Interview with the founder of holiday business franchise

— Describe the area in which your company operates. What are "chips" distinguish you from the competition?

The company "chocolate dream" works in the event industry in a new direction — Fun & Food — Food and drink. Lately more and more clients want to amend their holiday activities interactive and for this we have launched a unique master-classes (cooking in liquid nitrogen ice cream, cocktails, chocolates, cake-popsov, carving, painting on chocolate, etc). Also popular are such services as chocolate fountains, the pyramid of champagne, fruit composition (palms, peacocks, numbers), chocolate artist, etc. We leave for weddings, exhibitions, forums, conferences, offices, car showrooms, schools, gardens, shopping centres, i.e. in any place where a festive event is planned and need to attract customers ' attention!

Our chips is a recognizable brand (trademark "chocolate dream" is registered in Rospatent), accreditation of our franchise in Sberbank of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION, in cooperation with large companies, such as Gazprom, Lukoil, Sberbank, VTB, Herbalife, Mercedes-Benz, Siemens and others.

During the crisis, many competitors have gone out of the market and at the moment we don't see a decent company in our field event industry.

Interview with the founder of holiday business franchise

When and why did you choose to develop the franchise business model?

The company "chocolate dream" works on the market since 2008 year and receiving a stable financial success, 2011 year, decided to allocate to the regions and countries of near and far abroad its successful business model.

"Nine out of ten people say they love chocolate. The tenth person always lies, "John Tullius.

-As far as your franchise is adapted to the preferences of Russian consumers and the economic situation in Russia in General?

Our franchise is unique in that you can start a business one and start a business from home, as we have done it ourselves. In the initial stage of starting a business is very important to a beginner entrepreneur does not have compulsory payments in the form of rent office and permanent staff! In our franchise can be small investments in 250 thousand get full training how to run a business (that's 24 theoretical course on financial planning, accounting, technology of active sales, cold calls, website, etc.) and gradually, step, step by step, to develop a market holiday services in its region, expanding facilities and only after receiving stable income already rent an Office, hire staff and gain momentum! We passed it ourselves and our success can repeat any person who also likes Holidays as we are!

— In modern terms, that the average Russian businessman of the city easier and more profitable to start and promote a business or buy a franchise from scratch and use best practices?

Of course, you can start and promote a business itself. Only hardly it will be easier and more profitable! Because he still need to spend money on training the same accounting, website creation and promotion, sales techniques, finance, contracts, etc. It will take money and time! We have almost every item in the contract for each service is registered "blood". That is, each unsuccessfully spent the event and lost money, contributed to the emergence of new items in the terms of contracts, technical specifications, etc. So of course, you can do everything yourself, but you still have to spend time (how old?), money (possibly over 250 thousand rubles) and strength to business acquired the kind you buy in the franchise system. In any case, the choice for an entrepreneur! Fast and reliable launch under known brand or hard work to achieve just by myself). For clarity, you can compare the purchase of finished cars (you sat down and gone) or Assembly of the machine on your own!

Interview with the founder of holiday business franchise

-What is the minimum capital required for the acquisition of your franchise and start fulfilling work? How long does it take to open a single point? As soon as the franchisee will be able to recoup your investment?

As practice shows, you must first attach the order of 350 thousand rubles, and then increase the material basis upon receipt of the demand for those or other services. Business startup is for 5 days. The average payback business ranges from 4 to 10 months, depending on the time of entry into the business and the amount of time per day, posvjashhaemomu business. Despite the fact that our business vsesezonen and celebrations are held all year round, but there are peaks, such as new year's day, 8 March, graduation and wedding season, when demand for our services is sizzling hot and real return investments for a faster time. For example, the total revenue for one day only, March 7, 2017 year amounted to 439 832 ruble (nearly cost two deductibles!) I would also like to add for all aspiring entrepreneurs that business does not work by itself, especially when you start need your time and effort!

-by what criteria you choose their franchisees? What requirements should be consistent with your partner?

If the potential partner says — "I don't like it!", "I love Holidays!", he said a key thought! The main thing is that "fluttered about the butterflies in the stomach" when thinking about our business, people saw themselves in our business! And the rest we teach! To do this, he buys a franchise instead of running business independently) also requires the free territory and register it as a legal person (IP or LLC).

— whether franchisees have special skills and knowledge for the successful realization of your franchise?

No. The company "chocolate dream" provides full training within 5 full days-24 business theory course and 20 unique festive services, that you will do with their hands. All really learn! Can see feedback on our YouTube channel of franchisees, where they share their experiences and from learning and from business. And many even opened in the hidden creativity!

Interview with the founder of holiday business franchise

-What risks accompany an independent business in your area?

Whether the franchise fully protect franchisees from such risks? Risks is losing money and market exclusion stronger competitors in the under-coverage of the market. Of course, the franchise and bought to rid yourself from errors! Moreover, we are conducting this business and developing together!

-tell us how you support partners? Do you provide ongoing support to their franchisees?

Our support is 24/7. We are in touch with our franchisees by phone, mail, WhatsApp, vkontakte. We constantly write and call with any questions by our partners. Every one and a half month training webinars! Where we share our experience, know-how and raise our partners are interested in the topic. Moreover, all video webinars then laid out in public and at your fingertips!

Our pride is a chat with our franchisees, where there is a possibility to get support not only from the franchisor, but all our partners! We have a very friendly group of like-minded and creative people, where everyone could share their success, get a quick answer and tips! And sometimes a new idea in the sphere of our services! Development and from the franchisor and franchisee of!

Interview with the founder of holiday business franchise

— not all franchisees differed honesty in doing business, there have been cases of rupture of relations with unscrupulous partners?

Yes. And only in cases where people have stopped doing business in and out. Therefore had to suspend the Treaty. After all, our goal is to give people Joy, positive emotions and a feast in every town in Russia and abroad under the brand "chocolate dream" and in doing so, fine making!

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