Как заработать на комментариях и отзывах / How to make money on comments and reviews

How to make money on comments and reviews

Anyone can earn money on the Internet. Often, this does not even need to have some skills and abilities. Although the amount of earnings depends on professionalism.

Writing comments and feedback

One of the easiest ways to earn money on the Internet is to write comments and feedback. This partial employment on the Internet can generate revenue of up to $ 200 per month. For a successful start, you need to find a suitable platform.

One of the sites where you can receive money for writing comments and reviews, is called – “QComment“. It is designed for those who want to increase the popularity of their site. Anyone can register here. After registration you can start earning money. There are several options for work: paid viewing of videos, writing messages on forums, writing comments on websites, leaving likes, making reposts in social networks, etc. The price for one comment left usually depends on the number of characters. The smallest payment for a single message of 75 letters is two rubles.
Before you start working on QComment, you need to carefully study the rules. The fact is that the site administration will not stand on ceremony and will block the account as soon as it sees that the user is an infringer.
As soon as $ 100 is earned on QComment, you can withdraw this amount.

Another site that gives an opportunity to any user to earn on comments and reviews – ForumOk. This service appeared on the Internet in 2010. It covers many social networks, video hosting Youtube and many other resources, whose users want for money to increase the popularity of their page. Over the life of this resource, that is, more than seven years, users have completed more than five million jobs. The minimum cost of one task today is two rubles. The main disadvantage of the “ForumOk” service is that you can withdraw your earned money in only one way: all earnings are transferred to the WebMoney wallet.
The ForumOk platform provides a referral system. If you invite new users through your personal link here, you can receive a certain percentage of the money that they will earn themselves. There are no restrictions on participation in the partnership program.

Considering the sites that give the opportunity to earn on comments and reviews, you can not tell about such a project as TuTux. Its peculiarity is that an entirely different payment principle is used here. The fact is that here money is given not for the performance of the task, but for the popularity of the withdrawn recall. The more people look at the feedback of a user, the more money that user will receive. One such scan costs 10 cents. This means that if the review is read by a thousand people, its author will receive his honestly earned 100 rubles. That is, working on the site TuTux, you should strive not primarily to leave as many reviews as possible, but to ensure that the content of these reviews was interesting.
The main advantage of working on TuTux is that you can write some good feedback only once, and then, doing nothing more, just watch how the number of views increases. And once the number of views increases, it means that earnings also increase. If the review is in demand, new readers will appear daily.
The number of views is counted every 24 hours. To receive the earned money it is possible by means of their conclusion on an electronic purse WebMoney.

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