How to make money on the Internet newbie without attachments

Earnings, do not require Web site:

  • Copywriting, rewriting, text processing
  • Referral earnings
  • Creation of websites, freelancing, programming
  • Cybersquatting
  • Participation as a mediator in sales, site creation, and so on
  • File sharing earnings
  • Create groups in social networks
  • Article directories, satellites, links
  • Advice on a fee basis
  • Surfing, emails, polls
  • Forex and other
  • Other ways to

1. Copywriting, rewriting, text processing

This kind of earnings differs in that it is the most common network. Quite a lot of articles online, which constantly wander from site to site. Often there is a need to create articles with the same content.

However, if the article was posted on one site, already has copyright and right to copy out the Act. In such a case is original output.

You can overwrite the source text so that when testing for uniqueness, achieved full neuznavanie sites on the net. Thus, while maintaining the basic ideas contained in the text, we get completely original text.

Hence the conclusion is not necessarily write again if you need content to the new site, you can successfully copy and perererajtit. Writers fairly popular profession in the network. If you have the gift of the present writer and can create really original, interesting and popular texts, then direct road to copywriters.

If normal rerajtera fee 20-25 rubles per 1000 characters is normal, the copywriter can count on a paycheck in the larger two, three or more times.

To familiarize yourself with the basics of both cases, you can simply read the relevant articles. Start is not difficult. Need to find not a greedy customer, better two-three on a regular basis and you are provided with work for long.

2. Referral earnings

On the Internet there are a sufficiently large number of commercial projects that attract visitors through a referral system. That is, you sign up on the project, earn some money, not too big but can bring a special link to other visitors.

They will also earn, but part of their earnings goes to your wallet. This is a very easy system that you simply place your referral link to some popular resources or to distribute to friends and can quietly watch as resourses on the wallet.

On the other hand this kind of earnings calls for activism. To attract really large number of referrals are not always sufficient for a successful two-three single premises resource references in the right place.

Often has quite painstakingly deal with spamerstvom at various forums, and only then can you expect significant dividends. So you decide to choose this way of earning or not.

In a pinch it can be combined with other types of Internet-based work and is not seen as the only possible. Of course, the more referrals you refer, the better. Everything depends only on you.

3. Creation of websites, freelancing, programming

Find earn money on the Internet without having to create your own commercially successful website is quite simple. But it is easier to do this if you have some knowledge and skills of professional plan.

Of course, you can learn something along the way. One such option professional earnings is creating websites or Web programming. Sites are the main cells of the Internet, it's pretty popular niche, which requires a reasonable approach. You need to invest in this case your mind, skills and experience.

But if you already have all of these qualities, then the thing just to find customers. This can be done successfully at various frilanserskih resources. Regarding the freelancing in General, you can also go there and not only with the aim of creating a site.

Freelance can earn for posting, placing different ads, search for online information and so on. Not always even need special skills, here only to intercept the order of others, i.e. in the activity.

When you want to try yourself in this draft, enough money and lucrative, then you can go to the programmers. A profession that requires mind, assiduity and professionalism. But this is the most paid, if you find the desired customer or have settled in the correct company.

4. Cybersquatting

Cybersquatting called resale of domain names. In the network there are a huge number of sites. It's no secret. However, to register a suitable name have to deploy considerable mental efforts.

Because these domain names register cybersquatters that care about to get some pretty simple, popular and other domains. In this case, hung up on a certain number of advertising banners and offered to buy any company or organization.

If you have a big company and you must register the zarez some particularly liked the name, it can refer to the kiberskvoteru, if it proved to be a deft you. The price of such trades can reach tens of thousands of dollars or more.

In this case the name solves all and for good domain can compete. If you consider yourself a real kiberskvotterom, in such a case can proceed with the case now, having read the various articles on the topic.

However, do not immediately hope for big profits. The site name may long enough useless goods hang out somewhere in the vastness of the network until a excite company. So yourself decide whether you need it.

5. Participation as a mediator in sales, site creation, and so on

This is a very common activity in the network. You can do anything as an intermediary at such events. Mediation represents what you are the intermediary between the customer and the purchaser. One interested in something you provide such an opportunity.

Among the opportunities such as selling links, which can be placed on different resources. In addition it includes mediation when creating the site. In this case, you can act as an intermediary for finding desired content for the site name, interface development, buying traffic, etc.

In addition, quite a good investment efforts in banner advertising. You can create bannenry for different companies and they will acquire them. In addition you can also place your banners on other commercial areas that enjoyed sufficient popularity. You can participate in different competitions, tenders, bids, etc.

As the facilitator of the work you will have enough fussy, will have to find the right customers and constantly be aware of the direction in which you are going to do. On the other hand, if things go smoothly, you can not earn on this bad. This speaks in favor of this type of activity. Therefore, if you want them to do-luck.

6. File sharing earnings

Earn money on fajloobmene is a very interesting option. Because here everything depends on you only. Of course, as in any form of activity, from the activity of the worker much depends. However, in this case it is required to deliberate and purposeful approach.

By itself, this kind of earnings is as follows. There are various sites on the Internet where to accumulate the most interesting files Rapida and many other interesting. You can also upload your file share and give other users download it.

To attract visitors and gain the popularity of such sites go. If your file is interesting and its download, let's say, a thousand times. In this case your wallet drips an amount. Another thousand and denezhka again.

On the one hand it seems simple. Posted only once file and burning do not know. And if multiple files? But not everything is so easy. In addition, the file should be interesting, you must not simply wait until download naberutsja need to advertise your link, give it to your friends, forums, and so on.

