How to choose a car wash area?

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How to choose a car wash area?Choosing a place for a car wash is one of the most "sick" questions for beginners. There is an opinion that a good place is almost the main key to the success of washing and basically the place will determine the flow of customers, and hence the profit. I'm sorry, but it's not.

First, not always the flow of customers is equal to big profits, and I will show you this on one interesting example a little further in the course of the book, and secondly, the problem with such a look at the washing business is that people want to find a "magic pill": if I find Good place, will be me happiness forever and the customers pile up to the end of life.

Yes, the place plays a certain role. Yes, the choice of location affects the initial cost. Yes, the place affects the speed of promotion of the new car Wash. But! If the business is properly organized, the place will be far from the first important factor influencing your profit. Remember, there are no magic pills in business. You can not sit and wait until the "place" will bring you customers.

"But how is that? You ask. "There are already a lot of working sinks, and it is clearly seen that the place is very strongly influenced by everything." Yes you are right. Partly. If you want to get industry-standard results, you can only rely on the right place. And you will have the most common sink on which the flow of customers depends on where it is. And you will sit and wait until you arrive. And if not come, will sit and grieve, why so few clients.

But if you want to get good results, you need to forget about what everyone else is doing. Great successes are achieved units, and all other along in the tail. I really hope that by reading this book you'll use my advice and achieve really good results.

Okay, it was a small but important retreat from the place selection theme, so let's continue the conversation.

The first thing you need to do is to identify all possible locations for future washing. Then evaluate their appeal and make a list, starting from the best and ending with the worst. Naturally, it all makes sense if you have choices. If the place is one-the only and nowhere else you can not open the sink, this step can be skipped.

How to estimate whether a good place? I have often heard such advice: "The washing should be put on a busy highway, where a day passes a lot of cars." Well, what joy? People are much more comfortable to wash the car near the house or near the work. and the best option to place a car wash I consider a sleeping area or business center. The practice of existing sinks shows that the places where a lot of cars pass-the entrance or exit from the city-are much inferior to the loading of sleeping areas.

On the other hand, there are still a bunch of factors that have weight when choosing a place. And the final choice should be made only with their consideration. In addition, different types of sinks have different influences. Take, for example, the number of inhabitants in the area. To load the tunnel wash, the population density should be high, and this factor for the tunnel is much more important than for manual washing.

So the first is the demographic. District of the district is divided, and when choosing it is desirable to focus on the monetary target audience. You need to know the approximate number of inhabitants within a radius of 5 km, what are their income, on which cars in the area drive, whether there are new residential houses, etc. Dr. In general, the more prosperous the area, the more likely that money customers will come to you.

A more accurate way of estimating the number of prospective customers is to draw a polygon that has the nearest retail stores on its tops. Nearest – Maximum 10 minutes drive from your place. It takes a little more time, but more precisely.

In general, the minimum number of inhabitants that you need depends on the type of washing, the proportion of people living here and passing by and the number of already working sinks in the area. If you have worked on a business plan, you already have approximate figures for the minimum load of your future sink and you can simply compare the number of residents – potential customers in the selected area and the required number of customers to reach the point Break.

Again, if you have a terrible shortage of sinks in the city and the city is relatively small, you can come to customers from other areas. Provided that you will provide quality services. It all depends on the specific city and the specific situation, so attentively themselves.

Next you need to evaluate the traffic, T. E. Flow of machines. What is the average number of cars passing by? What is the average flow rate? What are traffic signs and speed limits? What is the state of the roads near the place? The evening traffic is on the same side of the road where the place is? What are traffic patterns, which watches are the most dense, which ones are the weakest?

For example, for tunnel washing, which claims a solid percentage of "random" customers, traffic is a very important factor. From the American experience we can see that many customers come to the sink, obeying the momentary desire, just seeing the pointer. When cars are on the road with the speed of 80 – 90 km/h, even if the driver will have time to notice the pointer, he can at all desire to not have time to turn to the sink and drive past. So the lower the speed of passing cars, the better. Ideally no more than 60 km/h.

You also need to look at other traffic parameters. On which side the cars go in the evening, when people return from work home. If your-excellent, if the opposite-a little worse.

Then you should look at the competitors. Is there a car wash within a 5 km radius? What kind of washing, manual or automatic? How many customers do they have in a day? Remember that for tunnel washing it is more important than for manual. All in all, if you want to open a hand wash and there are plenty of sinks nearby, this is a sign that the place is decent. If you want to open an automatic washer with great passableness, then you should be careful. Although, I think, even at the time of the release of this book the situation on the market will not change much and portal and tunnel sinks will not become much more. In general, competitors are not afraid of fear, competitors-it is good, and a little later I will tell how to protect themselves from them completely.

