Is it possible to earn money on the paid survey?

On the Internet lately are becoming increasingly common proposals to participate in paid surveys. There is also a view that is completely aimless waste of time, and you cannot earn anything.

Let's look at this issue better, to understand why and who engages in paid surveys. And that people are about this way of earnings. In recent years, the Russian-language segment of the network appeared quite a lot of resources offering addresses companies that conduct paid surveys.

You will no doubt have ever stumbled on this kind of proposal: don't miss your chance to earn paid survey! Find out now how you can get $150 per hour, just expressing your opinion! ".

  1. Earn up to $7 per hour, just filling in the questionnaire;
  2. Earn up to $150 per hour participating in focus groups;
  3. Get money just for testing new products;
  4. Get money for watching videos!

Participation in online surveys is:

  • The opportunity to earn up to $2000 per month;
  • The ability to work anywhere and at any time;
  • Earnings, which do not require any professional skills and knowledge;
  • No age limits. Sex and nationality.

In both! And what about this private Internet user? Certainly, it already presents itself, grebushhim money big shovel. And consciousness develops the pictures brilliant future-sea, Palm trees, sand and all that. And here it starts moving in a given direction, after a while it even appears a coveted set of resources involved in the pay-per-view interviews, which he bought for a decent sum. And that's just on this spot at all rosy dreams of our individual can put a big, fat point.

Because our stupid Pinocchio begins to make preljubopytnejshie opening. Like this character, he wanted to go to a country of fools, where money grows on trees, and turned out to be nevozdelannom wasteland. And no one expects it, and money is not strewed with branches, and, it turns out, ONLY HERE!

And systematic work and very difficult. If the advertisement was told that you need to answer the questions, then have to kill a lot of time for registration of the necessary resources. And there should be no less than a hundred, otherwise such activities just meaningless.

Already interested?

So what is it turns out-just brazenly lying? Just deceiving gullible Russian people nurtured on Russian folk tales about Emelju? Here everything is much simpler. Let's open our eyes to the obvious truth-not everyone who WANTS to make money from the network, WILL BE ABLE to do it.

Dry statistics-90% wanting to earn very quickly clog the breasts your dreams and desires of a large and sharp silver Aspen. So says an impartial statistics. But, we still have ten percent. It is they who, having learnt to purposefully work, subsequently become successful Internet entrepreneurs. Still, is it possible to earn something on these paid surveys? There are.

The truth is that advertising really often priviraet. Don't count on one and a half-two thousand dollars a month. With due persistence you can earn up to thousands of dollars a year. The truth is, every year there has been a slight increase this amount.

So in Russia paid surveys will not be enough to eat, it unequivocally. But if you consider the paid surveys as an additional "tail" earnings, then it makes sense. Exactly it and categorize-"a little extra income.

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