Investment options, providing passive income

The relevance of investment every year become more and more evident for people seeking to complete financial independence.

At present in our country, even ordinary people have started to realize that you cannot remain hostages of the employers that cloudless old age you state does not guarantee. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are willing to risk in investing, but ordinary people are not. If a person has undergone failed, he simply lowers his hands and starts to believe that it is only the barony of gifted people.

Only inexperienced people can come to similar conclusions. But even the most successful investors once suffered similar setbacks, and started to do from scratch. They differ from ordinary people not only lowered hands and continued investment, took into account its previous, albeit a negative experience.

Currently there is a huge variety of different resources, from which you can obtain knowledge and learn about the experiences of people already held as inverters. Such resources are books and the Internet. This is a huge plus for people who are just starting investments that not only want to learn from their mistakes, and take into account the recommendations, tips, experiences of other people. To begin to invest, you must have a certain amount of free money. This need not necessarily be any solid amount. You can start with a small amount of money, and then eventually build a more serious investment capital.

For investment do not advise the use of borrowed funds. You can retrieve each month from its budget a sum of money, even if it's only a ten percent. Make sure that this amount has no impact on the usual lifestyle for you. Perhaps it was this step will help you through a couple of years of having your financial condition. The main thing is not to hurry.

Cash investments in bonds and equities

This type of investment is best for investments for a long period of time. It is ideal for creating equity. This type of investment can bring you high returns in a short period of time. And the lengthy time intervals are able to outwit inflation campaign. But this type of investment requires experience and fundamental knowledge in this regard. Besides the assurance that the investor eventually is losing are absent, as the course of events in the market cannot be predicted.

Such investment is at least several years. There is a risk of loss. High level of complexity. For such investments required to issue sets of documents. Track real yield level very difficult and problematic. This type of investment is time consuming. The size of these investments amounts to hundreds of thousands or millions of rubles.

Mutual funds

Investing in mutual funds is an effective and affordable way to increase and preserve capital. Mutual funds are more profitable than deposits. The principle of operation of such funds is joint work of the Group of investors, United and managed companies or Bank. All the collected funds are invested by the company in different assets: in real estate, bank deposits, securities and so on. Collective investment have there different ways and forms of investments.

If the management company provided competent rule policy has invested money, the cost of funds, which were made shareholder increases, thus increasing his income. The activities of these funds is strictly controlled by numerous legal and regulatory documents. In order to make cash contributions to such a fund does not need a lot of work and time. To do this simply must select deposit amount, term and type of the Fund.

The main advantage of this investment method is that it is even only a novice investor. The level of difficulty of this kind of investment is medium. For this type of investment will need to formalize many instruments. This type of investing is time-consuming. The deadline for such investments for about a year or more. There is the possibility to stay in loss.

Contribution to the Bank

Bank deposit is the most popular, and perhaps the easiest way to invest. The risk of such investments is reduced to a minimum. Bank deposit does not require an investor any qualification in the field of finance. The system guarantees the refund you money, even if the Bank will become bankrupt. From bank deposit there are many pluses, one of which is the lack of additional costs, as well as the fact that the deposit is not taxed.

The level of difficulty of this type of investment is low. Investment amount can be absolutely anyone. This type of investment has almost no risk, even if a bank go bankrupt, then refund us. This investment option is ideal for maintaining a means, and not to obtain additional income. When you select this type of investment is wise to defer a portion of the funds for a rainy day, the firefighter case. But still open a Bank contribution is much more profitable than keep money at home.

The stock market

Worldwide stock market is the most profitable way by which you can multiply your capital. In order to start the game on the stock market, you must select a mediator. The main intermediary is classic brokering. Classic brokering is a rather large investment, whose amount of ten thousand dollars. Once the broker has studied the situation on the stock market, he gives you advice, but the final decision to you. In co-operation with brokerage firms and organizations, you will need to give him a percentage derived from profit.

The level of difficulty of this type of investment is medium. The size of the inventions from 300 thousand rubles and more. The resulting income may reach up to 50 percent per annum.

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