How to make money on dating sites

Progress does not stand still, now even further and raising a family can be, by means of the Internet, using a large number of sites offering such services.

And during that until you're a lot of profiles, communicate, communicate with the aim to make new acquaintances, the creators of sites offering such services, nice earning.

Earnings from such sites is very impressive. Of course to come out on impressive earnings, work is being done.

And while Russian halves have not enjoyed so massively finding second their component through online dating sites than other European countries, but this is changing with each passing day, and now to this finding include with less apprehension and mistrust than ever before.

Representatives of such services, not only will allow people to meet, chat and arrange their future, they earn. «Grebem money shoveling, "confessed the correspondent SM representative of one of the so-called new dating services.

One such services shot a couple of years ago. Its database now exceeds 12.5 million questionnaires. Income exceeding $7 Mamba million. Moreover, now there are many willing to revive such proceeds and this service has already come on the heels of a large number of competitors.

According to the President of the "Mamba" Nikita Sherman rated this service reached its climax in the future do not have to expect high growth in new users, IE. k. the bulk of the fans of this flirting already registered on such dating services.

And if they will increase the number of willing, very slightly and this increase will not be able to significantly increase profit site. Therefore, Nikita Sherman is developing another concept of service, to increase his profits.

One such moment is the transition from a free registration of new visitors to a paid, with the purpose of achieving great earnings. Besides, eats some, what thoughts to update site content, which will allow users to stay on your site longer.

Competitors "Mamba" has another view

Loveplanet spent a large sum on advertising campaign, and they were able to attract a large number of new visitors. And they are sure to be able to further expand its ratings of equally productive.

Then the question arises: where does the mass emergence of new users on dating services? In fact, according to statistics the number of Runet audience grows much slower than seeking new acquaintances.

Understanding the situation, it turns out that this system has a Web of relationships with other dating sites and uses a single customer base. After all, few people directly himself comes to the page "Mamba".

The main suppliers of the visitors are two large portals Rambler and Mail, which is constantly replenished many users. In these portals withdrawn special sections-dating.

When you register, you automatically get the "Mamba". Besides "Mamba" there are 30-40 major affiliate programs (,, and several thousand smaller ones. These partner sites and provide "Mamba" permanent income.

The President estimated that "Mamba" every profile brings about $0.12 per month. Here and have to work constantly to the visitors and their profiles on the way to increase profits.

Third-no extra!

LovePlanet first resorted to mass advertising offline. Organizers believe that there is a huge population stratum, which constantly has access to the World Wide Web, but it is extremely rare and only on the merits.

It was on this population focus this promotional campaign, which successfully passed another series and attracted users. In the future, and the universal use of mobile phones has enabled open new ways of earning and motivate their visitors with new services, oplachivajushhimisja via SMS.

Very easy and convenient for the user. But none of them does not imply that the great benefits they have brought to the organizers of these various services. With its rooms, which received SMS them easier now to engage in marketing and open new services.

Old love

Cult resource-"Lady" that aggregates the audience at a time when nobody else was involved in this sort of thing. This resource is served rather to communicate rather than to search for the second half.

Up to a certain point increase users happened by itself, this process no one provided proper attention. But after attracting visitors through the draw "sex test" unexpectedly even for organizers draw service gained popularity.

And here's the paid services in the "Damochke" have not been able to earn the confidence through increased fraud. Last year, a controlling interest in "little ladies purchased the Rambler.

Now "Damochke" face a number of amendments to increase revenues. But nevertheless, when the Lady is not as popular as before it brings not a bad stable incomes.

All such dating services are seeking new ways to earn. Some by selling direct advertising display, the expansion of its services, for example, in addition to Mamba flirting offers some services to find work, because there are people among the users of different specialties.

However, the use of new technology earnings with caution, carefully thinking through the possible outcome that would not get backfire and lose money.

Every endeavour to earn more and more, seeking all possible ways to affect visitors and income respectively.

The desire to conquer all the large base of all kinds of clients, is understandable. For users increases the chance to meet the people he was looking for and possibility of choice increases the chance at times.

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