How to earn by selling your photos online

Can I earn on your hobby? It is not only possible, but it would be foolish to do not.

Internet today truly opens up limitless possibilities for earnings, and in this article we will describe a way to earn extra money for photographers, illustrators, designers and 3D.

Your hobby will now be able to work for you, and make a profit, the size of which is limited only by your enthusiasm and desire. We will talk about working with microstocks and photobanks.

What is it?

Photobank-this store many images, including photos, that is created with a view to selling them. Photobank himself looking for buyers, is an intermediary between the client and the producer (photographer). Microstock is a kind of photobank. Prices in the low image microstocks but microstocks compensate for large amounts.

Who is the buyer?

This primarily editors and designers. In fact they often have neither the capacity nor the time to do the desired photograph independently, and not every organization can afford such luxury as photographer.

Much faster, easier and cheaper to buy a ready-made image, and, if necessary, fit it under the options that you want. For these people the photobank is very useful. No need to look for a private seller photos, to negotiate with him about purchasing, payment method-photobank all these formalities takes over.

Microstock photo sites besides the price differs from the proposed images that they provide authors a license on their work. The author receives not only a percentage of the sales. The license restricts the buyer in draw images and how to use them. Photobanks placed in their bases not only pictures. Popular illustration is vector and bitmap, Flash movies and video, as well as 3D-creativity.

What are the amounts of the fees?

Despite the fact that the cost of a single work, relatively low monthly earnings just professional level can range from thousands of dollars and more. The novice an opportunity to equip themselves with the help of PHOTOSTOCK portfolio. This will help at least recoup their hobby, and if you want to develop further as a professional.

What are the prospects for earnings?

Depends on you, your skills, talent and desire to earn and grow. Naturally, the more you work, the more money. Below we present real real earnings fotostokerov. So. Beginner-150-200 works.

Profit from 100 to 300 Cu per month. Professional-1000-2000 works. Profit-from 2000 to 5000 u. (e). Highly skilled pros with several years of experience-$ 2000-5000 per month. It should be noted the fact that the leading professionals in this business earn at least 5 times more. What you need to get started?

  • The presence of the Passport is the most profitable firm demand scan;
  • Mailbox. It is desirable to make it on such resources like Yahoo or Gmail;
  • Create an account on MoneyBookers is to obtain translations of the earned money;
  • Plastic card Visa Classic to convert e-currency.

And of course:

  • The presence of a certain level of skill in their field;
  • Computer skills at the level of the advanced user skills in network;
  • Very desirable knowledge of English (at least);
  • At least a dozen of the other finished works.

What are the requirements for the images?

All the works that fall into the base of the image bank are validated by real people, not bots-programs. In order to work your "contest" was held and was put up for sale, you must comply with certain requirements: the size of the image must be no less than 2000 x 1500.

  • JPG format, maximum quality 12;
  • Absence of "artifacts" (image) and noise (video), with 100% increase;
  • Availability to work descriptions, titles, and keywords that you'll find it in the Bank;
  • The image should not be logos, brand names, that is all that protect copyrights;
  • The image must be solely yours. Plagiarism, theft and copyright infringement will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

How best to sell your photos?

There is no unequivocal answer. Some work better to sell on the traditional pattern, some at microstocks. This is a purely personal matter of each photographer to determine which model is best suited for him.

Be sure to pay attention to the fact that the images, which were sold on Royalty Free-license already, you cannot sell Rights Managed. But the pictures, which are sold in microstocks you can put up for sale under Royalty Free.

A lot of photographers works under the scheme, without breaking anything. If you photograph/delaete3D/shoot/video on a professional level only "for the soul" and do not earn it-this is a big mistake on your part.

Unless, of course, only you don't need the money. Otherwise you just neglect to hundreds or thousands of dollars. You can earn, enjoy the classes. Recommended reading a book "how to make money on online photos» Olga Zomko and Dmitry Suharevskogo.

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