The main ways of earning in social networks

According to available data, in social networks is about thirty millions of Internet users every day. Some of these people appear quite clear wish to be not only a normal user, but also start receiving income in the social network. The following techniques can help to understand what founded this earnings.

Creating groups with narrow theme

Any user on the network has the ability to create your own group or Club about a specific topic. Information that represents the increased interest must be published on Twitter, specially crafted to the needs of your group. Hence the newly created site gets promotion in two directions. Come on, you can offer your subscription with any offer a pleasant and useful free bonus. Subscribers to the site periodically and will be distributed to the various commercial offerings in parallel with obtaining ordinary information tape.

Creating thematic societies with their subsequent sale

As mentioned previously, the first step is to create and form thematic groups, then begins the process of "unwinding" them, and after they are sold to individuals or firms according to their needs. If the subject group is dedicated to a brand, often owners themselves offer to redeem the available raskruchennuju group for use in their commercial issues.

Accommodation in a social network created by applications

Another paid activity developed in almost all social networks is to use applications. This may include a variety of games, funny games and tests, which are designed in such a way that to perform them or the full passage of the user have to pay using an internal currency.

Social networks pay the authors of such applications, a percentage of profits or fully redeem a particularly successful application. The income from these applications considerably exceeds the income from the advertising on the social network.

Social network

Social networking owners periodically required. These may include administrators, developers, moderators, technical support specialists and various other personnel. This employment is the easiest and direct view of earnings in the social network.

Earnings on advertising

One of the varieties of the first of the above kinds of earnings is advertising products on the page already well-publicized group. If such a group is gaining popularity among users, advertisers themselves often find the owner and offer it together with payment for placement of their advertisements.

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