How to work in a decree?

Earnings in the decree for the mother with the baby

Many mothers, while on maternity leave, are trying to find additional work. Work at home seems in this case the ideal solution, allowing you to continue to be with the child and make money. Nevertheless, it is important to learn how to work at home with the baby so as to keep it in the limelight, and that the child at this time does not distract from work. This article gives excellent advice, thanks to which you can do work at home at the highest professional level and earn decent money. So, let’s begin.

Tip # 1. Priorities and working order in the decree

Have only realistic expectations. Working at home with a toddler has advantages, but it’s not as simple as you can expect. Do your best to help yourself work smoothly and understand that you simply have to remain flexible to meet your baby’s needs.
Determine your normal work hours and stick to them. If your work is called in «off hours», let them leave messages on the answering machine. Also set the working hours for working with e-mail, or better set up a special mailbox for work.
Understand that your baby has priority. If you received a phone call and your child screams, apologize and ask for a call later, if possible.

Tip # 2. Take your child for work

Establish certain procedures and activities for the baby during work at home (independent play, sleep, study, walk, etc.). Children should be happy when they grow up. It is worth noting that every day should not look exactly the same as the previous one. The procedures and activities for the baby should be regular and regular, but different for a week. Follow this schedule. Let also this your work schedule will be dictated by your baby, and not vice versa.

Tip # 3. Work while the kid is resting

Work during downtime. There is a natural quiet hour once during the day, when you can fully concentrate on working while your baby is resting.
Do your work while the baby just went to bed at night or take a nap after dinner.
Allow your baby to watch TV for 30 minutes or an hour a day. At this time, you can also work quietly, as the child will not distract you. Education on television can even help your child learn and learn something new. Also, you have little time to work at home during a break between meals or finding a child in the toilet. However, never leave your child unattended. If possible, try to work at home next to your child in a room with a TV.
Encourage the baby during home creation (drawing, collecting models or mosaics, writing, etc.). This is useful for the baby, it carries him very much and gives you some time for quiet work at home. Keep materials for creativity always at hand to give their child as soon as he asks.

Tip # 4. Accustom the baby to work

Create a tiny desktop for your baby. Children like to imitate adults. Put on a tiny table of paper, pencils, toys, phone and stickers. All these things will stimulate their imagination, which allows them to claim a place in the office with you.

Tip # 5. Instruct baby to look after another

Organize regular periodic child care. Creating social time for your child is very important. It could be a time schedule when your baby can play with other people. When your child is being properly supervised by someone else, and you can use this time to work at home more efficiently, etc.
Use the local kindergarten constantly, and also arrange with the caregivers about childcare services with payment for an hour or a daily rate.
Create groups with other moms, where each mother takes turns watching all the children, while other moms can take a break.
Hire a nanny who will look after your baby. You can even stay at home while the nanny will be watching the baby. This allows the child to get the proper attention and care needed while you are not finished.

Tip # 6. Child safety — the main thing

Always keep in mind the safety of your child. Make your home and work environment safe to protect your baby from possible dangers.
Keep staples, openers, pens, pencils, blades, knives, buttons and other sharp objects in closed containers where your baby can not reach them. The locked desk drawer will also work well.
Make safe heavy furniture so that it can not tip over. Attach it to the wall using brackets or anchors.
Protection of wires and sockets. Make sure that your baby can not reach the electric wires, and that they do not lie on the floor, and the child will not be able to trip over them. Install the covers on the sockets or make them high.
Keep computer ink, correction fluid, markers and other potentially toxic liquids hidden so that your baby can not reach them.

Additional tips when working at home with the baby:

— Find new ideas of creativity for the child, for example, coloring online. There are many free or low-cost websites where your kid can play, have fun and learn at the same time.

Warnings when working at home with the baby:

— Do not forget to rest yourself. Moms who work at home often become excessively tired and finish their work at a feverish pace. Make a schedule so that you can relax and get a new impetus.

Working at home with the baby is a very convenient and effective solution for you. Do not give up, work and get solid money. Good luck!

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