What is a franchise?

In the 1950-ies started to develop the latest business model, dubbed the franchise. To date, the franchise is widespread. However, looking back in time, it may be noted that in those years, many thinking the old-fashioned people, smotrevshie the business through the eyes of ordinary people, criticized the franchise and even called it illegal. At the present day, in whatever part of the world we are not everywhere, there are signs the world's most famous franchises, whether it be America, China, Russia or other part of the world.

So what is a franchise?

The agreement, which gives the right to use the complex benefits of brand and business model. This can include all sorts of ways of doing business, trademarks, technology of production of a product. The provision of such benefits are reciprocal obligations that are provided for a fee and are documented accordingly to the law on the preservation of intellectual property rights, in other words, the franchise is a business network, having a great number of private small owners who work together. For example, today the owner of McDonald's is more popular than the bold, fearless, energetic loner, opening its snack bar with fast food kitchen.

As with any other business, an entirely new franchise would not be a very big asset until the time when the network is created similar franchises, even quite a small company can make a huge jerk and grow through the use of the franchise to incredible sizes.

Accordingly, small shops that exist in the market for many years, can be forced out of business when in the same Shopping Center opened a franchise. Naturally, the owners of single-mini business giving way to commercial network, as in any other business, the franchise also has its positive and negative sides. The main challenge to familiarize themselves with all the necessary information available about the company. First and foremost, determine whether this activity in your city, is very important.

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