Interview with an expert in the field of time management and the achievement of the objectives

-Ludmila, tell us about your company

My company was established in 1999 and 2009 year we re-branded, which put him more the name of the company, its product to that for which it was created. What do we do? We teach people time management, that is, in essence, it is about how to manage processes, manage changes. In fact, we help people grow and evolve in the right direction.

We have our own technology and our unique tool and differs from other companies in the market and makes us the best. This also imposes upon us certain responsibilities. We are responsible for the final result, which give people. For each training spelled out so-called "finite", that is, than the person will complete the training that will be able to do and how we can check. So we have there is no random results. The result is always guaranteed, because achieving results is what we are.

— You told about self-development that for you a holistic self-development?

For me holistic self-development is that you develop in several directions simultaneously. After all, if I develop only one, me warps. So, when we talk about development, we say that it must be harmonious, touching all aspects of life. This is done in order to make it easier to reach their goals. And, speaking of literary phrases, "there have been excruciatingly painful for …": lost time, lost opportunities, wasted talent, etc.

— What are your tools for self-development?

Self-development tool for me is, first and foremost, Planner BogushBook. Because there I have placed my goals, I always remember about where I go. Also I have my principles, I scan through your goals, determine their relevance, look what and how they relate. Thus, my progress becomes systemic and complete. And in this case, you always find at this time, right?

Interview with an expert in the field of time management and the achievement of the objectives

-You are a person who does business in several countries. How do you manage this?

I have a company described, all processes are formalized, people trained. The posts are people that a responsible attitude to their work. And I just give them a chance to work. And because my staff are passionate about life, they, like me, are interested in the development of the company. The secret is how to link human life to the life of the company, then you do not need to constantly monitor, you can trust and allow employees to invest in the company. In this way the development of individual responsibility.

-What do you recommend for the novice entrepreneur?

I advise you to learn as much as possible. Because learning you will find people with the same interests as you. They understand you, you do not need to prove that you have the right to their dream, their purpose, their business, their ideas. You're just with these people ottachivaesh their ideas. You do to them, they tell you something, you make them something to help. Plus, you get to Wednesday, where you get inspired. That's all.

— How to achieve harmonious work team?

In order to achieve this effect, you must, first of all, have a purpose. And secondly, the role must be very good. Citing the example of the team, I always take football. This football team is a team where everyone dreams of becoming world champion. And everyone is ready to for this to work, but not so much that "I Choo-just potrenirujus and go, enough is enough. People must be prepared to work, fulfil its role. In this role he is willing and wants to be the best in it-this is a well-organized team. Have a goal and everyone wants that it was achieved, everyone makes a contribution to this and he definitely understands their role, and that role he does best. If this goalkeeper, then this is the best goalkeeper. If my company is a staff member of conference-service, then this is the best in their field!

Interview with an expert in the field of time management and the achievement of the objectives

— Where to start learning time-management employees, who with this notion never experienced?

We must give them the tools. Because people do not need to teach time management, he is well trained, everyone knows that in the day and 12:00 am all know how to use a timer. They just don't know how to organize their robot, can not remember its robot, can not be coordinated, because they do not have the tool. So give them a BogushBook Planner, teach them to use it, and they will see that time management is useful. Because most people think it's a waste of time. It is understandable that people trained, not giving them into the hands of the tool. And because it's simple.

Give a man a tool that is always on hand, will not depend on batteries or charging, which is not ashamed to walk and that actually works! I see every day, a lot of diaries, but it's not the planners! It is like a person who needs to work on the computer, give the typewriter. So let man planner that he planned his time. And if you think that you gave the person a notebook and it must be effective, and then wonder, that this does not work, your doctor?

— How to be both mom and boss?

Very simple. Mom need to be at home, and the boss at work. Need to know all the features and you need at work and home. And all. I believe that simply do not need to look for their loved ones, as the slave.
Although … that's honestly what I saw on the experience if we had on their relatives watched as the subordinate, family relations would be even better. Because subordinates we persuade, talk, explain, teach. And the relatives generally just we stamp their feet. So I advise you when come home, apply all the techniques, received training, and more for their loved ones.

-How to deal with the fear to be successful?

We just need to be successful. Because, frankly, fear to be successful there are only two reasons. First, your life someone very much suppressed and you just need to deal with these suppressed. Then you need to try different spiritual practices, cleanse yourself from all superfluous. And the second reason why people afraid to be successful, it is simply afraid to even start because he has already many defeats. The man had planned something and it didn't work out, and that's fear. And actually the reason was wrong or no planning at all.

That is why we on trainings go global goal into small, already easier to reach and teach effective planning. After all, the man is not afraid to be successful, he was afraid to not be successful. It is a social game. A man is not said that he is not going to play football, because afraid to beat the opponent. That's absurd. Here the same thing. If you know that you can be successful, then you go and achieve success. And if you doubt yourself, then you start to flirt with himself, saying, "I don't want to win, so that the opponent is not upset …". So it turns out? You need to learn to speak truth!

Interview with an expert in the field of time management and the achievement of the objectives

-How to build a work in such a way that subordinates have worked even when there is no leader in the workplace. How to raise responsibility among employees?

Need people have for the task. To these challenges has been to 8 working hours, and that their activities were coordinated. After all, when members coordinated and when they realize that each substitutes for each other, doing something wrong, then they are pulling each other. And if a man does not know what to do with him, am not the task list, it is clear that he needed a leader that he will every hour to say, what to do. But this is ridiculous!

Therefore, you need to make simple things-that every employee had a list of tasks for the day, to every employee had his schedule that captures what, where and when it's supposed to do. You need to have every employee was a plan for a week, where the prescribed actions and, most importantly, results! And, of course, there must be a plan for a month. Agreed and approved. I can say from experience, a common problem of managers in that they do not give work to their subordinates, knotting all by yourself. Then it turns out: gone head-left work.

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