How to earn online on your website

In the last article, we looked at ways of earning online without a website. In this article, we will cover ways of earning, require Web site:

  • Contextual advertising
  • Referential sale and sell articles
  • Banner sales, shows and pop up ads
  • SMS Services
  • Affiliate programs
  • Site for sale
  • Website for rent
  • Donations
  • Paid service, which involves the Commission
  • Guerrilla marketing

1. Contextual advertising

Advertising engine only. This axiom long ago allowed into circulation and turned into mean coin. One form of advertising is contextual. This blocks of advertising messages, which you can place on your website.

For example, if you have a specific subject, you can pick up to it relevant contextual advertising. If your site is about travel, in which case it is enough simply to advertise goods sports destination for tourists.

Everything depends only on you. Of course, it's not just advertising, if it is interested in the end-user, that is, visitors to your site, then you can simply rely on clicks. A person comes to your site, meets an interesting advertisement and clicks on it.

You receive a certain amount, usually around 10 cents for one transition on such advertising. Sometimes, if it is linked to certain shops and the person who clicks on the link, something acquired, the percentage increases and you get more profits.

Typically, contextual advertising is available known services like Yandex direct or Runner. These services are the most popular and you can find exactly the contextual advertising that most closely reflects the concept of your site and the most matches. Next, it's up to you.

2. Referential sale and sell articles

When you have your own website, you need to fill it with certain content. Information rich site attracts the maximum number of users. It is an axiom.

You may work a certain number of copywriters or rewriters. The result is interesting content that may interest other people.

Given that everything that is placed on your site falls under copyright protection, if this protection is not disrupted, you can turn the article into a great product. Demand in the market of articles is obvious and you can successfully sell enough unique content. However, it's still not all.

The idea can be developed further. If your site is very popular, it attracts attention not only visitors, but also various other sites with less untwisted TIC. To improve the citation can be on a paid basis to post links to such sites, banners with them or just various articles, which, in one way or another, lead to the site the source.

This is quite a profitable event. You in a sense renting your site rent under someone else's information, especially useful when the subject articles corresponds to the idea of the site. This makes the two cases immediately. You get interesting content for which you have paid. Why not?

3. Banner sales, shows and pop up ads

On the banner world exists. At least the world of virtual reality. Through banner ads, made possible the dissemination of products and services in unprecedented scale. Many of us met annoying advertising banner ads and tried to avoid them.

At a time when the whole country was sitting on an ordinary dial-up, once the banner was a significant problem when loading pages. Many current Internet users sitting on high-speed lines, remember those days with horror.

Now the Internet has become faster, but banners will not share. If you have your own website, you can also sell a place under various banners or put these pictures with the purpose of hits. Pay per impressions, usually considered pay per thousand impressions.

Therefore, the option of earning is suitable for very well-known sites with several thousand original visits per year. Of course, the more banners you naveshaete, the more you will receive, but here it is necessary to observe the measure and not to turn a serious site in Christmas tree, pestrjashhuju such extravagances. Otherwise, even the Internet soon starts to stall the megabit and not open these pages. The same applies to the balloon pop-up advertising.

4. SMS Services

Short message service is very popular. So you need to use it. How is it possible? It's easy. Can be bolted to your site tools send messages, various voting, quizzes, contests, chats and more.

This is a very profitable business. Even surprising in times of Internet, when ICQ to phone put simply and very cheap in terms of communication, many people prefer it is SMS.

They send messages to your friends, colleagues, participate in any sweepstakes, and so on. If you have a website of your own, similar cravings to a short word can be enough to effectively use myself for the greater good.

Can also distribute mobile content, games, applications, as well as books that you can download using SMS. Short message service is actively used on websites precisely because of its incredible popularity.

So, why don't you use that opportunity, if it is simple enough? you will only need to create a website, make it mega popular and after screw SMS-services. Which you choose yourself. It can match your wishes, in the site content, and much more. The main thing is not to overdo it and make everything harmonious.

5. Various programs on site

Affiliate programs are online stores and services various sales. If you have a website of your own, in such a case can find your shop on the Internet and deal with its affiliate program.

Of course, such a program must match the theme of your own site and harmoniously fit into it. But actually it is very simple. If you want this affiliate programm, find online shop, then look for the appropriate section and register.

Then we get the source code to insert into your own page and a new banner. Banner information is downloaded directly from the site. All you need to do is promote your own site and wait that someone clicked on the appropriate banner.

