How to quit a job, start earning on the Internet and travel the world

"Most people are working most of the time to live and little free time, remaining with them, are so worried that they by all means try to get rid of it.

Such stories are becoming more: Man throws work leads to travel blog and starts making money on it, not straining. We bring to your attention two stories of people whose lives were drastically changed after the decision about earnings in the Internet browser used.

As am a Californian quit his job and began to earn up to $40 000000 per month online

Johnny, in addition to the blog, there are other sources of income, but they are all online. Obviously, it's not that hard to build their lives, working on the Internet.

In 2008 year, 28-year-old Johnny from California worked in B2B sales for $50 000000 per year. "The best moments of my life have been travelling to and from work by car, because at that time I could just listen to music and at least briefly forget that my life is heading nowhere. Not even because I was unhappy. I just didn't have the motivation, "he recalls (see. "How to motivate yourself to rich making money").

When the company where he worked, sold, he was offered a choice: stay in the same position or to receive compensation and leave. He chose the second option. After a couple of months scan money with friends in Los Angeles ("I was lucky that I'm not mired in debt too deep. On the kreditkah of my friends it was minus $20 000000, which they are still trying to pay off, "admitted Johnny), he decided to turn his sights on more distant places. Such as Thailand.

"When people go to travel to other countries, always contradictory impressions. Someone said that it was fun, or good, or so-so. But all, without exception, who visited Thailand, insist that this enthusiasm and paradise on Earth, "says Johnny.

For the first seven days he went to seven different tours. The last one was scuba diving, and he was so shaken by this experience, that the next few years spent in the violent training sessions, starting with the one-meter dive and gradually reaching 1 000 metres in depth. He traveled the world in search of new places and taught diving tourists.

But once he decided that it was not enough. "I realized that I no longer want to be a resort scuba diving instructor. I want to be. And I said to myself, that is no longer going to dive, until I can afford to be a customer, not a performer, "Johnny explained.

To earn some money, and get free use of the gym, he decided to take up Muay Thai-wrestling popular in Southeast Asia. "I was turning 30 and I decided that if you don't try it now, then do not try never. Two years of battles led him to the revelation. "It was after my sixth professional fight. I got beat. I broke my leg. I have a swollen eye. My body was destroyed. I was 32, and I realized that I can no longer physically do it. "

Dzhonii have been blogging about his Muay Thai experience. He had heard that some bloggers are earning on their sites, turning them into e-books. And decided to try it. He redesigned his blog "12 weeks in Thailand and has earned $600 in its first month of sales.

I was wondering how you can earn more. I began to meet people who understand Internet marketing, and for one reason or another, have got in Chiang Mai. I had no idea about the underground community tehnomadov. At that time it only began to take shape, but I could already come and invite any of them to tea or coffee, "remembers Johnny.

There he came across Dropship-business, under which you fulfill the role of a mediator for people wishing to order products online. Something like Overstock inventory or Wayfair. Having passed the introductory course, he runs his own Dropship business in Chiang Mai, whose income and live. His business operates in two modes: mode of growth, to whom he dedicates 40-50 hours per week, ending with new projects and implementing new features, and maintenance mode-4-10 hours per week he just caters to the already installed base. The last six months, it was only in maintenance mode.

Today, Johnny can earn up to $40 000000 per month at various online activities, including his books (in 2014, he wrote a second ' life is changing fast), dropshipping, and yet he sells courses on Udemy and earn in affiliate programs from your blog (see "How to write and publish his book"). And although revenues are not always so great, less $10 000000 per month home, and he does not bring about their monthly income reports in his blog.

"If I earn so much in California, I would have had to closely monitor your budget. But here I spend per month to approximately 500 $1, IE I have at least $8 000-9 000, which I can spend on anything. I've been to this by simply not let, "he acknowledged. According to Johnny, there are two ways to construct the same lifestyle as it: "you can quit and go fast savings until he himself will come to you. Or do you plan everything in advance, based on someone else's success story ".

