How to make money on players of computer games

The rapid development of the computer games market has long been no surprise. Prices for similar products, as well as computer equipment and set-top boxes are constantly declining and demand increases.

In this trend is powerless even the world crisis. Accurately observed that it is human nature to have fun in the most trying of times, trying to forget the troubles, and that money is spent.

Now it is impossible to imagine that serious game projects engaged in the unit "charged" only enthusiasm and knowledge. Here everything is on a serious track. That's teamwork. The situation in Russia in this field in recent years has become much better. Produced high quality domestic products. No more brain drain abroad.

With one game you can earn thousands of dollars worth of 200-300. Sometimes third-party products sold we are able to provide the same level of profit as in the rest of the world. According to the latest rates for print one CD required only thirty cents. We add here the packaging and beautiful picture with descriptions and fifty cents. Disc is sold already costs one dollar.

Wholesale box of games goes for approximately $24 dollar PCs. Of course, everything in the smaller sizes, but does not profit from this suffering. According to the companies, usually the business is able to bring up to 100 percent of the profits. The Russian market is more modest picture, "thanks to" the development of piracy.

Compensation to achieve this phenomenon when selling "hit" games abroad. And here achieved 100 percent profit. There is also usually an equal profit between the Publisher and developer of games. It is stated in the contract. There are cases where in Russia the company gets more because often there are cases when investments in the project deal with publishers.

With regard to the latter, there is a systematic pattern. Than more and more complex the project, the greater the financial infusion it requires. Usually average quality game development is estimated to be about sex million dollars. When compared with the West, where similar projects cost anywhere from four to five million, Russian companies are quite modest.

The difference is dictated by the fact that the price of a professional in the West are slightly higher than ours. Typically, 80 percent of the budget goes to salaries. We have about 60. The rest of the sum is distributed on utility bills, taxes, rent and so on.

In Russia, the programmer gets up to thousands of dollars. Hence the high cost projects because a quality product in the State you want to 15-20 on average.

The main problem in choosing frames is that the development of quality product requires not only professional, but also creativity, that not everyone is given. And guys like we have about a hundred.

People are constantly changing their preferences, creating a vogue for genre or direction. If you consider that the product development requires about a year or two, then it is a kind of risk, because during this time, fashion can repeatedly change direction.

There are currently two main areas that might be of interest to beginners, wanting to test themselves in this field: development and sale of finished products. Concerning the issuance of a computer game, then everything has long occupied and squeeze into this framework is very difficult. Major markets already divided between five publishers, and newcomers, nobody will trust.

You can combine in their work to create games, publishing and distribution. In this case, the company is engaged in the development and implementation of the entire games. Newcomers like that does not shine. This is only for big companies.

It is best to dedicate themselves to the development. Everything is easier. Initially, it would take about ten thousand dollars. That group of friends acquires the computers and all the necessary programs. Creates a test version of the game, and then offered to the Publisher.

In case of interest of the latter project gets powerful financing and development. The most important thing at this stage is to create a quality product. On average, global game industry done about three-five thousand games a year. Only hundreds of hits, that is successful in commercial terms. The lion's share of "raking in" games on the top.

What is important in development? Process! Need the correct Organization of work. And for this the analysis of consumer demand is determined by the demand in the future. Then creative minds to develop the idea of the game. Drawn up a specific plan.

Over the next three to four months creates a detailed work plan for the whole course of development. This is a very important stage, from which much depends in the future. After that, artists, programmers, animators, designers get together and are engaged directly in the game. This is the most Labour-consuming and long stage.

Creates a test version of the product, which is still a couple of months "brought to mind". Followed by Alpha, beta version. At these stages are engaged gamers who can test the raw product and specify all the inaccuracies and "bugs" that are corrected. You should then release, which assigned major aspirations.

According to the latest figures in the computer industry of our countries most firmly propisalis the following companies: «Niva», "Akella", "Nikita", "1С" and others. Approximately ten to twelve.

How much profit can be made from this exercise? Given the personnel costs, premises, print, advertising and so on, in complex calculations, it turns out that the net profit stands at 6.7 percent per year.

It is based on averages, where total revenue is determined by the 75 000 dollars per year. You must subtract from it staff costs (30 thousand dollars). Then rent-10 thousand dollars. Printing cost of 25 thousand. And advertising on the 5. As a result, only 5 thousand dollars net profit.

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