How to choose a site for Lazertaga

Опубликовано: 16.02.2019

Opening of any laser-club is necessarily accompanied with search of platforms for carrying out of games. How to choose the right site? What should you pay attention to when choosing a polygon for games? Consider this question in more detail.

The big advantage of Lazertaga before Pejtbolom is that for the first approach practical any locations-from large forest massifs, to small inside of the arena premises. It all depends on the number of people who will participate in the game. For a group of 10-12 people there is no need to look for vast expanses-for the games is quite suitable small forest plot with 1-2 abandoned buildings.

Of course, abandoned buildings and structures add additional entourage to the gameplay. You can't argue with that. Many novice organizers start opening the club with the search of such objects. Good in our Russia-the mother of such places at least rife.

But there is also a minus. As a significant part of the club's clients are women and children, the game on such polygons becomes extremely dangerous.

The responsibility for injuries and bruises is borne by none other than the organizer of the Games. Therefore, if your club is designed to attract all categories of players, from very young, to "mothers" unprotected, then you need to have in the arsenal of several types of sites-from simple forest arrays, to complex polygons, with an abundance of buildings and structures.

Where do I start searching for a polygon? There are many options. For example, each city has paintball clubs. Certainly their organizers before you already "climbed" all city, its suburbs and near settlements. So just go to them on the site or page in the social. Networks and study the playgrounds that offer these clubs. Often, Pejtbolistov can meet not only small objects that are suitable for paintball, but also quite interesting areas, suitable for laser-games.

You can also walk through the forums and blogs of the Night Watch enthusiasts. These guys can share with you very interesting game locations. Finally, you can take a ride on the outskirts of the city and look for a suitable territory.

Here are some examples of playgrounds that can be found in almost any region:

1. Forest massif with artificial fortifications. For construction will require shovels, nails, bags, 2-3 people, 1-2 days of hard work and the polygon is ready:
How to choose a site for Lazertaga

Advantages of this option: accessibility, ease of construction, and of course safety. Children and adults can play on such a polygon. In this case, the scenarios can be very different-from capturing the flag, to rescuing a hostage, a bomb or control points.

2. Abandoned camp. Interesting and quite safe place for holding laser-games. Popular with many organizers. On such polygons it is possible to implement such scenarios as checkpoints, building seizures, bombs, each for themselves and others.

How to choose a site for Lazertaga

3. Former collective farms/farms, granaries and similar objects-can be found at every step. Also suitable for games. Of course, pre-need to carry out a cosmetic repair of the territory (remove debris, nails, etc.), make additional fortifications (lead tires, together DotA) and the playground is ready to receive guests.

How to choose a site for Lazertaga

4. One of the most ideal sites for the game laser-a former military unit. Such places are large territories, with an abundance of buildings and structures, which allows you to play a variety of scenarios, depending on the imagination of the organizer. If there is such an object on the outskirts of your city, consider that half the battle has already been done.

How to choose a site for Lazertaga

In the end I would like to note that in no case do not play on the sites of former chemical and industrial plants. Such territories may contain substances that are harmful to human health. Also, when choosing a site, it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination of the condition of buildings. Dilapidated 2 or 3 storey buildings, with prognuvshimisja walls and ceilings-not the best option for the laser-games. Do not forget that in the arrangement of the landfill should remove all debris, broken glass, nails and other items that can injure the player. Remember that client security is above all. The reputation of your club and, accordingly, your profit depends on it.

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