How to earn online for clicks without attachments

What mechanical actions a person commits often, staying on the Internet? Correctly, "clicks". Click on the links, banners and websites-what could be easier? And if making these, literally doing it for the money?

If there is such possibility, then you need to find out all the details and answer a few key questions. How much can you earn in this way? Exactly how you can earn, i.e. where to click? Let's deal with everything in order.

Earn per click is the first thing than you can earn on the Internet. Many with this started. You do not need to rely on wealth, but any money it still brings.

Earn clicks is very simple: you re-read the paid messages do clicks advertising, increasing attendance and get money for this.

Here are some of the best email sponsors. Don't forget, by the way, become a blog updates so as not to miss the latest news.

The best mail servers for earnings clicks


It looks like the most popular click-sponsor. On it there are about 200 thousand users-statistics eloquently speaks for itself. There are always a lot of work on it: paid letter, jobs with pay, surfing and decent pay. Minimum payment in 0.1 dollar (10 cents), you can type very quickly.

The most interesting moment-referral system to level 5. Only letters and jobs you can expect earnings to 5-10 dollars a day without much strain. Per month so you can earn up to $200-300. Not so little money. However, there is an option of earning growth. But for this purpose it is necessary to involve referrals (affiliate program participants registered on the recommendation of other participants).

Perhaps all this is, at first glance, it seems frivolous. But the real earnings does not depend on your opinion of them. And you can earn quite decent money. So don't hesitate and register and start.


The most serious of all the existing server. In addition to the standard ways of earnings for beginners, there are many ways SpinUp own site. This could include, for example, exchange links and articles at reasonable prices. You will be offered career ladder on which you'll be promoted free referrals.


Simplicity of design and use, many paid emails, as well as surfing. The minimum charge is set at 2. Everyone knows that klikeru is dialed it for 5-8 tasks. It's not more than one hour of work for the novice.


The project differs from other non-availability of a forum with constantly emerging materials about earnings in the Internet. The interface is intuitive, but for more handy work you can use the program WMPublic Agent. The minimum withdrawal amount is not installed, so you can withdraw any amount. Cost per click in Wmzona similar to Wmmail, but additionally weight expensive specific jobs. In addition, earnings clicks you will receive additional bonuses from users and referrals. You will also be invited to participate in the prize competitions. In General, conditions for work fine!


The site differs from others in that it pays instantly. Payment for clicks decent. Tasks and surfing a lot, but there are limits that depend on the user's rating. The payment currency is rubles, which is very convenient.

How to earn online for clicks

Earn clicks is very simple. For this purpose it is enough to open a Webmoney purse and register at one of the resources listed above. After this you will receive additional instructions, according to which, and will act.

So, you will pay for:

Surfing. It's a simple click on the link and navigates to the site. Where the timer counts down the time of your presence. All you have to do is wait for the required time and to get money. Surfing can be manual and automatic. In the manual you will need to confirm the reading of the links in an automatic.

Reading emails. You have to go to the advertiser's site and read its advertising message. In fact, it is enough to sustain the desired time of presence and the money will be paid.

Clicks on the advertisement. Analogue manual surfing.

Completing quests. A profitable area. Quests can be invited from 1 to 15 cents. Can be a job and more money. The bottom line is that you need to perform a specific job, described in detail by the advertiser. After execution of the need to send the advertiser report. And your work will be paid for. On jobs, you can earn up to $3-5 per day.

A common mistake is the unwillingness to work because of disbelief that can make any decent money. With this approach, really, make will not be easy. I personally know people earning per click to 250-300 dollars a month. Agree, it's a decent sum for a person working from the comfort of your home. In General, don't hesitate and start!

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