How to find a good job in Moscow: tips from the professionals

"Working in Moscow is one of the most frequent queries in search engines. This is due to the fact that in this city and region as a whole operates a great number of public and private enterprises. They in turn provide many vacancies in various trades.

In addition, the average wage in Moscow is about 45 thousand rubles. This amount to 23% higher than revenues in other regions of the country.

On the basis of numerous opinion polls, it is considered that the conditions of work and in this city are on a higher level. This is due to the overall quality of life and development of business in the capital. For the same reasons here en masse come applicants work from other countries but without training is typically offered low skilled work. reviewed more than 400 thousand. current vacancies in Moscow and made a rating of the most demanded professions:

  • the sales assistant at the Salon — almost 2 000 vacancies showing monthly income in 36 000 rubles;
  • taxi driver;
  • real estate agent;
  • Courier driver;
  • pharmacist-pharmacist;
  • Manager consultant;
  • real estate Realtor;
  • Assistant Manager;
  • seller consultant in store;
  • seller consultant furniture.

Among the areas with the highest number of proposals to allocate:

  • trade and sales — about 20% of total requests;
  • production specialty;
  • industry, IT and computer-related developments;
  • management;
  • Tourism;
  • restaurant and hotel business.

The level of wages on the most urgent vacancies

In the list of highest-paid industries in Moscow include:

  • show business and art, on average these areas earn 70 thousand. per month;
  • top-management-65 thousand. rubles;
  • transportation and car service is 60 thousand. rubles;
  • medicine and pharmaceuticals — 60 thousand. rubles;
  • construction: residential and industrial-60 thousand. rubles;
  • marketing, real estate, PR-60 thousand. rubles;
  • production specialty is 56 k. rubles;
  • accounting and auditing is 55 thousand. rubles;
  • specially trained domestic staff is 55 thousand. rubles.

On the same high income can expect members of such professions:

  • the leading developer of Senior Java Developer, its average wage is 185 000 roubles per month;
  • Head of software development group with revenue of 165 00 rubles;
  • Architect — 155 000 rubles;
  • Java developer;
  • Director of the company;
  • lead developer;
  • Director of sales and marketing;
  • the ceo of the company.

List of companies, leading to number of current vacancies

Among the companies and organizations that provide the greatest number of proposals Moscow, allocate:

  • Yours is about 6.5 thousand. vacancies;
  • Your House;
  • Euroset;
  • Crossroads;
  • Metro Cash and Carry;
  • Euroset-Retail;
  • Pyaterochka;
  • Inkom Real Estate;
  • INCOM;
  • ION.

How to present yourself to an employer thinking about further cooperation with you?

Professional HR managers and specialists of the site created a list of the most important requirements for the applicant works, which play a key role in employment:

  • the availability of complete higher or special education;
  • experience, and not necessarily in the same industry, in which you are looking for a job now;
  • the presence of specific knowledge and skills, such as knowledge of foreign languages, PC knowledge, driving, etc.;
  • When preparing a resume, don't forget that it should be informative and concise;
  • check your profile for correct clearance, lack of grammatical and lexical mistakes, structure;
  • Don't be afraid myself perehvalit, and feel free to contact all existing achievements, internships, participation in conferences and other events;
  • avoid abstract phrases when talking about his previous employment experience, replace them with specific statistical indicators of its effectiveness, compare, "was involved in the signing of contracts and for the period of March-May 2016 year concluded treaties 108;
  • specify the contacts its head from the previous place of work, so that it can provide you decent recommendations;
  • picture in your resume should be professional and be sure of the portrait, in full face, and your appearance on it must be business and not too catchy;
  • in the list of personal attributes, specify their strengths: responsibility, punctuality, stress resistance;
  • the absence of bad habits is also not the last value for many professions, for example, nanny or teacher;
  • However, in an effort to introduce yourself in the most favorable light, not priukrashivajte your resume because you verify the accuracy of data for an experienced Manager will have no difficulty;
  • use specialized designers summary, they allow you to get a flawless profile, practically without the tremendous effort;
  • and, most importantly, be yourself, write openly, then the employer immediately turn out rate, can you work as a team.

For the most part, employers prefer active and active employees who are ready to develop and introduce new ideas. So often the creativity and initiative are also taken into account.

The cover letter you can indicate that you have specific suggestions to improve the quality of production, or any specific development. But be prepared that you will need to tell more about them. So talk exclusively about carefully prepared materials.

What can you do to find a job in Moscow?

In order to search for work has been most effective, you need to use all available resources. In particular pay attention to specialized sites. On them collected proposals from leading employers in the country. Each of them contains a detailed description of the requirements to the prospective employee and information on proposed wages, so you can see immediately whether this job right for you.

One of the largest job-search sites, both in Russia and in the countries of the nearest abroad, is

In any case, whatever the way of finding a job in Moscow you have taken advantage of, you expect success. The main thing is not to despair and persevere to the goal you have set for ourselves.

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