How to open a bath or sauna

How to open a bath or sauna

Do you want to open a profitable business, and also enjoyable in all respects? You will be able to make good money, and also use the services of a bath complex, always in your free time.

Bath business in Russia is profitable and cost-effective. Demand for bath services will never end. The bath will provide you with a constant and stable flow of customers.

Who are your customers?

In order to open a bath you need to determine the consumers of your services. Who will be your main customer? In this segment, there are 3 options.

Bath complex of elite level.
Sauna for the middle class of the population.
Cheap rooms, where the main contingent will be amateurs to relax with the girls of easy virtue.
To match the elite level, it will be necessary to pay considerable expenses for repairs, equipment, furniture and additional services. The presence of representatives of the elite cottages equipped with a sauna or a sauna, you will not add customers.

The bathhouse, designed for rest with girls of easy virtue, is better divided into several small rooms with a sauna, a washing room and a rest room. Money such a complex brings good, but is famous for its bad reputation and provokes constant problems with law enforcement agencies.

The most optimal option for your business is to open a sauna for the middle class of the population. This is the most numerous and solvent class in Russia. Your clients can become couples with children, companies that celebrate an event, couples who want to retire. To you will come as for health purposes, and just drink beer and swim in the pool.

Room for a sauna or a sauna

In order to open a sauna or a sauna, it is necessary to find a room located in a residential quarter, in the center or other densely populated area of ??the city. To avoid problems with neighbors, it is better to choose the area in a non-residential or detached room, with the possibility of round-the-clock access. The room area is 100-120 sq.m. Can be purchased in the property or rented. Lease agreement should try to conclude a long-term, to exclude the risk that the owner will expel you, as soon as you untwist the bath.

In the bath complex should be the following facilities: sauna, washing, swimming pool, 1-2 lounges with a double bed, a hall with a table, sofas, it is recommended to install there billiards and karaoke, a utility room where the administrator will also be located. The pool can be located both in a separate room and in a large hall, a little away from the table and sofas, the floor is covered with tiles. In this case, it is better not to put billiards at all, so that it is not constantly wetted with water. The pool is necessary in the bath, it will attract the lion’s share of visitors. In very extreme case it can be replaced by a large Jacuzzi for 2-3 people.

Additional services in the sauna or sauna

From additional services it is necessary to organize trade in beer, juices, brooms. For an additional fee to offer sheets and disposable slippers.

How to register a sauna or sauna

In order to open a bathhouse, it is necessary to register a PI, to obtain permission from the Rospotrebnadzor and firefighters.

Revenues from the bath or sauna

In order to determine the pricing policy of the bath complex, it is necessary to monitor competitors and make calculations of the income and expenses of the establishment. The following calculations can be made to the income item:

Revenue from the bath on weekdays at a rate of 1200 rubles. Per hour, the 4th hour as a gift. With an average workload on weekdays 4 hours the income per month will be 1200 rubles. * 3 paid hours per day * 22 days in a month = 79200 rubles.
Revenue from the sauna on weekends at a rate of 1500 rubles. Per hour, the 4th hour as a gift. With an average load of 8 hours on weekends, the income for the month will be 1500 rubles. * 6 paid hours per day * 8 days in a month = 72,000 rubles.
Additional services 10000 rub. per month.
Total income: 161200 rubles. per month.

Expenses for a sauna or a sauna

In the item of expenses the following calculations can be made:

1. Rent of a premise 70000 rbl. per month.
2. Utility bills 10000 rub. per month.
3. Salary to the administrator, combining the functions of the cleaner 21000 rub.
4. Salary to the bookkeeper 5000 rub. In a quarter, i.е. 1600 rub. per month.
5. Advertising 10000 rub. per month.
Total expenses: 112600 rub. per month.

Net profit for the month is 48,600 rubles.

Payback repair in 1 000 000 rub. Is about 2 years. Calculations were made from the minimum workload of the bath per month. You can vary income items, making the stay more expensive on Friday evening, charging a fee for using karaoke, increasing the workload of the complex, providing additional services.

You need to place ads

• in urban magazines that are distributed free of charge in cafes, restaurants, apartment buildings;

• Give out business cards in offices, entrances, shopping centers, car washes;

• advertise on the Internet resources of your city.