How to earn on arbitration traffic

Опубликовано: 14-12-2019г.

How to earn on arbitration traffic

About arbitrazh trafika I sovsem uznala recent and iznachalno this kind of zarabotka in internete pokazalsja legkim is mne. But when I nemnogo izuchila question, I ponjala that everything is not so trivial, and not always the arbitration can be profitable.

So in this blog I will share with you their knowledge about possible earnings on the Internet using arbitrazha trafika, here are some guidelines you should respect relative to places where you can and its catacombs trafik pokupat nahodit, (a) maintain some affiliate programs, on which you can pour trafik, to make a profit.

Overview of arbitration traffic

Arbitrage traffic-a version of an online business, the essence of which is to purchase and subsequent resale of previously purchased traffic on more favorable terms. The essence of arbitration traffic is very simple: buy cheaper and where the excess there, where paying more; the difference is our profit from arbitration.

Нужны деньги на бизнес или иные расходы? Я партнер АльфаБанка и имею там привилегии, по моей партнерской ссылке ты можешь получить кредитную карту на особых выгодных условиях: 100 дней без процентов, лимит по паспорту 50 тысяч, до 200 по паспорту и другому документу, а до 500 нужна справка с работы. Плюс снятие без процентов в банкомате. Закажи по моей партнерской ссылке и карту привезут тебе на дом, не надо никуда идти. Осталось 4 карты!

For example: you bought a 1 000 navigation on your site for 10 dollars, from the thousands of affiliate links from your site to the partner program has moved 800 people and 6 of them have sent SMS to order any product, the proposed partnership program, for which you received the income as a percentage is 60 dollars. Then your earnings from arbitration will be 60-10 = $50.

In all very teorii, prosto na praktike prihoditsja No. popotet. Sam to imagine not's, dostatochno slozhnyj No. kropotlivyj, it ezhednevnoj mnogo routine, kotoraja prinosit their plody when pravilnom podhode.

We can distinguish 3 basic types of arbitration:

  1. direct arbitration (when purchased traffic directly Shimmers in affiliate programs);
  2. using a Landing page (traffic is purchased on a specially crafted lining-Landing page from which a visitor is already on the referral link goes to page program);
  3. using Landing page + email-registration (that is, when you switch on your Landing page for further action the visitor should register on the site. This is a significant plus you get base email addresses, which you can use for sending letters with further conducting their business).

"elephant" 3 on which rests the arbitration: where to buy? How do I control? Where to merge?

Considering the process of arbitration, I would like to highlight the following 3 main components:

  • Source of traffic, the buying process.
  • Traffic monitoring in the middle.
  • Convert a offere you found.

So, let's look at each of these steps in more detail.

1. Where to buy traffic?

Let's try to understand the types of traffic sources and where best to buy traffic to maximize conversion.

Free traffic-primarily thematic forums and boards and classified ads. It should be noted that the search forums, posting unique articles, administration theme is laborious and tedious work, but seriously the gives a good result. Even more so if you're new to arbitration and have a small budget, it is not necessary to brezgovat this kind of traffic.

Belt site-if you have a poseshhaemyj site themes, horosho shozhej with partnerkoj, here you put a link on it mozhete, banner or polnoe description system, sozdav special section.

Kontekstnoj system-this themed traffic as children, vysokogo quality. Populjarnye Naibolee kontekstnoj advertising system: Runner, Google Adsens and Yandex Direct. This traffic otnositsja to the average cenovoj kategorii. For the kind of traffic celevogo dannogo podhodjat subjects: banks and credit cards, applications for distancionnoe coaching and t. p.

SMO, traffic or traffic from social networks (e.g., vKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook)-poslednee Vremya gaining greater populjarnost. With this trafikom you Rabotat mozhete through special sites where mozhno buy advertising in otdelnyh groups, pages, or directly obrashhajas to the owners of soobshhestv directly with predlozheniem host them advertising.

