How to find business angels (private investors)

Business angels are called investors who put money into the company at a very early stage. That is, a company may not yet exist, maybe just an idea and a business plan.

At this stage, it is pointless to contact the Bank or look for a venture investor. For the most part, business angels-it entrepreneurs in the past, earn enough money and investing them in young promising projects. This is done with the purpose of making a profit from the sale of its share of the business in the future.

Business angels can be represented as a layer between the beginning of activity of the company and the time when she gets the first investment from venture funds, or loans from banks. Many now world-renowned projects initially helped business-angels. Among these projects, these giants Apple and Google.

His appearance business angels are bound to Silicon Valley. Their story began when Eugene Kleiner left Shockley Semiconductor company with a firm intent to organize their work. The idea was to create a production based on silicon chips. But nobody was interested in his idea. And now, at a time when the engineer started to think about returning to the old place of work, Arthur appeared the CRIC. At that time, the CRIC has worked in investment company, and he helped Kljajneru find an independent investor.

Thus was founded the company Fairchild Semiconductor, which helped start the "business angel, who in her early stage of half a million dollars. The fact that the concept of "business angel" appeared exactly in Silicon Valley is not a fluke. The fact of the matter is that tech industry is one of the most loved "Angels".

Business angels differ from conventional investors?

Firstly, funds almost always manage to not their money. Business angels invest their own money in the deal. Secondly, business angels almost always work alone. Also, there are significant differences in the most investment. For a more detailed consideration of the need to split the time development of the project into stages, and look at it from the point of view of the investor: Seed-at this stage the project exists only as an idea or business plan.

Cannot even be talk of entering the market. An urgent need for capital. Start-up-the beginning of activity of the company. Early Stage-the company acquires first clients. Already exists its own product, is the first sale. Expansion is quite an interesting stage of development at which the company grows rapidly, and therefore require additional investment.

Exit-Business-Angel goes out of business. What conclusions can we draw from this? A bank or a venture company ready to provide funds when it is already at a minimum on the second stage of development. Business angels are ready to invest in the idea, and the people who created it. How to attract business angels to your project? Everything is quite simple:

  • The project must be really promising;
  • There must be competent and convincing business plan;
  • The investor must like you personally, as an entrepreneur. He must believe in what you are able to bring developed up to the end.

And if these three points are fulfilled, as it should, then you are very likely to get money. And not just money. The fact of the matter is that business angels rarely serve as passive investors and you'll likely find considerable support in their face. As in the past, entrepreneurs, they will help establish a correct connection, if necessary, will be made by a bank surety, or help bring in business venture investor.

As far as Russia is concerned, business angels here already have. And in sufficient quantity. Question-so far there is no worthy objects for investing in sufficient quantity. But it is surely only a matter of time.

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