How to make money in the New Year

How to make money in the New Year?

New Year is a bright, joyful holiday. Celebrating the New Year is always a noisy and cheerful celebration. We believe in good and expect miracles. And it’s time to earn some money.

The end of December is a great time to make good money on New Year holidays. In the pre-holiday bustle, people become more generous, because they want to present gifts to their loved ones. In the labor market, new seasonal vacancies arise, in December. But you can make money yourself.

Ways to make money in the New Year:

Letter from Santa Claus. Many of the parents are positive about this idea. No one is against pleasing your child, and create a fabulous atmosphere. To make such a letter, you need:
• Create a sketch of a letter decorated with garlands, fir branches, etc .;
• Purchase a festive envelope;
• If there is no printer, then find a good printer;
• Place advertising: on forums, in social networks, on advertising stands near schools and kindergartens.
After the receipt of orders to form a congratulation text, addressed to a specific child and send to the right address.

Personal congratulations. This option is much simpler, and it will cost, accordingly, cheaper. But also can be popular. For personal congratulations you will need to prepare Santa Claus costume, skype, good internet and advertise.

Writing a script for New Year’s Eve. This way of earning is suitable for creative people with a rich imagination. Especially relevant are such scenarios for New Year’s matinees in kindergartens and primary schools.

Site-guide to gifts. A good idea, suitable for a big city. You need to go around the shops offering gifts for the holiday, find the most original options. Take a photo and write to the photo attracting text, specify the address of the store. If everything is done correctly, then this way of earning can become permanent. In the future, you can already take orders from sellers of the goods on its reviews and receive, for example, a percentage of the sale.

Sale of pyrotechnics. Fireworks, salutes and Bengal lights — one of the best-selling types of goods for the New Year. The income will be high, but it is necessary to take care of renting the premises in advance and obtaining permission to trade. It is not easy, but profitable.

Hire Christmas costumes. They are in great demand, after all there have passed those times when mothers themselves sewed the outfits for the New Year carnival to their children. You can sew costumes yourself, if there is such a talent, or hire a seamstress. You can order costumes in bulk. Then there are two options: either sell or rent and store until the next New Year.

Organization of New Year’s Eve. This way of earning is suitable for artists or professional leaders. Before the New Year there is a lot of corporate parties and parties, where the leader is always invited with his program. At the celebration, you can earn a decent amount, and work on New Year’s Eve is estimated at times higher.

Decoration of premises. Large companies invite specialists to decorate their premises, and do not entrust it to their employees. The actual time for this begins in the early days of December. It is necessary to place advertisements in advance, where to specify the cost. As an additional earnings it is recommended to offer customers the dismantling of ornaments after the holidays. For a price, of course.

Delivery of a Christmas tree. The New Year tree is a very important attribute of the holiday.
You can also make money on it. A fluffy beauty is bought in the forestry, delivered to the city and sold at Christmas bazaars and fairs. You can also, for a fee, deliver the Christmas tree to your home address.

Taxi in the New Year. New Year’s Eve always earns taxi drivers. People rush to the holiday, many urgently need to get to another city, to their relatives and friends. And you need time to catch a holiday. On New Year’s Eve, taxi drivers usually raise their tariffs in half. If you have a personal car, then you can make good money on it.

New Year’s family photos. Recently, New Year family photos have become very popular, give people a fairy tale and a festive mood.

New Year gifts with your own hands. Recently, very popular gifts made by themselves. Christmas decorations, toys, holiday candles, cosmetics and handmade soaps. Manual labor is always valued and well paid.

If you have a photo printer, you can make beautiful and original greeting cards, as well as unusual calendars. Postcards from Santa Claus with a photo of the child will always be popular. The main thing is to show imagination and imagination.

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