Banner networks-the dorogostojashhij and the neodnoznachnyj in terms of vlozhenij istochnik celevogo traffic. Bannernoj Populjarnost advertising in Uanet within poslednee time decreases, mnogie ispolzujut "oblegchennuju" advertising. Mozhno buy on banners or BodyClick.

Traffic exchange-this traffic is very high quality but cheap (average 5 dollarov mozhno poluchit posetitelej 1000). Odni iz the best traffic exchanges-KupiTraf Traffstock, Wizard, Ropunder.

Tizernye network-the cheapest, no. and dostatochno nizkokachestvennyj traffic. This is essentially a program sites for buying, selling or exchanging teaser ads. In tizernyh networks better total konversiruetsja entertainment traffic. Imenno this kind of traffic ispolzuetsja total more often. Pojetomu, hotelos would ostanovit on it your attention.

How does work with teaser networks?

First, you should create a few teasers-text ad with a hyperlink to the page on the Internet and attached image (logo). Register on the site, configure its network teaser advertising campaign.

Install the necessary targetingi (restrictions on the display of your ads by geographic location of Internet users, according to the time limits on the number of ad impressions for the same visitor, etc.). All! Now just follow the statistics in the personal cabinet and, if necessary, make adjustments.

For beginners» arbitrazhnikov the most user-friendly will network with cheap traffic. Although, you do understand that price corresponds to quality. TeaserNet and BodyClick are some of the old-timers tizernyh networks. But they go better when you already will have experience and insight into the processes of arbitration, without "full hands" will be guaranteed to drain.

Tip: before you select tizerku with which to start the job, try to open accounts in each of the above networks, examine their functionality and only then make a decision, which of them you will work.

In conclusion, analysis of traffic sources, I would like to mention:

  • To increase from its srazu pokupat trafika in few istochnikah: and on the stock exchange, and kontekstnyj (tizernyj) trafik, and razmeshhaja links and poseshhaemyh sajtah na bannery etc. d.

2. Filtering poor quality traffic

As I said above, there is no direct arbitration, as well as using the lendingovoj page. I'd recommend always to use the second type. Why?

Хочешь платить по кредиту меньше? Это реально. Я являюсь партнером Уральского Банка и имею там привилегии. Как тебе ставка 8,5%, меньше твоей? Рефинансируй свой кредит и плати меньше! Заполни заявку по моей партнерской ссылке и получи ставку в 8,5%, лимит до 1,5млн. и дополнительные средства наличными. Осталось 7 заявок!

Landing is the site odnostranichnik, which prepares the user to action.

  • Firstly, the landing increases the amount of action several times, so do not ignore it.
  • Secondly, the landing is required for data analysis capabilities.

So, ljubaja tizernaja (kontekstnaja) system or trafika birzha pozvoljaet filtrovat, chtoby ploshhadki underperforming povysit konvert. But as uznat, kakie ploshhadki effective, (a) kakie no?

For its on your from stranichku lendinogovuju screw statistics from Google Analytics and nastroit "purpose"-real perehody with lendingovoj stranicy na partnerku. And water from togo, kakov will perehodov procent to goals from obshhego kolichestva poseshhenij with konkretnoj ploshhadki, lies its jeffektivnost.

3. Where merging traffic?

Where can I buy traffic, we've already figured out. Now let's see where his redirect, i.e. "drain". To date, there are a lot of different affiliate programs. You only need to choose the appropriate program on the topic and redirect users to them with his lendingovoj page.

To do this, you need to register in the program and in your personal account in the section "promo" (or similar by name, because every program it can be named differently) to get unique links directly to websites that you pour traffic.

I bring to your attention the 3 main types of partnership programs:

1) CPA-sad-this partnership programme, who pay money for sovershenie kakogo-keeping konkretnogo action (lead).

Most rasprostranennye lidov types:

  • registration on the site
  • zapolnenie questionnaire
  • order tovara
  • Download file
  • prosmotr videos etc. p.

