Investment business plan (business plan)

Investment business plan (business plan)

Investment business plan need to obtain credit funds and transferred to the Bank for its evaluation of the credit Committee as confirmation of the viability of the project, which has been compiled by professional consultants.

Of course, this document is not a guarantee that you will receive a credit, because creditors are interested in the project itself, and not his plan. In business you want to bank draft indicates information: calculation of the profitability of the project, the financial plan, its integral indicators, qualitative risk analysis. At the moment there is no such Bank, which would take the draft document in the packet will not have a business plan prepared according to accepted in Russian credit organization standards.

Investment business plan (draft) is documented issued manifestation of subject investment initiative, which provides for the attachment of funds in the investment object and which aims at achieving clearly defined investment objectives specific time to get scheduled and certain results.

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Description of investment project

1. Form of investment initiatives. Any investment project in the first place is a document that describes the operation and investment.

2. Investment object. All investment projects may not materialize without investments in them the required amount of funds. These tools can be presented in any form, material, immaterial, finance and so on.

3. Focus on the achievement of their objectives. The company creates (or selects the investment market) only such projects which will help it to meet the objectives set out in the investment policy of the company.

4. Concentration on achieving the planned results. Investment objectives in reality transformed into specific indicators that describe how the system the most important results.

5. The formulation of clear interim plan. The most important characteristic of an investment project is shared between its realization in time (project cycle).

Investment plan specifies the required number of attachments to create businesses, as well as gives you an idea of his strengths and weaknesses. Indicates what strategy it is worth to use for your organization on the current marketing situation on the market.

Without marketing research it is not possible to do this. And that is why our company can do for you, if the whole project you plan to create your own. Our staff quickly and competently will conduct research, giving you the opportunity to spend time on other important tasks.

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A proper business plan is able to quickly attract the right investors. We can offer you create entire investment business plan and develop its individual parts. Our staff is ready to work together with your representatives. For each project you need a special treatment, but because cooperation is designed to help you create a competent business plan-how the information is a key element in the establishment of an investment business plan.

Parts of the investment business plan

1. The main project information. Describes, in general terms, about the company and the essence of the proposed business plan. Specifies what work in this direction has already been performed. Specifies the project responsible person, phased plan and timeframe of the project. Calculates the right amount of funds for the project, ways of funding, payback time, projected profits and plan to return the loan funds. As well as guarantees.

2. Gathering information about the market and the essence of marketing. Market analysis is laid out, consumers and competitors. Identifies the risk factors for the business. Describes the essence of enterprise's marketing strategy, pricing, place, methods to increase the number of sales, advertising, Enterprise image and public relation.

3. Collect information on the current financial status of the enterprise. Describes all the information about the current status of the main funds and industrial-economic activities. Provided financial reports over the years. Examines the financial condition of the enterprise at the moment.

4. Technology review. Specify a valid and required productive area, auxiliary premises, production technology, the availability of manpower and means of transportation, engineering and energy security, environmental friendliness and safety at work, the presence of suppliers and contractors, equipment, raw materials and materials. Production regulations.

5. The plan of implementation of the investment project. Describes the production program of the enterprise based on najavnyh it had production facilities against the backdrop of the manufactured products and services that fall under the category of best product on the market, as well as the number of products that can cover the entire market segment.

6. Organizational plan. Provides information about the structure of the enterprise, the number of affected personnel, payroll and legal support activities.

7. Financing strategy. Provides information about the financial affairs of enterprises, as well as the possible return of loan funds and investment expenditure plan for realization of the project periods in life.

8. Financial plan and investment effectiveness analysis. Describes the financial condition of the company and efficient expenditure of funds on the basis of the analysis of financial performance and forecast sales of services and goods in the future. Computation performance indicators is carried out of the investment project.

9. Sensitivity analysis and sustainability of the business project. This analysis is carried out on the basis of sustainability indicators to different factors. The lowest calculation carried out a project under which it can be profitable.

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