How to make money on credit-working scheme

Many people negatively refer to credit and try not to take it unnecessarily, because it is always associated with overpayment: took one worth-giving away with interest. Moreover, the larger the size of the loan and loan repayment terms, the higher the overpayment. Roughly speaking, the credit is not advantageous in financial terms a priori. The loan, means the debt.

There are diagrams, when money made on credit, bring profit. For example, if the money went to business development or for short-term investment. But it is a risky scheme, because if not "shoot", the borrower's financial situation would deteriorate. In the end everything leads to refinancing, or even worse-to unpleasant encounters with bailiffs.

Few people would believe, but taking out a bank loan, you are guaranteed to come out. Earnings on loans without violating the laws of the Russian Federation.

Take credit and earn-is it real?

An unexpected answer: really. But such cases can be panned once, and you cannot get more than 40 000 rubles. Although connecting sharpness you can earn more. And all because of one loophole, which our countries have done. We can say that this is money wasted.

Since the beginning of the year 2015 introduced the concept of individual investment accounts (ASCS). The law States that any citizen who invested in shares or bonds of domestic issuers, is entitled to a refund in the form of a tax deduction. This deduction is 13% of the deposit amount and is only 1 time. Important: the maximum amount with which it is possible to obtain a refund equal to 400 thousand. rub.

And now the most interesting thing. The basic condition for obtaining the deduction is that IMS was opened within three years, but the money you can invest at any time. You only need to open the ASCS and make money immediately is optional. Moreover, it is not necessary even to buy securities. It turns out that the right of deduction is that whose ASCS was opened 3 years ago, and we have the money. And these are the most money you can deposit even before closing.

Of course, to get the deduction would have to wait for 3 years, but still the money is wasted. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

And now about how to take credit and earn more. The first thing you need to do is open the ASC, but not to make money in it yet. Now perematyvaem time until the account will soon be 3 years, for example, a week earlier. This period is needed in order to apply for a loan at the Bank, get approval and, therefore, money. Since the deduction is calculated from the sum of not more than 400 thousand. rubles, then you need to take a loan in that amount.

For 2-3 days until account is 3 years, you must attach at the expense of 400 000 rubles. And the moment when the ISS will be 3 years and 1 day, you already get a legal entitlement to a deduction at a rate of 13% of 400 thousand. rub.

Important: because interest bank drip, you should immediately close the account and withdraw back 400 000 p.

What is the result?

It turns out that after the withdrawal from the account of 400 000 rubles they must be immediately directed to the early repayment of the loan. Further you need to get a deduction-52 thousand. rub., t. (e). 13% of 400 thousand. r. To do this, you need to collect documents in the tax office, and within 3 months (usually earlier) after verification of the documents of the deduction will be credited to your account.

An important point: the Declaration may be submitted to the tax office only at the end of the calendar year. Means open ASCS need at the end of the calendar year to close it early. For example, open in late December 2017 at the beginning of the year to 2021 its already close and apply for the deduction.

Briefly about the costs

Without the cost. The fact is that early repayment of a bank loan is only possible through the month following notification of the Bank about it. This month's interest would be able to instill. If the rate was within 24-36% per year, per month will be credited approximately 2-3%. Means to return the Bank will need to 408-412 ths. rubles. But there is nothing to worry about, because you still get 40 thousand. BR clean.

So, the earnings on credit:

• Open the ISS at the end of the calendar year, but not to invest.
• Wait 3 year loan at 400 000 p. and invest in the account.
• Immediately write a letter to Bank for early repayment.
• Close the ASCS and withdraw all the money when he is 3 years and 1 day.
• Submit the necessary documents to the tax authority.
• A month to repay the loan early.
• Wait until the tax deduction will be listed.

Instead of displaying

A tax deduction may only get one who has an official job, t. (e). the man should be the taxpayer. Otherwise, to obtain the deduction he would not be able to count. So earn credit really, go ahead)

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