Examples: AD1,

Inogda such programs sovmeshhajut oplatu per action and procent with prodazh, as, for example, nekotorye actionpay igrovye offery.

2) SMS market in time lose poslednee svoju aktualnost because silno depend from operatorov mobilnyh rules. Popavshemu on prohozhdenija after neslozhnogo cheloveku paysite test prompted nomer telefona mobilnogo or most send the short SMS nomer. Two major naibolee and

3) Program by prodazham (% made oplachennyh pokupok)-at the moment all stanovjatsja more populjarnymi, poskolku in otlichii from SMS platnikov in its bolshinstve polzovateli poluchajut real tovar, kotoryj has otnositelno adekvatno stoimosti, zaplachennoj for nego. Example-CPA Myragon agregator (offers you 5% pokupok on the website of the program).

Malenkoe predosterezhenie: do not pour descalers down all traffic on odnu affiliate programm! Each program has platnikami in different themes, but not all of them odinakovo horoshi. U odnoj program may be to subject razvlekatelnoj paysite horoshij, other-to business. Pojetomu-not all eggs in lozhit odnu korzinu, distribute!

The main rule of arbitrazhnika-testing

Remember! At each stage of the arbitration of traffic, you need to test:

  • different traffic sources;
  • offers;
  • clip art for teasers and banners, text ads;
  • different designs of lendingovyh pages;
  • time when buying traffic (day or night, every other day), etc. p.

But don't expect the results of your tests will be instantaneous. To get a stable traffic you need at least a couple of weeks.

How much?

Pervyj issue that nachinajushhego have arbitrazhnika voznikaet: how to start to invest deneg? The exact issue this net na otveta. Some sovetujut to start $200-300 imet. in order to zakupki karmane trafika, other say and $100. It is sufficient.

The problem is that you will need to buy traffic every day and withdraw money (if they are) you will only be able to through 2 weeks (this is the principle of operation of any program: at the end of the week you can withdraw money for the previous week). So you need to have a supply that is not received by the failures in work.

The only thing I want to mention on this matter-not much to play it safe! To start the experiments highlight this much money, so many lose. Because 99 per cent of the initially observed lesson arbitration is some loss, yet hand tamp. Therefore, select Let not a large sum, but one that you don't critically will lose.

Every experienced arbitrazhnik than once merged hundreds of dollars to nowhere, but then necessarily restored the money. The important thing is to find your niche!

Knowledge, which is necessary before the beginning of classes arbitration

Finally, I would like to articulate for beginners in this Internet business a small reminder that you must know every beginner arbitrazhniku.

  • General knowledge on construction sites (domain purchase, rent hosting, fill engine etc. p.);
  • ability to work with the service Google Analytics;
  • not redundant would be knowledge of HTML;
  • the ability to take risks and be aware of them;
  • acquaintance with the rules of the selected source of traffic and selected affiliate program;
  • ability to write texts of selling (on this matter, I advise you to read the book of Sergey Bernadskogo "selling texts. How to turn the reader into a buyer ").

The conclusions of the

On the day of the arbitration segodnjashnij traffic is in plane napravleniem perspektivnym ochen zarabotka. Who postich tonkosti its smog, prefigured smozhet earn prilichnye dengi.

This riskovannyj biznes, without podhoda gramotnogo ved to delu, without analyzing the situation on the market and without nabljudenija for statistikoj mozhno VSE dengi drain to waste. But if you nauchites earn on arbitration, here you ozhidajut bolshie dengi.

Remember: the possibility of arbitration is limitless. Income is just endless. So I wish you all successful earnings online!)

Автор: Максим Миллер
Хочешь платить по кредиту меньше? Это реально. Я являюсь партнером Уральского Банка и имею там привилегии. Как тебе ставка 8,5%, меньше твоей? Рефинансируй свой кредит и плати меньше! Заполни заявку по моей партнерской ссылке и получи ставку в 8,5%, лимит до 1,5млн. и дополнительные средства наличными. Осталось 7 заявок!

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