Gaming business: how many earn online games

Online games with the right approach to business can be a good source of income.

Buying and selling gaming artefacts, as well as exchange game money on "live" has long ceased to be something out of the ordinary. Why online games are a near perfect source of income?

Firstly, the audience of such games are very numerous, and grows every day. Secondly, this audience doesn't tend to be greedy, and willingly spent money on their favorite entertainment-to the game server is paid each month, and its value is often equal to the amount of payment for Internet access.

Of course, this way of making a profit is not the only, but the most obvious. Trade rare artifacts and game sharing "toy money" for real has long been perceived by players like something taken for granted.

Are experienced players, "prokachivajushhie" characters and selling them. They can also help newbies at reasonable cost, which are found the extra money. And although the game servers owners not thrilled with such practices, nip it quite difficult, because the exchange of money and artifacts happens within the game. So find out what arrangement behind the Exchange is almost impossible.

This method of earning quickly became popular in countries with cheap labour. For example, in China there are entire companies, whose staff is online gambling is not the creation, namely game in them. If this is pursued only goal is to earn as many points as you play money, then sell them for real dollars, euros or Yuan.

It is Asians invented a new way to extract money from online games. The essence of the next-originally, you pay nothing. A client program can be downloaded free, and access to the game server too free. And here are the next steps in the "pumping" their game character has already cost money, usually a few cents. One of the biggest gaming portals Hangame Japan, takes up to 10 dollars to, say, change the avatar or the interface in the game.

Recently, trade items are increasingly rare artifacts or "characters" characters, and more simple, mundane things. Because the artifact or character might be interested only secured a fan, really enthusiastic game.

And the simple, kopeechnoe change avatars or any settings in the game profile mass player certainly will not skimp. And you can sell more, especially if put the case as it should be. Payment for changing game profile is quite a flexible instrument for earnings. In addition, the price can vary freely, there is no lower price lath, which significantly increases audience.

In this case how would shut off a kind of "censor", which cuts off the "freeloaders" and forces them to go to other servers. Racing simulation games charge a fee for access to improved car models, as well as change their shapes, colors, etc.

In other games the money you need to pay for the use of additional elements, such as chats, virtual rooms a player or display profile. The game, whose economies are increasingly associated with real, not only in Asia. A vivid example is the popular game "Second Life." It is a space in which there are no genre or stylistic framework.

Players can organize any game, be it race, Shootout, or contest. Here, the main issue is money, which should be enough to purchase the necessary gaming equipment-weapons, vehicles, etc.

The game client and access to free game server, however, the game placed so that the party must constantly buy something weapons, vehicles, real estate. Transactions between participants of the games here are encouraged, because the expansion of the video game "economy" into the hands of the owners of the server.

Whew-sales scheme real world gradually migrated to the world of gaming, in which these schemes are becoming much more affordable. This allows you to have income from this case even small start-up companies, which only recently appeared on the gaming market.

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