Next you need to see what else is in the area. The more reasons for potential customers to come to the area of your car wash, the more likely they will wash your cars.

It is clear that the reasons to ride in Godorf people are much less than in the shopping center. On the other hand, the reason for trips to the industrial can be that this washing is very, very high quality with good service. But in any case, the promotion of even quality washing in a quiet deserted place will take much longer than the promotion of the usual car wash in a busy area. Why it is so and how to solve a similar problem, I will tell in the chapter about attracting clients, and for now continue talking about the choice of place.

The more near the car wash places selling products, the better. First of all-it is grocery supermarkets and shops, petrol stations, cafes, restaurants and eateries, car services, household shops, shopping malls. If you are going to open a car wash where people work, there should be business centers and offices nearby.

When choosing a place, consider that the sinks for two or less posts should be at least 50 m from the houses. If the posts are more than two-at least 100 m. To reduce this distance it is possible only in coordination with the Chief sanitary Doctor.

The next point is the availability of the site. Where is the site located-on the corner, just on the road or inside the block? Is there a gap in the solid line opposite the entrance and exit, and if not, where is the nearest reversal? If opposite to the entrance there is a rupture in a continuous dividing line, it is good, then and to go, and to leave from a washing it is possible in any direction. If not, you should try to reconcile it.

The side of the street, which will be the entrance to the sink, must be at least with trafficlightontheleftsideofthe traffic. The entrance itself – the wider the better. If there is a possibility, departure and entry is better to arrange separately.

Most often rectangular form of the site is optimal. It is necessary to try to make parking for clients. The number of seats, for example, for manual washing-about 1.5 hours of work. That is, if you have two posts and you wash six cars per hour, parking spaces should be eight to ten. Of course, the more the better.

The next factor is the visibility. The washing should be well visible from a road, and it is desirable from a long section of a road before and after washing. Direct visibility replaces outdoor advertising. Very good, if the road on which you are located-the main and meters to a hundred in both directions direct. If the washing itself is not visible, a great and noticeable pointer will help. Road signs pointing to your car wash are also very helpful.

From the point of view of the area the site should be big enough that on it it was possible to build a car wash of the type which you want. This also applies to the form of the plot. Normally, the rectangular shape of the site is optimal. It is also necessary to consider local regulatory requirements, such as the minimum allowed distance from the building to the road, the requirements for landscaping and landscaping-all this takes a useful area of the site for construction.

This is as far as the factors influencing income are concerned. On the other hand, there are factors that affect the initial costs and opening dates. First, if you want to get a free land under the sink of the state, you may not understand at all what. Some piece on the outskirts, far from the water, the light and the heat. You also need to be prepared for this. Sometimes it is possible to sacrifice one place, which heralds hemorrhoids with connection to engineering networks, in favor of another where all this is nearby.

And if you, for example, want to buy land, its value will not always be the decisive factor.

There are a few more points to consider.

First, the purpose of the land (or premises if you are going to rent the area). There are three options. The first, the most successful, when the plot of land is designed for the construction of car wash. This is, of course, a rarity, but it happens that such plots are exhibited at competitive bidding. In this case, the process of obtaining permissions and approvals usually takes place without much problems.

The second variant-the site is intended for industrial building. This is also good, there should be no special problems with the agreements. But usually such plots are already occupied, and unoccupied are sold hectares, and to cut a piece in some acres nobody will be.

The third option-the site is not intended for industrial use. In this case, you will have to change the target destination, and the process is long and tedious and can last for several years. It all depends on the particular situation, and there is no guarantee that the case will burn out.

Next: Engineering networks. First, you need to calculate what you will cost to summarize all the necessary communications. In some cases, this amount may even be greater than the cost of the land itself. You will come, say, to ask for electricity, and you will be told that there is no capacity and so work on the limit. Want electricity? No problem, buy us a new transformer station. Or it may be that you have to pull the water pipe a few kilometers.

Secondly, you need to know exactly what is under the site. There may well be some trubogazovodoprovody that will need to be carried outside the site. In addition to being very expensive, you will still need to obtain the consent of the owners and consumers of these networks.

In general, the algorithm of selection of a site is such: To define important for you criteria and necessary parameters of a site with a certain number of points for each observed parameter. After that it is necessary to check on these parameters all possible places of placing of a washing and to put to each site an estimation. As a result, you get a list of parcels in descending order of attractiveness.

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