoes under the color of new shirts or purple boots, because Purple is the color of the season was announced. In General, women are more prone to frequent change of wardrobe. This trend does not remain not noticed among entrepreneurs. We are seeing the emergence of a growing number of portal resources, targeting the female audience. What are the features of this audience is worth considering Internet business?

The difference in perception

When designing sites, targeting women in brifah more common word "practical, comfortable", while men need a colorful, animated and innovating. Conclusion: creating a new online resource clearly decide with their audience. The more your users among women, the more pragmatic should be feed.


Studies confirm the utilitarian nature of women's lives online. Women are much more often than men pay utility services, book hotels and flights through the network. While polzovatelnicy Runet don't like to carry out payment by credit cards, especially after learning about phishing and high activity scams on the Internet. Today in our footwear online store Sapato.ru cards to be paid 5% of total orders.

Conclusion: women's site must be provided with a variety of payment methods-credit card, cash couriers, postal order.

Despite the current preference percentage confidence in online payments is growing constantly. To encourage online purchases there are certain marketing arrangements (e.g. discounts). Take advantage of online payment clear for their customers. Experience shows that saving often outweighs the fear of phishing.

Tactile sensation

Women do not like to pay for the goods, not touching his hands. This is a very important factor. Especially difficult to translate his audience on online shopping payment, selling clothing, footwear and other goods, most buyers prefer to first see, measure, and then make a decision. Our polls on the subject, that stops from buying shoes online store, with a large gap is headed by a "lack of fitting.

Moreover, women are more likely to fear problems with returning. But it is very important for them to renounce the goods, if not enjoyed the quality or size came up. You don't want to wait for the courier, many prefer to pickup, again with the ability to measure, touch. But the vast majority still selects delivery with payment to the courier.

Conclusion: give your pokupatelnicam chance to pay only what is liked and fit. Do not deprive women of pleasure to ensure that they made the right choice. This will not increase the number of bounces (if the goods are not approached, the client in any case can pass, but only more long and tiring for him). By increasing the loyalty of your audience and the convenience of choosing the number of purchases clearly increase.

Tentative acquaintance

For any kind of female resource of great importance have big beautiful pictures, convenient and fast working photo galleries that let you examine everything in detail-whether it's shoes in the store or manicure actresses on n the site.

On the site Sapato.ru in addition to the information accompanying each card model with key information, we have introduced a new option: video, which lets you see the shoes or bag on the model.

It is extremely important that the site as much as possible clear and detailed procedures were described: shipping, returns, and so on, better with screenshots or demo video, and was attended by the contact numbers, email addresses, instant messengers. Don't forget: most trials in the framework of the law on the protection of consumers ' rights "initiated by female consumers.


Women-creatures devotees. Conquering the woman a user-friendly interface, in the future, you want to keep it "in good shape", approve and encourage regular visitors, from time to time to offer new services (too frequent innovations can scare), telling them about the new proposals, that they have no feeling of loss of comfort and security.

Well give women a sense of security. For example, to provide the ability to save pages or to cancel the last action. And then, once you have purchased a new client in her face, try to translate it into a loyal. It is clear that shoes are not the goods of daily demand, however, Russian women are known for their penchant for shopping and buying 2-3 couples every six months (data RBC). We formed a Club of loyal customers, which overwhelmingly return to us for the second and third purchase.

Conclusion: the Woman in the network it is important to make the first step is to try, after which all the stereotypes break down. Most importantly, help to make this step and does not give reason to be disappointed.

Bachelorette party online

Many of the psychological patterns of behavior women successfully moved from oflajna online. For example, the habit of discussing the purchase with your girlfriends, be it on the Forum or feedback to the product. Or a nice additional trivia, from discounts on purchases or the storage system to a section with advice of specialists. If stores troublemaking consultants are annoying, then you can spend hours on the Internet reading about Hat updates to season and apartment design secrets.

Conclusion: the need to fill the site different pleasant "things" and tools to avoid unnecessarily formal relationship to visitors. Enable the ability to leave your opinion, rate a particular model.

Our online shop for sports, travel and recreation originally (from range) was more attractive to male audience (80%). However, realizing that women are more active a priori in terms of shopping, we have tried to attract more women and make interest rate gap is not so clear. This was partly due to expansion of the product range.

But more crucially, by creating an interactive website section where you can get tips seasoned travelers, expert evaluations, and read interviews with the stars-lovers of active rest. In the end, a couple of months later, the ratio of male and female audiences buyers Heverest.ru already 60% to 40%.

Casta moms

Alone in the female audience Runet worth young moms. In recent years, their activity and increased presence at times. Here a sense of leverage and team spirit are as strong as anywhere else. Some mothers even organize shopping community to order kids clothes or educational games.

Conclusion: Provide high-quality information-utilitarian moms not only on how to make a children's menu, or choose a kindergarten. If you sell children's products-post test drives and customer reviews, compare certain product categories on similar grounds, invite your customers to participate in the rankings, "produce" them at the level of experts.

Search for non-standard solutions! Recently, a children's portal as a young mum sent me an invitation to participate as an expert in rating diapers called "index smooth buttocks! This caused my smile as moms and respect as a professional. I added the site to the Favorites section. But the most important thing: give moms the opportunity to brag about their child to post his picture and they will love your site forever!

Thirst for communication

Women-creatures are configured on active communication. They spend a lot of time in social networks. Use this feature usefully! Proper work in the online space to attract and retain users is an essential success factor.

There are examples where new projects even before the start of the main site created and enlarged group socetjah and actively show it public before the launch. An ideal situation, if your service or store is integrated with social networking sites, that women have an opportunity to celebrate your favorite goods and vice versa-place orders directly from their social page.

In conclusion, the topic I want to stress once again that women are active, and getting very promising because of the audience. But whatever was offered to women resources Runet, the main question to be asking their potential audience: "what I can from this exercise?"

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