Is it possible to earn a handmade?

Is it possible to earn needlework?

Once, for needlework, I had to wriggle out, finding tools at hand and «getting» the right product with all the truths and crooks. Now, in order to realize your creative potential, you just need to go to a specialized store or buy everything you need without leaving your home on some site. And handicrafts are now often called the foreign word hand-made.

And if in the 90s needlework was the prerogative of grandparents, now more and more young women and girls are actively engaged in it. For some, this is a way of self-realization of one’s own creative ideas, while others wish to earn money on hand-made money in excess of the cost of materials. Is it real to wrap a woman’s hobby in a business that you can earn with dignity and soul?

Unique and mass production

The first thing to think about, what handmade things are you going to manufacture and sell — exclusive or designed for the general consumer? Someone has enough to connect with a dozen pairs of socks and pinets, very similar in style and performance, not much bothering with the uniqueness of their products. In this kind of hand-made there is an advantage in price — little things are inexpensive and disperse.

This option is suitable for those needlewomen who count on buyers from the nearest environment. The product can be sold in local markets, small counters along the passing sidewalk near the house or distributed among friends and acquaintances. In order to decently earn this way, you need almost a conveyor belt, that is, a very fast production of goods.

In some cases, this type of activity has a large number of competitors, and unpretentious cheap things you will not sell via the Internet. After all, it is much easier for people to buy the same socks from a master who lives in a neighboring yard, without being ruined for delivery.

And if the first method is suitable even for a beginner, then only a professional can make exclusive things. This does not mean that it is necessary to finish some courses of needlework, but still have to learn, though independently. And often for the development of some technology will have to spend a year and two. On the other hand, beautiful and elegant products are expensive. The point here is not even in the price of the material, but in the amount of time spent and embedded skill.

Unique hand-made gizmos are convenient to sell on the Internet, and they are often bought by foreigners who are willing to shell out for an exceptionally good amount. Sell ??hand-made of a similar category is possible in large cities, which are visited by many tourists. Both are capable of yielding a stable income.

How to calculate income?

First you need to decide how much you want to receive for your work every month. Then divide this figure by the number of working days in a month. With a standard five-day period, this is 21-22 days. Then divide the resulting amount by as many working hours as you are going to spend every day. The standard is 8 hours. Thus, you will know the cost of an hour of your own work time.

In order to calculate the price of the product, you need to calculate how much time it takes to manufacture it, and then take away the cost of the spent materials from this amount.

All people work at different speeds — beginners are slower, professionals are faster. Calculating the speed and cost of the product, it would not be out of place to ask friends, they would buy such and such a thing for such and such a sum. If basically you get positive answers — fine. And if not, you will have to reduce the cost of the product and stay for a while in a lesser gain, but at the same time learn to work faster.

There is one more nuance. Not all things, even if you invest a lot of time and effort, look like the amount that they should, according to the above calculations, ask for. But not all simple products make a cheap appearance — many look more expensive, so the price for them can be too high.

No matter how beautiful this may sound, few of the needlewomen are stable and earn good money only by selling gizmos created by themselves. Therefore it is important to think, and is there any additional income in the sphere of hand-made?

Associated income

Those who have long been engaged in business in the field of needlework, admit that it is almost impossible to earn enough on one’s own products alone. This can boast of units that have managed to fit into the business in such a way that only their name already brings a fabulous income.

«The mere mortals» can only put up with this fact and look for additional ways of earning:

— Conducting master classes in live and online.
— Opening of a sales outlet or an online store for the sale of their products and materials for needlewomen. You can take to the store for sale the products of other masters
— Conducting trainings and seminars on how to achieve success in hand-made in both reality and the virtual world.
— Writing books, keeping a column of needlework in a newspaper or magazine, a blog.
Although needlework is an old occupation of the weaker sex, but it is obvious that to achieve success in this business you need to be a pretty strong person. In addition to artistic talent, it is important to develop business acumen and psychological resistance to stress. Business, based on hand-made, is hard work. And if you are strong in spirit and ready to succeed, clenched teeth, then this business is for you!