How to make money on the Internet for paid online surveys

Read about fraud among questionnaires, go to the list of sites with paid surveys.

Another type of earning on the Internet, unless of course, so you can call are paid online surveys.

You are asked to register online and fill out a fairly detailed questionnaire about yourself, your hobbies, etc. p.. Questionnaires contain different questions, depending on the purpose for which the company conducted a poll.

After filling in the application form and its verification by a moderator, you charge the agreed amount in advance. It may be a couple of dollars and maybe a few tens of dollars.

Again, it all depends on what the company and among what audience is polled. So you become clearer, let me give you an example. Suppose two different companies conduct paid surveys. One company among students, second among men over the age of 30 years and an annual income of more than $200 000000.

How do you think, where payment is more? It is clear that in the second case. Although, I personally it is hard to imagine a man over 30, with a salary of more than 500 000 roubles per month, which is looking for, and then passes the paid surveys online!

I am writing to pessimists, that is for sure, after reading only one title will begin to resent and shouting that you can't make money on surveys, and in General, on the Internet visited no!

Partly they are right, but more on that later. You can earn, and what would understand this, one must first answer a legitimate question: what pay?

Paid surveys is a marketing research agencies, upon request, typically, large companies, with a view to identifying the desires and preferences of consumers on any goods (goods) or services.

Here are the most common example. A company, let's call it D decides to enter the market with a new product, the energy drink. Drink pretty original and according to the creators, should enjoy the success among young people aged 16-28 years.

But before full power include machines and spilling hundreds of gallons of beverage company orders the Agency to conduct a study on whether the demand the new drink, which it lacks, etc. p..

And that's when the Agency is gathering a group of people, for example in Moscow or another city, where the goods are planned to be implemented in the age of 16-28 years, inviting them to taste, then asked to complete a questionnaire, and in the end pays the money.

This example describes the process more paid surveys is offline. Online paid surveys are a similar pattern: the site is invited to a certain target group, filled application form and paid the reward.

I.e. the process itself, as well as the meaning of the payment, I think you understand. Cost market research is expensive, so if the Agency is not greedy, then payment can be a few tens of dollars.

In Runet, such high prices I haven't seen but in foreign parts Internet-Yes, but they are not as frequent as we would like.

If we consider the online polls, here it is worth noting that in 99% of cases, through questioning by specialized sites (in the jargon-questionnaires). I.e. the company will not alone seized of the matter. They have a case and more.

Sites of which I speak, combine tens and sometimes hundreds of topical polls from different firms. Advantage is the fact that you do not need to register on the site, with the passage of the next questionnaire.

Worth another mention about the process of charging money. Upon successful completion of the survey, the internal account, is credited with a certain amount of money. Further, once the minimum requirement for the withdrawal of the amount of money you can apply for their conclusion by transferring to one of the e-wallets, Bank Karu or account, depending on what types of supports questionnaire.


On the Web, actually, as elsewhere, is the mass of scams that seek to cash in on the naive and gullible people. Use in their machinations the usual human frailties-greed, greed, etc. p..

That must be confessed, we all want quick and easy to get money, lying on the couch. And on a subject like "$ 50-100 per day!," "yesterday I earned $354" kljuem how! It is worth to pay tribute to the scammers, to lure people they know.

Worth remembering …

If you promise Golden mountains, promise to earn a couple of hundred dollars a day on polls, but you need to pay an entrance fee of only $10-20-30. Supposedly this is because the questionnaire is private, elite and the like.

Experienced people immediately will scent something was wrong in all this. And correctly, because this is pure hoax. All will most likely under the standard scheme: you pay for access in the hope to million earnings, start to actively respond to questions, accumulating the minimum amount for withdrawal, then when its reach, your request for withdrawal will either ignore or write something like "you broke the rules and blah blah".

The outcome is always the same-the money you don't get in any case.

Another "brilliant" idea, which may be born in the minds of newcomers: so what that pay 50 rubles. for a poll!? I enrolled in the 10-30-50 services and will get thousands a day!

Firstly it is not a fact that you don't run into swindlers on the scam, referred to above. Secondly, the quality of questionnaires in the world and the Internet not so much, but here are sites where, at best, appears once a month 1-2 survey-sea.

We recommend that you select the largest, trusted sites, register and take surveys on them, rather than chase the number!

How much you can realistically earn?

If the site even checked and properly platjashhem says that you get paid for completing a survey from $10 up to $100 dollars, it does not mean that this is the amount you can earn!

Now let me explain why. The easiest way to explain why you did not earn a hundred bucks. Surveys that pay $100 or more dollars a little. All of them are held by foreign companies. But this is not a problem. The catch is that these polls are conducted among Americans or Europeans, and respondents a rather rigorous selection.

So if you're not American or do not live in Europe, you get into a group of respondents you have virtually no chance. Next, let's look at the ordinary polls, available to most inhabitants of the planet.

Suppose, after passing one survey, you will be charged on the internal account $10. OK, that's good! But, again, this "BUT". Most questionnaires have rules, according to which, one and the same respondent has no right to often participate in surveys.

As a result, you can earn a few dozen at best a couple of hundred dollars a month, participate in surveys on popular and major questionnaires.

List of sites of paid surveys

Suggest you to familiarize with paid surveys sites list. Attention! List of personally not tested! Picked up by major market players who have proven themselves. But before you register and start working in a questionnaire, locate and read reviews!


Here are both foreign marketing company, and Russian. What or which one to choose, you decide. As a conclusion I want to say the following: make money on the Internet paid surveys you can, quite easily. However, this was, is and will remain the only earnings, even more precisely podrabotkoj.

Do not forget that questionnaires are not from 2-3 and not even from the 10 questions. Much more and all you need to answer. It takes a lot of time, so weigh the pros and cons and take action!

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