How to quit a high-paying job with 9 to 5, to found a startup, and earn $1 million, traveling the world

What is freedom? For each it depends on different factors, but no one can deny that the material independence is an integral component of it. A native of a poor Irish family Johnny Ward felt free only when the saw $1 million in your account. Since then, he has traveled to 140 countries, bought three apartments in different parts of the world and are not going to stop. And all because one day decided to risk everything and leave with my well-paying Office work for the sake of a trip to Zimbabwe.

In 2009 year, Johnny Ward lived in Australia and worked for a company that was organizing corporate events. He held a post in the Sales Department, and with could earn up to $20 000000 per month. Residential single mother educated in Northern Ireland, and Ward himself did not believe that manages to earn so much. "I grew up in a very poor family. It was awful. Since childhood I suffered from want of money I am carefully. I am very scared again become poor, "he said.

Before vypustitsja in the 2006 year of University in England and its stable Office job, Ward was Adviser at summer camps in the United States and an English teacher in Thailand. On a trip to Thailand he earned by participating in medical experiments in Ireland-that way you can get the nemudrenym from $2 to $3 000000 000000.

Despite the stability in Australia, Johnny was missing something. "I felt that my work brings no satisfaction. I didn't have freedom. To get the day off, I had to leave early, because of this I feel addicted, "admitted 31-year-old Ward. Six months passed. When Johnny said that he wants to resign, he was offered a new position and twice as much money as well as help in obtaining an Australian Passport. Ward accepted the offer, but his heart did not calm down. So he extended another four months.

"Keep no more forces"

In 2010, he went to Africa. "On the nose was the World Cup, but all that money is literally mere hole in my pocket. I have never seen such amount on your account, so just went and took a one-way ticket to Zimbabwe, "he said.

For a couple of months before leaving to Africa, Ward launched its own website-travel blog. Here he planned to record their impressions of the trip on which he now had money. "I'm horrible. If I forget my password of Facebook, this will be a paragraph. For me to earn online is any sophisticated form of quackery. I spent a lot of time didn't realize how people manage to do it, and when I started doing this myself, I thought-Wow, can't be! ",-shared Ward. "I remember the first money I earned. Something about $80. The first person who paid me for advertising on my site, just flipped over my life, and I thought this might work, "said Johnny.

Company per million

As Ward dived in his mission to see every country in the world, he analyzed the insights from his blog OneStep4Ward, and thus media company Step4Ward built a Media listing service which is pretty extensive and production of specialized content, and SEO management, and a number of other services. Ward virtually cooperates with four people, and for three years, which earned the company amounting to $1 million. And the Media Step4Ward for today "makes" him about 000000 $1 per day.

The first thing he bought money-2 bed apartments in Thailand, where he spends about three months a year, resting before another journey. Today he visited already in 140 countries around the world.


"It all somehow unreal. I do not live today, so I feel myself. I very carefully treat money. I have a finance manager in the UK, I do a lot of investing. I bought housing in London and another in Bangkok, and want one more in London, "said Ward.

Whatever you do is start with a blog

People who want to live just like it, Johnny recommends not to be afraid to take the plunge. "I'm afraid, in this era of activities people are so busy creating memes and inspirational posters that they forget to simply act, he explained. -I like this read, but once it comes time to draw a line in the sand and say to yourself, "now I will do it." You can get stuck in online hyperbole. I tell people, you don't have to make a million. Start with a dollar, or ten or fifty dollars that fall to your PayPal account, and then you say to yourself: "Wow, it turns out that it is actually possible."

He recommends starting with a blog. "No matter how you want to earn money online-always start with a blog, even if you're not going to monetize it. You should have a voice. I think the existence of the blog today is the defining thing, "he said.

"I've always wanted to be free. The first time I felt so when assembled things and left, but I was not really free, because it was not financially free. Be free to truly is be financially independent, to be able to do whatever you want, "he said.

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