Idea for business: how to open a mini-hotel?


— this is an ordinary institution, which includes no more than 50 rooms. Open it is simple enough, if the services provided meet the specific requirements of the mini-hotel.

Legal nuances

Before the opening of the mini-hotel, it must be legalized. To do this, the owner must become an individual entrepreneur. The law does not prohibit the use of an apartment in the form of a hotel, so it is not necessary to transfer it to non-residential premises. But this business should not bother neighboring neighbors, otherwise it will be necessary to forget about business.

Like any other commercial activity, hotel services are taxable. Accounting puffiness is transferred to the relevant service through the USN system. In addition, it will be necessary to coordinate its activities in the sanitary and epidemiological surveillance and fire inspection.

Location and equipment of the hotel

One of the important points is choosing the place where the mini-hotel will be located. To his premises, the same requirements are imposed as for an ordinary hotel. In addition to the uninterrupted operation of public services (electricity, hot and cold water, sewerage, heating), the size of the room must comply with the requirements established by state acts.

A room for one person can not be less than 9 m ?. The area of ??the remaining multi-room numbers is calculated based on a ratio of not less than 6 m? Per person. That is, the area of ??a double room should be from 12 m ?, a room for 3 people — 18 and so on. For hostels is allowed even smaller area — 4 m? For one guest. And also it is allowed to have one bathroom for 10 guests, and a shower for 20 people.

Equipped with each room bed, table, chair, wardrobe, bedside table, mirror. In a hot period of time also a fan. In addition to bedding, each guest is given two towels. Of household items must be toilet paper, clothes hangers, soap, waste basket. It will be good if in addition to the TV, the rooms will have wireless internet.

Design and interior decoration for the hotel, including a small one, is very important. Therefore, for successful business development it is desirable to invest in this business the necessary amount of finance.

Mini-hotel staff

There is a list of compulsory services that hotel companies provide:

  1. — daily cleaning of rooms, including bathrooms;
  2. — change of bed linen every 5 days, towels — every 3 days;
  3. — ironing clothes at the request of the guest;
  4. — storage of valuable things.

To attract a large number of guests in the hotel, you can offer even more range of services, free or for money. This includes parking, tea or coffee, multiple meals, swimming pool, gym, sauna and more. At the request of the guest staff can wake him at the right time.

Qualified personnel also guarantee the successful operation of a mini-hotel. Here is the approximate staff of its employees:

— Administrators or reception. Since this department works around the clock, at least two employees will be needed.

— Maids. Rooms need to be cleaned every day. The number of employees depends on the number of rooms served.

— Accountant. To maintain tax reporting, as well as payroll will require an experienced specialist.

Of course, if the owners or their relatives themselves occupy these posts, the quality of the services provided will be higher, the numbers are cleaner, the service better, the difficulties that arise will be resolved more quickly. Not to mention the fact that here they can meet the guest and reduce the cost of services if necessary.

Ways to attract customers for a mini-hotel

1. Outdoor advertising. Even at the entrance to the city it is desirable to place banners or billboards with the announcement of the services provided by the hotel. It would be nice to place beautiful photos of rooms and information about discounts. Large numbers are allocated phone numbers.

It makes sense to put advertising and at bus stations, railway stations and airports. This will attract an additional number of guests who have not yet decided on the choice of the hotel. Very often there are forced stops in the city. A person simply does not know where to turn to, and this advertisement will be very useful.

2. A bright neon sign and pointers that catch your eye. This will help potential customers find a hotel faster and easier. On such a sign, besides the direction, you can still indicate the remaining distance to the location of the hotel.

3. Placement of information on special websites. On the Internet, there have been many applications and resources for booking accommodation services for a long time. This is very convenient for travelers, since you can not only sort the price of the services of hotels, but also see the reviews of its customers. It is also necessary to have your own website with more detailed information about the hotel and the possibility to book the room online.

For the successful development of a mini-hotel, the price-performance ratio must be observed. If guests staying in such an institution will be satisfied, then the hotel will never be empty.