How to open a beer store (sample business plan)

How to open a beer store (sample business plan)

According to experts, the most profitable business in Russia today is to sell beer on tap. Because through such stores in our country implements approximately 11% of domestic companies live intoxicating drink.

By the way, the heyday of this area took place exactly at 2008-2009 years of crisis, because most unemployed clerks decided to start their own small businesses.

The steps for opening the beer store

Action algorithm novice entrepreneur is pretty simple, it needs to carry out registration, sign the lease premises to register cash register, sign a contract on servicing of the equipment and get the permit documents to trading activities, which should appeal to the specialized Department of the local administration.

Now wait staff visit the SES and firefighters who will carefully and fill out all the necessary acts.

The definition of a trade mark for beer store

There are two options works mark-ups for beer, which is sold in stores of draught beer. So the domestic beverage business, representatives of the make a surcharge in the amount of 100%, but on the expensive beer, foreign production, they prefer to make allowance in the region of 30% of its original value.

If we talk about the average size of such a "cheat", then every beer keg brings such business owner 2 thousand rubles. The point is that beer will always be more expensive bottled drink, put for sale in the normal kiosk.

The entrepreneur must therefore exert maximum effort "to keep the brand. Because he just need to position their products as elite. To do this, you can use all the features of modern advertising and marketing strategies, and their pubs is sometimes called the "beer boutiques.

Calculation of income from the beer store

Representatives of such areas as sales of beer by the glass willingly submit results and tell everyone about the profits they receive from their business.

It turned out that in the winter months trade draught beer almost does not bring profit, and in the best case, the trade gain enough to cover costs associated with the lease of the premises and the salary of the seller.

However, in summer defrays all charges the so-called dead season, as three months of heated shop especially bring to its owner about 900 thousand rubles of net profit, and if another trade Pavilion and is situated in a convenient location, all costs associated with the establishment of the business will pay off during the quarter or even a couple of weeks.

Beer for sale, you can purchase from the Distributor or directly at the factory, which is very profitable for the owners of a network of outlets, which must not be less than three. For the owner only one store draught beer is best to order delivery of beer through the official representatives of the company that is engaged in industrial manufacture of intoxicating drink.

Tools and equipment for the beer store

Many experienced entrepreneurs say that novice entrepreneur best in the initial stages to sign a contract with a supplier of beer to one particular brand.

In this case, the Distributor will bring everything they need for further trade equipment, provide promotional materials and hold totally free master class for employees and will tell you how to use the promotional materials and maintain specialized equipment.

All this is very necessary because beer equipment needs careful treatment and preventive work, which must be not less than once a month.

Crane apparatus prone to frequent clogging and, if not prevented it, you will have to call a skilled Wizard to repair the equipment. It is best to include in the budget of a small amount you may need in case of not scheduled.

Choose a place to store draught beer

It is no secret that the location of the trade Pavilion plays a very important role for development and profitability of any business, especially such as sale of beer by the glass. It is therefore necessary to opt for a "beer boutique" best place for what you can use the advice of experienced businessmen.

They advise not to consider facilities located near business centres or other administrative buildings, since customers stores beer bought beverage to enjoy its original taste at home in front of the television.

So the most profitable location for such outlets are considered so-called sleeping areas, where there are residential apartment buildings. So, if in the morning the man buys bottled beer in the city centre, in the evening he will go down in a puddle shop and take a couple of litres of drink home or stop at the bar, where it will be served by a waiter.

Also it is not recommended to opt for beer boutique cellar dwelling house, as you will need to make a second output as required by the rules of fire safety.

As well as you will begin to look into lovers of alcohol that are usually okolachivajutsja near garages and shops that would adversely affect the reputation of your blackfriar and eventually it will be associated with "nizkosortnymi pivnuhami". With great likelihood of scandals with neighbours who will bother local authority their complaints.

Shop area of draught beer

It is very important to choose the optimal area to accommodate specialized equipment for selling beer by the glass. So for 6 cranes must have not less than 5 square meters, and the 10-minute even 12.

However, maximum profitability can be achieved with an area for installation and further use of the equipment for 20 or 24 beers. Thus, for the rapid development of its beer Boutique you must rent a premise(room) at 40 square meters, and today find the area is quite simple.

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