Generally considered that someone moved and something gained. In this case you are credited the appropriate percentage. Otherwise, the banner will just occupy space on the site.

This is an interesting case on the one hand, and on the other, it all depends on your site's relevance and interest potential buyers in production partner store. Only in this case, such an affiliate program can bring tangible results.

6. Site for sale

And so, you genius Web programmer. You can write a single left sites for corporate clients, one right for different individuals, and together the two hands are able to create true masterpieces, akin to Microsoft's official website.

And in this case will be able to do such deeds, that just making this craft. That's the bottom line? Looking for clients who need a website and offer their services. Often such a programmer can combine this profession with copyright or rerajtom when you want filling turnkey website products.

However, more favourable tandem programmer-copywriter. In this case, it turns out the most successful bunch. One makes sites, paying a penny to the filling site fit to content.

This is a great option of earning and if lucky to hook a large client, then this site might cost enough decent money. Hence the conclusion-want to make good money, sit down for tutorials on Web design.

In addition, after you create a new site, you might want to support, and this means stable earnings indefinitely. It's also not bad. All that you can earn on the Internet depends on your abilities and skills. Both quite achievable if there are diligence and part of the mind.

7. Website for rent

Rent sites gaining more popularity. Now renting out physical world has moved virtual. Here you can rent a popular square and, if they are in demand.

Let's say you have a site and its target audience, i.e. visitors interested in attending such a resource. If you want, you can pass your own site leased to companies in whose interest it is this involvement of the public.

Such rent quite willingly, many companies interested in the target consumers. If the concept of your website meets the needs of the company, in this case, you can offer to take it out. The company will review your offer and if it is interesting, take it for a certain period of operation.

Of course, in such a case, as in a normal lease option, you rely monthly payments. The amounts of these payments are negotiated in advance. It is worth noting that a lot depends on your site's popularity, already at a very early stage of development, care about promotion and relevance. Who knows, maybe it would be appropriate in the future to any major company and you with this will receive substantial dividends.

8. Donations

This kind of earnings too distributed on the network. Sent it of its kind that for certain services or services to the user, it is proposed to transfer some money to the purse of the owner if the service has been useful.

This kind of earnings is not stable, but also has the right to life. In life there are many enough lovers of freebies and hardly expect visitors great assistance. In order to effectively make money on this site, you need to have really visited and interesting resource.

In this case, you need to first fill it with valuable content or information. This can be a very interesting software users or different information.

The idea is that a user coming to your site takes all the necessary free of charge, and as thanks donates some money to development. As practice shows, the greatest impact from this type of activity could be achieved if not hang similar ads on my pages and sites are unpopular.

Best untwisted services, which already formed a community or interest group. In this case, the efficiency of getting donations and it grows is a podrabotkoj.

9. Paid service, which involves the Commission

That is, under this option, no doubt earning. If you consider this option, you can describe it fairly simple. Some site runs initially for commercial purposes.

This may be some kind of Internet shop or just some project aimed at making a profit. In this case, you will need to initially invest some money to this site became popular, found their fans and followers.

That is, there is a need for a target audience. Next on the site located some content available to non-registered users. This content is free.

However, you can provide that some of the most interesting services will apply. In this case, you will need to register and get access to. To get it you will need to make some user fees.

This is a great option in that case, if you have a really good site which offers excellent options for the provision of goods or services. Then users will subscribe to such services, you receive a Commission for the right to access them. Of course, it is important to arm yourself with the goods initially with high demand and then, as a complement to the new development. But a very interesting option.

10. Guerrilla marketing

What this means? A kind of sneaky advertising, but that is not considered advertising. For example, you have a website, blog, social network page. If you have that any of the above, it is necessary to write reviews.

Reviews are written for various items that should not look like an obvious advertisement. The bottom line is similar to the following. I am in such-and-such or so-and-so recently purchased product. It is very interesting and if you need someone, I can recommend a shop where I acquired it.

Describes the strengths and weaknesses of the product, how it allocates and differs from other similar. If your site or blog have a sufficient number of subscribers, such posts can monetize.

Gradually, as the blog, you can easily earn money on this. Because many companies monitor such communications and you don't have to look for customers, and they will find you themselves. If your blog's popularity is high enough, you can earn per month enough decent money.

The main thing is that such work does not look like a fierce advertising. No need to "sell" the product to someone else. Simply describe how it is popular and useful. All you need is some talent for creative writing and everything will be OK.

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