The idea for the business: 6 steps to open solarium

The idea of opening a solarium can many seem irrelevant and failed, because nowadays there are a large number of individual tanning studios and offices inside beauty salons. But it is at first glance. In spite of that, getting inside a special tanning equipment-demanded service, bringing regular profit at almost any time of the year.

Step # 1-find out the reasons for the popularity

Increasingly studioes like representatives of the fair sex. This is not surprising. The fashion for tanned skin with a kiss of the Sun does not pass, but instead becomes all the more relevant and desirable.

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to the seaside or to the nearest Lake and soak up the Sun, but many people want to be tanned all year round. And solarium in this case a great opportunity quickly and comfortably get smooth beautiful suntan. And in the cold season, it will not only help to support and extend the summer effect suntanned body, but also get a lot of positive happy emotions thanks to vitamin D.

Step # 2-choose and place

The best place for tanning Studio-Wellness Centre, beauty salon, swimming pool, fitness center, a large shopping center or the nearest to them. Well, if it's going to be the central part of the city or district with a large number of residents.

If the city is large, then sitting in the far bedroom community, you also won't experience crisis with the number of visitors. Quickly go to the tanning Studio and not go especially in the Center is what will choose fans suntanned body. In the small town of this scheme will be less effective.

Do not feel sorry for material resources for stylish environment and Design Studio. Clients must you remember highlight among the competitors advise friends and acquaintances. Visitors here should be snug and interesting.

Step 3-determine the equipment

The Studio's success tanning and a constant stream of visitors to a large extent depends on a wide range of services. If budget allows, consider the full range of necessary equipment. And it is better if it is new and not supported.

Vertical Solarium is not new, but is especially popular among fans of tanned skin, thanks to the ease of use and good result. Sunbathing standing comfortably and hygienically. It is the choice of most visitors to tanning salons. Plus for business owner-a small place for placement. Minus-high purchase price: from 5 thousand dollars.

Sunbed is less popular with most clients, however, has many loyal fans. A big plus is the affordable purchase price-from 2.5 thousand dollars.

Many customers appreciate the solarium for individual parts of the body. Its cost of $200 and above. The presence of such equipment can demonstrate Studio tanning as a versatile and attractive for any of the most exacting client.

Step # 4-Bobby pins, quality service

Tanning Studio refers to quite a profitable business and many examples of pays off during the year. Want to stand out among competitors? Create a high level of service and services. Make all guests to become your loyal customers.

In tanning salon will also need: cell phone, website or social network group, computer, printer, upholstered furniture, a washing machine, safety glasses, towels, suntan lotions and skin care products, musical accompaniment.

Solarium is useful so that you can easily integrate additional types of earnings. Phyto-bar allows you to earn a freshly squeezed juices and healthy teas. And the mini stand you can place professional cosmetics for and after tanning.

Also don't forget about business cards for clients with the address, telephone, and a tanning Studio hours. Consider a system of bonuses, promotions and, possibly, and gifts on the day of birth.

Visit the solarium of his nearest competitors and see what you can do better than them what positive details to take into your business, and any negative moments can avoid.

Step # 5-Select personnel

For services the client's emotions is the most important. Nice smile and communication officer of the solarium, and casual visitor will come back to you again.

By the way, there is a tanning Studio worker their name-geliokonsultant. And he must not just meet the client and show how to use the equipment, but also to assess the condition of the skin of the visitor, suggest the number of minutes for tanning, as well as suitable cosmetics after the procedure.

Consider the schedule of work of the personnel. Because a successful tanning studio works 7 days a week, without days off and holidays, including the late evening hours.

Step # 6-Attract Visitors

The first time investing in advertising will become your constant expenditure. If budget allows, buy expensive advertising on local television and magazines. If you want to avoid costly, use cheaper options: leaflets, distributed in the streets, ads in social networks, exchanges of goods and services. Agree with fitness centers, beauty salons, cosmetics shops on mutual advertising and profitable promotions.

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