Visitors will learn that such-and-such a resource lies this interesting book or video? Only with the help of advertising, you are organizing their own efforts. And naturally, the more interesting and advertised sites you place, the more likely earnings. As a variant of the very interesting.

7. Create groups in social networks

Social networks are a bane of our times. So many to this fall. MOL has a Ribbon, which positions the privacy on the pages for each who is not lazy. And who makes you display this privacy?

If you take up social networking wisely is a great way to earn money. Among other things, earn in social networks can be quite successful at creating groups. The group enjoyed the highest demand, because you can unite people.

People-animal herd, and group those stalls, where is the best place to eat oats knowledge and share useful tips. The result is the need for high, and no skills. More precisely, you can see many small certain cells created for five minutes, which makes no sense.

And you can create a really work of art, which is not ashamed to invite a friend. Having studied not sly social networking toolkit, you can become a creator who creates amazing miracle that could unite the many individuality in a whole and explore the psychology of collective unconscious on a virtual example.

Of course, you'll need to make the effort to learn everything, but the demand in the market create social groups is high enough and definitely not without work. As a result, if you feel the strength of the creator and creative approach to the case, then this job is for you.

8. Article directories, satellites, links

Satellites called what is essentially a site, a payload which is advertising. All quite simple. Visitors to this site simply is not required, the whole thing just in advertising.

You take the engine, pull on it website and post various advertisements. Here can be anything from simple links to banners. Considered any options. Including you can simply place advertising contextual. This kind of earnings is quite popular in networking sites or satellites are very common. You can verify this if you dig in the network and delve into various search engines.

Advertising is always in demand. If your satellites are popular and many people gain something by advertising or use the services of companies who post on your site, then you are talking a certain profit.

If подсуетиться, then a similar earnings can reach fairly decent numbers from five to eight thousand dollars a month, and that, you see, isn't bad.

Of course, it all depends again on your activity and it must be remembered that such a case requires some work to satellites were in demand. However, when it is established, you can no longer have to worry about not enough for bread and caviar.

9. Advice on a fee basis

If you already have a popular profession in the real world and sufficient practical experience, your experience may be well in demand in the Internet world. Consulting a great way of earning online.

You only need a certain level of knowledge on topics of interest. In this case, it turns out that you register for a share and lead a paid consultation.

ICQ enough as a toolkit, in some cases, you can use Skype or IP telephony. Of course, if you're a high-level specialist and not just perfect, in this case, can claim a decent payment for their work. Advantage of this activity is that you can easily combine basic work with produced in the network.

You can do this in the evening or free from the principal activity of the time. Thus, it turns out not bad earnings with minimum effort. Conditions of the Internet allow you to anonymously communicate with any.

It is not necessary to receive visitors or leave the place. Reputable consultants network, proven data can reasonably take from forty to fifty dollars per hour consultation in ICQ. You can try your hand in that direction and become one of them.

10. Surfing, emails, polls

There are enough of the original version of earnings in the network-participation in surfing. Many advertisers promote their products through promotion of sites. Many Web sites may not be in the first row all together.

Therefore, each trying to break into the top citation index that puts the owners of certain tasks. They hire a certain number of people, including you can be and you, in order to visit certain resources and of them clicked on the advertisement.

Perhaps, this is not the usual cunning earnings cheat, but pay for it. Of course, not far from what the money, but with sufficient zeal enough to pay for the Internet and phone. Of course, that's not all.

You can become a kind of handler letters. You will need to check their mailboxes, engage in mailing and perhaps a certain way respond to emails some content. Also not too profitable profession, but you can still connect to the paid surveys.

You can register for certain resources, where various companies using polls studying demand for their products and become one of the participants in such network. You will be offered lists of questions, different answers and all what you need to do is just honestly to all meet. For surveys paid more than letters. But overall it's not too profitable kind of earnings, which allows you to recoup except the Internet.

11. Forex and other

As the option of earning on the Internet can be a different kind of work. If you feel in yourself, then player Exchange flair can try your hand on an electronic exchange. The most known here.

You can register on this site and before you start to pummel real capital play just in the demo version. Forex offers its traders to go free demo course that replicates the real events of the trades, with the only difference being it's make-believe.

You've got nothing to lose on this one, but will be able to check their own forces. How you meet the selected case. Every person who ever heard information about that on the Internet you can easily earn money on different exchanges, thought it was easy.

A beginner may confuse at first the stage numerous charts, tables, graphs. Anyone who has ever experienced with such things, it is better to let this issue will bypass and go to the same writers.

This is our good advice, another lucky can wish good luck, because the right disposal capital and financial flair, you can not bad spin in this business. You can really become a millionaire or pull the latest pants-the choice is yours.

12. Other ways to

If you differentiate yourself creative thinking and feel that the proposed options of earning online, not for you, you can go to their original through the development of a financial plan. Here the boundless field of activity.

You can invent a conceptually new designs of clothing and to offer to different companies. Or simply develop a product that never met on the net. Of course, you need a certain number of brains in your head to move in this direction.

You can start without a penny in my pocket, but with the computer before your eyes. If you want, you can even create your own Internet club business and over time become the owner of this club. Remember the brainchild of Zuckerberg is a social network Facebook.

The idea is simple, like a finger, but only relatively recently, she hooked the minds of the population of the planet Earth. All thanks to the fact that every day we pass by the different ideas that are just waiting for them to snagged an inquiring mind.

Then the idea starts to work for you and generate income, namely this and required. Of course, you need a positive thinking, imagination and ability to anticipate consumer demand. Therefore, all genial is simple-it is difficult to understand that this simplicity can be used and then even trade air becomes lucrative.

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