How to make money on YouTube channel

One of the most visited network of resources in our time is, of course, YouTube. Not all users of this website know that it gives an opportunity to make money online through your own affiliate program.

It is unlikely that you will get rich with YouTube, but an additional $50-100 in a month you can earn. If you learn how to create popular videos and post them correctly, the income will be quite pleasant.

But back to the YouTube program and demands that it brings its counterparties. So to become a YouTube partner, the user must do the following:

  1. Register on YouTube. The procedure is simple and the difficulties with it should not be.
  2. Remove yourself or provide the original video of good quality.

The second paragraph is more complicated. Condition of earnings-visiting users on your channel.

People have to subscribe to it, put the Huskies (positive) or dizlajki (negative scores). Material should be interesting, informative. You can shoot camera or a camera with a high quality, pure sound without interfering noises. Regularly upload videos (approximately one per week).

List of additional requirements that must be met by the user:

  • Download video material must be owned by the user;
  • the user must be at least one thousand subscribers (subscribers);
  • each of the uploaded video should be no less than one thousand views.
  • hold a monetization account

How to enable advertising on YouTube?

You need to go to the section "Video Manager", then "settings" and connect monetization. If it's locked to your country, the country will need to change the United States and include monetization. To do this, you need to register on Google Adsense (advertising company that will post you advertisements and pay you for views). Your age must be more than 18 years of age (if less, require parental consent).

Requirements are tough, and the rare user can meet. If you cannot reach the required level, and the desire to make money on YouTube you have not lost, try to deal with the following:

  • remove yourself to your own video camera or mobile phone;
  • sign up on YouTube;
  • Download the video. When you have your own website, paste a link to the video below;
  • to earn any tangible money and apply for a partnership with YouTube, download video 15-20 in a similar manner.

Wait for the decision on your application for the affiliate program with YouTube will have from a few weeks to several months.

An issue that worries most of all: how many YouTube pay?

The amount of payment depends on many components: the number of video views, the topic video etc. d.

For what exactly pays of YouTube? You can pay half (sometimes even more) advertising revenues, located on your videos.

For example, you have one thousand views of video and 10 visitors are treated to a page advertising cost 1 dollar per treatment. Half of YouTube put host and half pays the owner of the video. Thus, in this case, you can count on 5 dollars of income.

If you have 10 000 views (and 100 references to advertising), you can earn 50 dollars if 100 000 thousand-500 dollars and t. d.

Very rough calculations, since the cost of advertising the "clique" is most often a much lower dollar. It may be 0.5 dollar or even 0.05 dollar. Therefore, to accurately determine the amount of earnings is virtually impossible.

If you already have a decent video channel on YouTube and would like to receive from 70% for hosted hosted advertising, we offer you to register WSP partner program.

The proposed program pays record interest for video views of your production. Work with WSP so much more convenient that calculations are performed in Webmoney. If you are already a premium account holder YouTube partnership program can connect to the WSP and get a huge benefit from the cooperation.

How much can you earn money on YouTube?

In the year 2011 American Jared did with his son Evan toy AngryBirds video. A few years later on channel EvanTubeHD signed more 805 thousand, and the number of views exceeds 744 million. According to the calculations of Business Insider, eight-year-old Evan earns more than a million dollars a year.

Popular Swedish gamer and videobloger Felix Louise earned from advertising in their commercials $4 million for the previous year, reports The Wall Street Journal. YouTube channel called PewDiePie is one of the fastest growing and has the largest number of subscribers among all YouTube feeds.

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