How to choose the equipment for a caf?

Опубликовано: 23.02.2019

How to choose the equipment for the caf?? What should you pay attention to when choosing a hardware manufacturer?


    Once all the project works have been completed, the design is chosen, and the concept of the institution at the owner appears no less important question-how to equip your caf?? Experts are united in the opinion that the quality of equipment and inventory depends not only on the profit of the institution, but also the success of the business as a whole.

    Which equipment is better? Unambiguous answer is not easy to find. Ultimately, it all depends on the format of the caf?, the room, and the amount of money that the owner has. However, if we talk about different types of cafes, then for each of them can highlight the main principles in the selection of equipment.

    What to choose equipment for caf?-bakery

    How to choose the equipment for a caf?

    One of the popular types of cafes for today are the so-called caf?-bakeries. Here, in addition to the sale of drinks and various products, offers fresh baked goods of their own production. Such establishments should have sufficient space for the functioning of the production and auxiliary premises. Equipment of Caf?-bakery assumes installation of the following equipment: mixer, divider, Kruglitel, a racking case, rotary furnace or combi, production tables and other auxiliary equipment.

    A more specific list of equipment depends on the nomenclature of manufactured products and the production area.

    As for the manufacturers of equipment for bakeries, among the domestic companies can be distinguished: Zao "Sunrise" (g. Saratov) and LLC "Chuvashtorgtehnika" (g. Cheboksary). These manufacturers produce a wide range of equipment for bakery and confectionery production. When choosing foreign manufacturers you can pay attention to the Italian companies Tecnoeka, UNOX, SOTTORIVA and Tajvanskuju company Starfood.

    What to choose equipment for coffee shop

    How to choose the equipment for a caf?

    As a rule, caf?-coffee houses have a small premise, and the main emphasis in such establishments is made on sale of coffee and other drinks. Therefore, when choosing the equipment for the coffee shop special attention should be paid to the arrangement of the bar counter. The list of equipment, in addition to the juicer, coffee grinder, icemaker and mixer, should also include the refrigeration and dishwasher equipment. In this case, the institution needs to buy only professional machines, designed for high performance and reliability.

    Compare any household mixer with its professional analogue, such as the "Bermixer Plus 350" mixer from Electrolux. The specialist will notice the difference at once: first on the technical characteristics (performance, number of nozzles, power consumption, etc.), secondly in appearance-the working parts of the mixer are made of high-quality stainless steel, Which confirms the reliability of the device.

    Other well-known manufacturers of equipment for bars are such firms as Starfood, Robot Coupe, Kitchen, and Convito.

    In coffee shops that claim high status, the coffee sold must meet the highest standards. Therefore it is not possible to manage one cheap coffee machine. In this case, it is necessary to purchase coffee machines of famous international brands, for example, Italian company Lavazza. This manufacturer produces a wide range of devices, such as LEP line coffee machines, which can prepare such popular drinks as: Cappuccino, espresso or latte. The company produces only high-quality and reliable equipment and is the oldest supplier of coffee in European countries.

    What to choose equipment for pizzerias

    How to choose the equipment for a caf?

    Another popular format caf? not only in our country, but all over the world, are pizzerias. To organize your own production of pizza will require significant areas and equipment appropriate equipment. You need: baking, thermal, mechanical, refrigeration and neutral equipment.

    The bakery equipment includes: mixer, creamer machine and divider. Hodilnoe equipment: Freezing and cooling chamber, refrigeration and freezing cabinet. Mechanical equipment: potato, cutter and meat grinder. Thermal equipment: Combi.

    Combi-Universal kitchen equipment with which you can bake not only pizza, but also to cook other dishes-fish, meat, various garnishes. With the help of combi you can significantly expand the menu of the institution. No less important advantage of this equipment is its compactness, which allows you to significantly save space in the kitchen.

    Among the variety of companies offering thermal equipment can be distinguished German firm Rational-the most famous and oldest manufacturer of Parokonvekcionnyh furnaces. Due to deliberate advertising policy, this brand is still popular with cooks and restaurant owners.

    The German firm has a considerable competition from producers from Sweden, Italy, Spain, East Asia and even Russia. Among the Italian companies can be distinguished-tecnoeka, Tecnoinox, Unox, Foinox, Zanussi. Good domestic producers combi are brands-Iterma, Abat, ATESY and Irtysh.

    However, according to the real Italian pizzaiolo (experts on pizza) for the pizzeria is still preferable oven. The thing is that in Italy, a real pizza bake only in wood stoves, and no other equipment here can not be involved.

    In Russian conditions it is not always possible to put a wood-burning stove due to a number of restrictions in the legislation on fire safety. The way out of the situation for domestic restaurateurs is the installation of modern gas and electric furnaces in the establishment. Such equipment complies with all the safety standards that are imposed on the catering industry. The leaders in the production of such equipment are the same Italians.

    MORELLO FORNI, Fimar, Gam, Pizza Group are famous Italian brands that produce quality equipment for restaurants and pizzerias. Kneading and sheeters machines, hearth furnaces, dividers, that is all that is necessary to create a complete technological chain in a pizzeria.

    Having with the format of the caf?, you are left to choose a reliable supplier that offers the full range of necessary equipment. For example, concern Electrolux-the oldest manufacturer of equipment for catering, produces both potato and modern thermal and refrigeration equipment. It owns the production of a whole range of Combi series: Air-o-Steam, air-o-speed and Air-O-convect.

    When equipping a caf? it is important to understand that the savings are not so much in the purchase of cheap equipment-how much in the acquisition of reliable and proven equipment that will save you from unplanned work and downtime of production.

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