How to make money on adult websites and Erotica

Опубликовано: 14-12-2019г.

How to make money on adult websites and Erotica

Adult sites that offer viewing of erotic or outright pornography, among other leading sites by the number of visits.

The volume of this business worldwide is around three billion dollars. Roughly ten percent of this amount is accounted for by residents and immigrants from the CIS and Russia.

Pornography is one of the oldest types of earnings in the network. It is with pornography and the era of online business. To do this, the network has been accessed only techies and various officials, who discussed the themes, understandable only to them. As soon as the network appeared normal, ordinary users, pornography on the Internet just bloomed.

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Perhaps, pornography and the Internet attracted people. In the mid-nineties of the last century, a survey was conducted on the topic "why you go into the network, and seventy percent of the respondents said that for porno.

Population growth, who knew about finding online tons of strawberries, have contributed to a demand for a variety of things. Networking businessmen sought to meet this demand, because pornography is the most profitable business network.

In the mid 1990s, the network could find child pornography, real rape. The entire online porno business oriented people from developed countries, and, of course, primarily on the people of America.

While every inhabitant of America in purse was credit card-a tool for any Internet services. And the citizens of the Soviet Union is not particularly worried about that are not desirable customers pornographic sites, they just become earn on this money.

At first they worked advertami. Adverty-these are people who are involved in advertising and provide a permanent increase in audience and number of subscribers. Later, they were engaged in the provision of photo and video materials for sites, and then became the owners of their own Internet resources that are intended for adults only.

Russia has captured a large share of the market for processing credit cards in this business. She became one of the centers of network pornography. But it did not last long, as Russian banks soon refused to serve sites participating in this business.

Since banks have ceased to take part in this business, a lot has changed. At the moment the content and website promotion for adults is laborious, respektabelnej, vysokokonkurentyj business, in which there is the principle of Division of labour.

Now find online illegal content (child pornography, bestiality, rape, necrophilia) is practically impossible, because to accept payment for it is still an issue. And free to engage in what can be put in some countries for ten years, no one wants to.

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Russia is one of the few countries where distribution and the production of pornographic materials is punishable by law. But thanks to the specificity of an online business on porno can earn and living in Russia. Some even thought that eighty percent of all pornographic materials produced in Russia. But, according to experts, it's just a myth. The real contribution of Russia in pornokontent and its production of no more than five to ten per cent.

But it is worth noting that in production we have porno a pretty significant place. This happens for three reasons. The first reason is the demand for beauty, and, as you know, Russian girls always were famous for. The second reason is the diversity of the country. In Russia you can find girls very different appearance: Asiatics, smugljanok, girls with European appearance. The third reason is the low price for the production of the like product.

According to some sources in Russia there are about fifty Studios, which produce various materials of erotic and pornographic nature. These studios are working as illegally and legally, but in most cases, still illegally.

Some Russian photographers enter into a contract to work with foreign companies. In Russia there are about a dozen companies that shoot movies legally. Usually being such Studios videos belongs to the genre of harsh eroticism, but not anymore.

In order to open a Studio, to produce erotic cinema, requires three conditions. The first condition is some insight into the production of films, the second is equipment for filming. The third condition is established sales channel: relation to sex shops and wholesalers DVD.

You can rent a Studio or simply shoot at the cottages, private homes or outdoors. You must also purchase a surveying equipment. It will cost you approximately two to ten thousand dollars. With regard to the actors having sex in front of the camera, they do not pay much.

Alexei Tikhomirov (pornomodel) called the price per shooting day. It is equal to two hundred dollars for a woman and 100 dollars for men. In European countries the same amount paid to actors for fifteen minutes of filming. Because of the cheapness of foreigners often come shoot in Russia.

The owners of adult Studios trying to make a movie as can be cheaper and faster. Budget Russian film, which lasts about 90 minutes, is approximately ten thousand dollars.

You can not shoot their own movie, and simply buy the right to hire any foreign film. For example, the license for distribution for a period of three to seven years, clip, which lasts about 90 minutes and will cost you one thousand dollars. Plus the cover design, menu translation, adaptation of the movie. You spend on this thing for about two thousand dollars.

If you still decided to shoot their own film, then it is not worth to him particularly splurge, since such films okopajutsja for quite a long time, if ever, pay off.

Earn a shot you can film in different ways, but first you will need to get rolling. The first way of earning is the duplication and sale of discs. The second way is to sell rights to display or download a variety of resources and sites.

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