How to make money on contextual advertising Google AdSense

Earn money with Google AdSense. Earn online dream a lot of schoolchildren, students, just workers and retirees. On the nomination of the majority is very easy and does not require much knowledge and effort. But after reading several websites, it becomes clear that you can earn from Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense?

For starters, give an explanation of what it is. Google AdSense is contextual advertising system from search giant Google. Contextual advertising is a text advertisement which is automatically placed on your site and correspond to the subject page. In General, if you have a site about earn money online, and ads will be the same subjects, i.e. about earning online, Forex etc. p.

This allows you to present visitors with ads on the information that interests them at the moment. After all, if a man got on the page about the earnings, then he is in search of the sources of additional profit and are more likely to click on ads. Webmaster, site owner, paid for every click, perfect polzovatelejm, opledelennyj percent.

To earn from Google AdSense requires just three conditions:

  • The availability of the site, which corresponds to the rules of the system.
  • Registration in the system, the filing is made on this page.
  • And third, the latter condition is the presence of visitors on the website. Without them, as no air is not necessary. After all, they will click on the ads placed on your website.

Where to find content?

Here are a few options. The first is to write an article yourself. If you have any knowledge and know how beautifully convey information, then this is the easiest way to get articles for the site.

The second option is to order such services from professionals, copywriters, people writing articles on a particular topic. Find people like you can on specialized sites: Free-lance, WebLancer, Freelance communication Ministry, etc. Also you can find copywriters on specialized forums.

Another option for obtaining content for websites is the transfer of foreign resources. You can translate the article yourself if you have the knowledge of foreign languages or to find translators or contact translation agency, as you prefer. When registration costs indicate real data, as specified to you by postal address first comes an email from Google with proof of address you entered, and then be implemented.

The withdrawal of money from Google AdSense

At the moment you can withdraw money through transfer or electronically, but it is available only to residents of the United States and some European countries.

For the CIS countries the main way for the withdrawal of "hard-earned" is a personal check, but for Russia withdrawal using Rapid system. Quite a fast and convenient way that money get at your local post office, as a regular money transfer, for which you need a passport or other identity document and notification.

Cashing the same cheque is possible not all banks, but only in those dealing with collection personal cheques. The process of depositing a cheque and receiving money takes 1 month to 6 months. Looking at which Bank is going on cashing and how far it is from the Central Bank. Display Google AdSense using WebMoney or Yandex money legally No. You may turn to intermediaries, but it's not safe and secondly they take their percentage.

How much can you earn with Google AdSense?

The most popular question: how much can you earn with Google AdSense? What is the question, so is the answer. Your earnings can make as $1 and large sums of money. For example I am familiar with the largest revenues in the program. To cite the three most profitable site: website communication, founded in the 1990s and has a large database of registered persons. Earns this site more $300 000000 per month.

In second place is the news aggregator, which gets at least $250 000000 per month. And closes the top blog about earning online-Schoemaker, receives a cheque for $140 000000 or more per month. On this block, just flaunts a cheque in the amount of $132 994 for September 2005 year.

Google AdSense has its own secrets, which allow to increase the CTR-1000 relationship hits to clicks on your ad. The higher, the more clicks you get and the higher the income. Increase the CTR can be in a variety of ways, one of them is select ad unit. No matter how, or make bright border or background, place it closer to the text or to disguise under menu item. All of these ways to give your result.

The only thing that is not recommended, it is violating program rules because Google's powerful system to detect cheating or sklikov ad impressions. If you aim for a long job with Google Adsens and getting money, you play by the rules. Google AdSense Official Blog Of Russia.

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