How to make money in Vkontakte

Every day millions of people visit social networks, they communicate, play music, watch movies, read articles, piarjatsja and solve a variety of issues.

Naturally comes the idea that social networking is a vast advertising platform, on which each there will be an opportunity to earn.

Earn in social networks by using their ad platform or by placing your ads on other sites, or helping others advertised on its website.

Consider ways of earning Vkontakte. If you have created a large group that daily comes a lot of visitors, you will learn about the best options for monetization. Making Openid enable special services. Working on them, you will get money for:

  • Huskies;
  • Clicking the "Tell your friends";
  • Entry into force;
  • Comments to recordings or photos;
  • Adding friends or subscribers.

Each service for these acts is provided for different payment. But if you suddenly get a payment suggestion service or joining the Group laika over 2-3 rubles, do not start work, such prices cannot be, because it would be unprofitable to advertisers. On average, the real price of such actions is 0.3 rubles.

Services for earnings in Vkontakte


Great opportunity to earn. This service every day adds a lot of paid activities. Get rich, but you will not be able to earn 300-500 a month is quite real, and minimal time-about half an hour per day.


  • The minimum amount that can be withdrawn, 100 rub.;
  • Per day available more 30 paid action;
  • Cost per action, on average, 20 kopecks.

2. VPrka

The project is quite stable. A huge number of paid action added daily. For this service a lot of ways to earn money.


  • The minimum amount for withdrawal-50 rub.;
  • Daily payments;
  • Average price action-20 kopecks;
  • 50 rubles. You can earn for 3-4 days, spending 20 minutes a day.


Convenient service for making Openid. The minimum withdrawal amount is not indicated. Every day is enough
paid activities.


  • There is no minimum amount for withdrawal;
  • Average price per action-0.4 rub;
  • There is a possibility to earn money by placing advertising posts on your wall. For post pay from 10 rubles.

4. VKTarget

There is an opportunity to earn not only on the page in contact, but also on their own groups in this social network. Paid a lot of action laid out daily. The high pay per action and small minimum amount for withdrawal.

We advise you to invite as many partners. In fact, the system pays for this is 10% of the amount of their income.


  • The minimum amount is 50 rubles;
  • Paid activity, on average, worth 0.3 rubles;
  • Payments are made on the wallets of Webmoney.

5. Blogun

Serious tools to monetize their own groups, pages of different social networks and blogs. On this project can be quite decently to earn, but conditions are tougher than in other services. This is due to the fact that the project allows you to work only the most high quality sites. If your account or group is active, you can earn quite a good idea.


  • High pay for actions;
  • Minimum withdrawal amount-1000 rub. The sum is large, but this service can earn not less than 5 000 rub. per month, which means that output should not occur;
  • There is a possibility to earn money on multiple social networking accounts.


SEOZAVR Features:

  • The minimum amount for withdrawal-300 rub.;
  • There is the possibility of earning on multiple accounts and groups.

Services that allow you to earn groups

1. Sociate

Best service, allowing you to monetize group. Placing advertisements in their group, you will be able to get a lot of money for it. Price post 30 rubles. and more. If your group has more than 100 000 participants, you can earn from 300 rub. in one post. Calculate how much money you get to such a group per month.


The service provides free posting, which accommodates different materials in their group on a schedule, without participating in it personally.

It is enough to specify the location and the service will post materials itself through the specified time.
The service is the ability to automatically place promotional materials. You should only take an order and indicate the time when the paid post will be published you have in the group.

  • All advertisements placed in the group will be paid.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 USD.
  • Payments every day.

2. Vklike

The opportunity to earn on advertising posts in a group or page Vkontakte. The price of advertising depends on the activity in the group.


  • The minimum withdrawal amount is not installed;
  • Payments are made automatically and instantly;
  • Accounts of popular networks and blogs are used as playgrounds.

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