Is it possible for the student to attract investment?

Business is business, even if it is organized by the students. Like any other, at an early stage of development, he needs a starting capital, and advice from more experienced people.

Young entrepreneurs from States in this regard, much easier-there are many venture capital organizations seriously interested startups students. Russia in this respect until evolve and develop. At Highland Capital Partners, a venture capital company of Lexington, already have considerable experience of cooperation with many universities. NDS willingly invests in projects that originated in students Wednesday.

In the words of Michael Hess, Vice President of the company: "we may be able to assist people with new and exciting ideas. The company, in addition to investment, examines the startups, its representatives actively communicate with students.

And in such conversations often give birth to new ideas, which are capable of causing interest SNR. It is even possible that the company will invest the money in them. In 2007, the company has invested more than $60 000 in drafts of several groups of students who each had to prove its ability to create and develop new projects.

When this team students received not only money but also support from the specialists of the company. In the NDS nourish the hope (and for good reason), that similar projects in future will be able to realize its considerable potential, and to bring the owners a solid profit. By the way, among the company's prot?g? is not only ordinary students but also students at MBA, most not very young people.

For example, Alain Chuard and Victoria Ransom founded with the help of your company IncFuel, which is located in Massachusetts, and provides numerous products for the tourism industry. The company already has its own Internet portal where tour companies can place their business proposals.

Thanks to the Highland Capital Partners, the young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to collaborate with such large companies, which themselves would never have dared ask. Young people, with their words, will do its utmost to NDS continued financing of their project.

The company Paragon Lake, which was founded by two 23-year student, almost everyone owes Highland Capital Partners. Experience and funds provided by the venture fund helped Jason Rejbonu and Matt Lauzonu at the very beginning. To date they have popular web shop, which sells jewelry made by independent artists.

Some students go much further, and have already set up their funds. For example, Dakota Venture Group venture fund was created, and is operated by student teams. It was launched in 2006 year, in September, at the University of University of North Dakota's Center for Innovation. Students are constantly working on the development of their child, and are actively investing in fast-growing companies in the region that are at the stage of start-up and seed. Naturally, this is only single examples. In fact, their incomparably more.

Indeed, in the United States investors are closely watching every opportunity to invest in a promising company. Studenny has been successfully creating new interesting company. Say more-very many it Giants have been created by students.

It is worth to name just two of them, Google and Facebook, as it becomes clear why u.s. investors so closely monitor all new projects. And they totally don't care how old their founder. In our country of such interest to the business activities of students, unfortunately, have not yet been observed.

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