How to start earning on your hobby?

How to start earning on your hobby?

Many people have some talent, hobbies. For some this hobby becomes needlework, manufacturing goods "hand-made". There comes a time when there is a desire to make money on his hobby, i.e. sell goods of their own manufacture.

Firstly, it should be clearly understood that many do not earn. Still, the human capacity is limited and the number of hours in the day. Only if all of a sudden turn out to become a celebrity, where goods will be of the type that people would be willing to pay "for the brand" just big money. But earn "to life".

For the beginning it is necessary to study the market. After all, if you're doing the same thing as most of its competitors, it will be difficult to sell their products. Even if all your friends are in awe of your creativity, this does not mean that there is no longer the same talented people. So we need to come up with some "zest". I really liked the glass painting. I looked at deals online and it turned out that the majority of people engaged in the same, draw flowers, patterns on mugs, vases and glasses. As well as many sell panels or decorative plates. It turned out that rarely things with different "multjashkami", and generally cheerful pictures. So I decided to do "funny" things with the heroes of popular cartoons and funny animals. And, of course, have to do themed stuff, for example, Christmas glasses with Santa Claus or a symbol of the year.

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Christmas glasses

You should also understand what price the buyer is willing to pay. Not everyone understands that the basic value of "hand-made" is exclusive and the wizard. Some buyers say: "Why me your mug for 500 rubles, if I can buy in a store for 100?". So you are not worth it to inflate prices. Cost of work consists of material cost and elapsed time. It makes sense to establish the value of your time, it is clear that the average person is unlikely to earn more rudder 200-300 per hour. Therefore, it is difficult to understand why master wants for work, which spent two hours time, 2 000 rubles + material. Also nice to see online prices for similar products.

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After you define your "niche", you can exhibit their work on the sites of "showcases", the most popular of which is the Fair. There are sites where you can set an unlimited number of free works, and there are those where it is necessary to buy various "club cards". After I put out their Christmas work for "fair", orders started coming in so quickly that accounted for some of the refuse. With a few other sites for a year was not any order.

Can be connected in parallel to create your portfolio site that will host your work, including already sold, for example. You can make business cards with the website address and your data, attach them to orders. Still a good idea to create groups on social networks, blogging. Then the buyer will know the seller "in person", and this promotes sales.

Of course, in order to began selling and paid off the attachment needed time. To be patient, "gather material". First product generally diverge on friends-friends as gifts for the holidays, and then to order. Very good start selling before the holidays: new year, March 8, 23-th of February. Also good is bought souvenirs on Valentine's day.

I hope my experience can help you!

Автор: Максим Миллер
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