How to earn Vkontakte

How to earn Vkontakte

With the advent of a fundamentally new Internet environment in the distant 2004, the life of large groups of people around the globe changed. It’s about social networks. Modern youth spend a lot of time here. Even introduced such a concept as Internet addiction (Internet addiction). It should be noted that physicians recognize and the positive impact of the Internet on the brain of people of mature age. Many users use significant attendance of social networks to organize a business. Consider successful examples of income generation, using the capabilities of the VKontakte network.

What is required for earnings Vkontakte

Two — three hours of work at the computer every day.
Any computer, smartphone, tablet, connected to the Internet.
Availability of e-mail.
Ability to use the VKontakte network and be its registered user.
The presence of an electronic wallet and, of course, the desire to fill it.
To start earning income, start-up investments are not required.

The sequence of actions for creating a source of permanent income

The first action. You select a topic and create a group for earnings and a public page. The topic defines the group name and content (content) of the page, which requires a responsible approach to its selection. The result of a well-chosen topic is the high number and activity of visitors and subscribers. When choosing a topic, it’s most productive to use the statistics of queries on Google Trend. It should also be taken into account that there is a lot of competition. The most effective is to make sure that from the very beginning the content was unique and draws a large audience.

The second action. A necessary condition for high earnings on groups in the VKontakte network is the availability of the largest number of users. Therefore, you need to ensure a rapid growth in the popularity of the group. The following methods and methods are recommended for this:

— filling the page with exciting content;
— Invitation to the group of all friends, relatives, acquaintances and distribution through them of information about the group and topic;
— using the Olike service to quickly increase the number of positive reviews (likes);
— use of Olike service for mutually beneficial advertising exchange with other groups;
— purchase of likes and lists of subscribers;
— placement of paid advertising on the pages of other groups;
— placement of video clips with an invitation to Youtube.

In any way, it is necessary to reach the number of subscribers and users of more than a thousand people.

The third action. Receiving income in different ways:

With a sufficient number of subscribers in VKontakte groups, earnings are possible by attracting advertisers and selling them ad slots. The cost of placing advertising materials is determined by their size, type of design and lifetime. To find advertisers quickly and without much effort help specialized services, for example Vktarget

Creation of an analogue of an online store on the basis of the VKontakte group. Such a decision is not prohibited. In this case, significant savings are obtained due to the absence of costs for the development and maintenance of a specialized site. In such a store, you can sell any running goods and services. It should be noted that the created online store is a real business project. This means that in the process of creation all the main stages of starting a business must be passed:

— the business plan is developed;
— the business strategy is defined;
— A warehouse has been prepared;
— The procedure for payment of goods and delivery service is organized.

Successful execution of all stages will allow to receive high income in the future.

Participation for income in affiliate programs. There are several variants of partner programs:

Attracting potential customers to the site with the products of the advertiser. In this case, the transition to the site is carried out using a referral link located on the page of the VKontakte group. The income is paid for each newly registered customer (referral). There are schemes in which income is also obtained from the results of the promotion of goods by referrals.

Payment of the facts of viewing the partner site or activity on the site (the number of clicks). This option of obtaining income requires the least amount of effort and time. The group page contains links received from the affiliate program. Users get acquainted with the advertisement or follow these links to the advertiser’s site. Each view or transition is paid.

Intermediary services between the buyer and the seller. The owner of the VKontakte group promotes the seller’s merchandise by posting information and promotional materials on the group’s page. For each item sold, the group owner earns a percentage of the income.

Revenue from the sale of a popular group. A popular group with high attendance and a large number of users and subscribers can be sold like any business. The cost of sales can reach tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.