How to get free online service bring money

When the first wave of enthusiasm subsided from social networks and other innovations, business people became increasingly bothered quite a logical question: "How can you make this?".

It turned out that look for money online is not easy. Many cannot accept that free drop off in online books, in particular Rupert Murdoch worries that we cannot patch up the hole through which float away millions.

When the word "monetization" from thousands of experts, marketers, consultants and association with steady raises startups "online service". The idea of making money on bandwidth that could be profitably sell haunts many.

But no matter what we liked Google with his videohostingom YouTube, it remains unprofitable only because monetize this huge traffic could not be reached for comment. Yes and service The Old Reader at a large audience could not stand the influx of users and was forced to adjourn.

And here's the company Finam» with dejtingovym service "Mamba", on the contrary, can be regarded as an example of a source of income on the Internet. Last year, the profit of the company increased by 40%.

Actually the secret to success online service is surprisingly simple, and is using the Freemium model. The term was coined by Fred Wilson (Fred Wilson), venture specialist, explained an employment business model: "let your service will be free of charge, for as long as possible.

First earn only on advertising. When the project will gain popularity, you will be able to sell customers additional opportunities. I have to say that Internet entrepreneurs have mastered the wisdom much earlier, but it was announced only in the year 2006. Remember least Flickr with its tariff, services Yahoo, the popular ' LiveJournal.


This model is called the classic Web services, it has repeatedly tested, and its effectiveness is confirmed in almost all cases. Do you offer users completely free product, but with a somewhat limited functionality. It's easy to imagine when it comes to online gaming. Get the missing functionality of the customer can for a fee. This model used by most SaaS products.

Trial period

The model is not suitable for all cases, but where it can be applied, it is very effective. Do you offer a free product, then have the opportunity to use it some time. When the prescribed period ends, to continue with the service, proceed to payment.

An example would be a company that developed 37 Signals. For most of its products use 30-day free trial period.

Targeted advertising

If a company wants to make money on advertising, as should examine potential clients. Advertising should be appropriate and targeted. Thus earn Facebook and Google.


If the service somehow helps authorities or influential companies, you can use the sponsorship model. Try to seek support from interested organizations. The scheme is financed by the largest start-up in the market-learning MOOC Khan Academy, which is sponsored by the Gates Foundation and Google.


The essence of the model is to collect voluntary contributions from users. This model often use WordPress plugins, applications and open-source software and Wikipedia.


The famous company can afford to sell razors and printers for low price, because the real profit gets from the sale of blades and cartridges.

Since neither printer nor the machine cannot be used, not expensive on expensive products, the company is thriving. In the case of the Internet, you can form a cloud service that allows you to create and edit documents for free, but copying a file ready to pay.

Open source code

Free product and the money they receive from it support, installation, customization and configuration. Open source software very often works on this model.

Free limits

The model is very reminiscent of the Freemium model. Free users get quite complete product in a limited extent. This can be as in Dropbox space to save data or number of downloads. Customers pay to get a chance to enjoy the product fully.


Profits by selling virtual products or opening new levels in the game, initially free.

Credit card

Consumers do not pay for the product, but the income comes from vendors through network effects. This model uses Yelp, Facebook and other services.


Complimentary product for product promotion bonus. On the financial Web site, for example, is a free service with information about stock quotes. For analytical reports and tools for financial planning has to pay.

Creation name

You can use the free service to create brands, image information field conducive to selling premium products.

Affiliate marketing

Joining the affiliate program associated with goods or services involving users as clients of our partners, you can earn rewards.

You can try to sell to Google. Having a large user base, you will be able to motivate a large buyer, such as Microsoft. And they will use the base to sell premium products. Freebase, Powerset and many other companies have managed to find your niche in this way.

Development prospects

Read the free online service a good start for the future of the company. If you are not liked none of the proposed options, try using its service to build a personal brand and gain popularity, to provide a basis for potential startups.

Known for saying: "If you don't pay, then you are not a customer, and product. If you're not online service, to pass the time, means, has the opportunity to earn on it.

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