How to open a store selling coffee and tea

How to open a store selling coffee and tea

There is a large percentage of the population who like drinks such as tea or coffee. And this is not surprising. Both of these drinks have an unusual aroma and pleasant taste. Of course, their assortment in grocery stores is quite wide. Familiar brands and brands stand on the shelves of hypermarkets. However, most people prefer to drink exclusive varieties of tea and coffee.

Therefore, more and more small shops selling coffee and tea are opening. Where the most spoiled gourmets can get tasty and new varieties.

Since coffee and tea are all drunk daily, this kind of business, with a competent organization, is profitable all year round and does not depend on seasonality.

Before opening a store for the sale of these beverages, several nuances and questions should be resolved.

Assortment of coffee and tea shop

First you need to decide on the assortment. Will there be a certain brand or a wide range of all kinds and varieties of tea. Then you need to decide whether there will be only tea in packages or for weight. Although you can make a mixed assortment.

It would be nice if the store presented a variety of tea or coffee in different price segments. Naturally, elite and expensive varieties with exquisite taste and amazing aroma can be presented, and can be no worse than a variety, but less well-known brands and at more democratic prices.

Place and advertisement

To attract customers and help them decide the choice, you can periodically conduct tea tastings.

A good place for selling exclusive varieties will be a shopping center. There you can install a small island with good showcases, in which tea and coffee will look attractive.

You can, of course, put the pavilion on the market, but then the prices with the prices should be simpler and sold for the average citizens.

When opening a store, you need to take care of reliable suppliers in advance with whom you can establish long-term relationships.

The sale of tea and coffee is quite an interesting and attractive type of business that many entrepreneurs will like.